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*Irvine's muscles finally relax showing a slight difference in his skeletal structure, although his muscles didn't quite relax fully it seemed... He looks at nothing, then quickly picks up the bottle of water and takes a drink... What he looked at, only he can see, the Specter once again, playing his role, now walking away and dissapearing into the spectral realm.*

WH Irvine: "Sorry if it seemed that I was angry..."


*back on the moon*

RH Irvine: "Damnit, It was only a flash grenade... Argh!"

Sir'Gui: "Wait, your clone's power... It's as big as ever, but it changed somehow..."


*Kur also takes an escape pod.*


*Ravan waling inot Farran's office, Farran sittign there...*

Ravan: "I just want to say something quick before my departure..."
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