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((Deac, you missed my post - Rwos sent Deac in his ship to Coruscant

Scar: I know hence Starr reacting to your droids))

*Ida stops her speeder in front of one of Coruscant's immense hospitals. She waves her hand in front of Deac's face to see if he'd react. She could hear him mumbling*

Rwos, you're going to owe me big when this is over.

*Ida picks Deac up and carries him towards the hospital, hoping she didn't look too conspicuous in full Blade regalia*


*Farran contemplates Irvine's reaction, watching him, Kioet, and the two backup Vanguards in the ship*

He can heal himself. Definitely not normal, especially for someone dark like him...

*Farran hears Ravan enter. Quickly he snaps the holoscreen shut*

Ravan: I just want to say something quick before my departure...

Farran: Depature?


*As the Valkyrie speed away, invisible forms look up and smile*


*Rwos floats in a sort of limbo, feeling a little resentful*

That was totally unecessary. Shouldn't have let myself get distracted.

Looks like they shot me up with some kind of magical stun. Hopefully it doesn't do anything to the Valkeyrie...probably not. They would have been trying to neutralize me. Unless they know more about them than I assume...

Hafta get myself checked once I get the chance; her too, make sure they didn't put anything in us.

*the surrounding murk suddenly begins to clear*


*Rwos opens his eyes*

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