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*Rwos waits for the stun blast to wear off. Obviously the Valkyrie were non-magical, since it hadn't affected her as drastically. When he manages to sit up, he reads Odin's note*



Forgive my skepticism, but I've seen plenty of evils that boggle the mind, and I'm not sure anything you can show me will top them.

Might this great evil be called the Jotuns?

I see you've learned about the Shadows and the Gallyava. Considering the facade you had when we first met (under strange circumstances, granted) I should find this hard to believe. But I understand now that you know much more than you once indicated.

The Blades are dedicated to stopping and eliminating these threats you refer to. I agree with you that more should not come to this dimension, but I can't agree with your reasoning.

(Also I do not believe Deac actually has the Raging Death. If he does, it is a very mild case, and the doctors at Coruscant are now able to cure it. In any case the person I sent him to will be immune.)

Termand Se'enth Rwos


Farran: A good percentage of us were once with the Republic, Ravan...and we all have our secrets. *Farran smiles at the irony* I think the others would be pleased to have a Jedi on our side. If you want my advice, I would tell you that they would not believe you to be a traitor unless you do leave.

As for the Vanguard; I plan to keep developing them. As a matter of fact, one test subject has shown remarkable promise. Their ultimate use will be the Empire's greatest weapon against Jedi who try to destroy us.

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