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damn r15, those hyperengines are fast ^_~

Ravan *with a reassured smile.*: "Oh? That break through sounds quite interesting, maybe I can be let in on a little bit of that info... Other then that, Whats going to be done with Irvine leaving? I'm sure he might be brought in for a little questioning, although he hasn't openly stated that he had been enlisted directly under the Empire, offically at least..."


WH Irvine: "So what."


*Kur can see the Imperial battleships out the window of his escape pod.*

Kur: "Lokpehit's ship is getting torn apart... I don't even think that thing can even fire its main weapons..."

*then... a big flash, showing Lokpehit's ship blowing to bits...*


*Rh Irvine's mask loses power, due to some damage created by the flash... RH Irvine pulls of the mask...* jokemaster, not your character shoudl be surprised *Hint* *Hint*

RH Irvine: "We can't do anything now but leave..." *Sees the battleship blow.*

Sir'Gui: "And I thought I would get a Sith today..."

Irvine: "Alright, I can feel Kur somewheres away from the blast, must be in an escape pod, lets get him..."

*A few minutes later the shuttle leaves...*


*The Spectar returns to his natural plane of exsistence in the void. He moves over to the beam of light, which still held the second Deac, now slight demonic looking. His muscles were buldged like WH Irvine's....*

Spectar: "Yes, My plan is working as schedule..." *turns to other eyes in the void.* "We soon will no longer call have plane of exsistence only just ours! We'd soon be able to cross into parts where our freinds, the aeges, can freely roam. Eliminate our ghastly forms, and assend ourselfs to an even higher form of exsistence! The threshold will be crossed!"

*The void fulls with demonic chears, if heard by anyone, the horrior in their screams would cause near coma tose in the strongest of mortals...*
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