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Farran: You might find out soon enough that the answers to both your questions have a similar answer. *Farran smiles* Ravan, I have a feeling you and I have much more in common than you might think.

*Farran turns his seat and picks up a comlink* Kioet? Have the detainee taken directly to our meeting place. We may have a visitor.


*The droids do not fire*


*Starr seems to vanish as he darts away, using the Force to speed him*


Ida: *holding Deac* I need a doctor! This man's been through partial decompression, had a really hard fall, possibly has the Raging Death and who knows what else!


Nimalf: *as Kioet descends* I really, really, really don't like this. Are you going to tell me who that Councilman had you detain now?

*sees Irvine inside the ship* Oh...Force...


Rwos: I'm ready now. Wait...what happened to the Valkyrie who got stunned with me?

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