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Holk: Alright. The person you contacted won't be able to find this place. So when they arrive in system we will need a way to contact them and guide them in.

*At the other outpost, Odin and Vidar enter the command room*

Odin: What do you have for me?

Valkyrie: We found the reason why the Jotuns have been quiet of late. They are planning a major offensive. *a holographic picture of Utgard appears* Our last two raids have been here and here. *Two red dots appear showing the location of the info raid and the rescue raid.*

Each of these sortes have been meet by little resistance, and were easily accomplished, in fact they were accomplished far to easily. As you know Jotuns usually put up far greater resistance even when taken completly by surprise. This odd occurance caused us to investigate, and we learned that the Jotuns were planning something. From the transmission we intercepted, we now know the location of where they are amassing their troops *a gold dot appears on the other side of the planet indicating where they were amassing.* We also know that they plan on attacking in ten days.

Odin: Very good.

*Odin and Vidar return to the Wildhuntsman*

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