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Thread: Forum Rules
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Exclamation Forum Rules

Welcome everyone to the Role-Playing Board!

General Rules:

First of all, the general StarWarsKnights.com forum rules still apply (see this thread in case you don't know them already or suffer of amnesia after falling from your spaceship).

General Dantoine Theater posting rules:

1. Threads discussing RPG (role playing game) issues are allowed (please post recruitment threads in the Backstage Casting Call subforum), but threads that advertise other RPG sites are not allowed. Threads that advertise other sites will be edited or deleted at moderator discretion. General threads that belong in the Ahto Spaceport Cantina or other StarWarsKnights.com forums will be closed or moved to the appropriate forum.

2. The Dantooine Theater Company forum rules are simple:

This forum is for RPGs and stories.

However, you need an actual story, please. Again, in the words of one of our admins, matt:
No one word stories, and please keep away from the one-sentence ones. I would hardly classify those as roleplaying.
Any threads that violate this rule will be closed.

3. Don't spam. Spam is a post that has no point or does not contribute to the discussion. Spammy threads will be closed. Spammy posts will be edited or deleted. Also note that one-sentence posts and one-liner posts are also now considered to be Spam. If you have problems RP'ing this way, then just interject some creativity. Spammers will be warned or have their posts edited or deleted at moderator discretion.

4.Try not to double-post. It clutters up the thread. Use the Edit button to add new thoughts to your current post. Double posts may either be merged or deleted.

Some RPG-Specific Guidelines and Rules

All RP's are now required to have a Thread Master. A Thread Master helps to control the plot of their RP and moderate it to a certain extent. A Thread Master has the following rights:

A Thread Master sets the plot and has the right to keep everyone on the same plot. Anybody that attempts to deviate from the plot or just downright shifts it can be dealt with either by the Thread Master or a moderator.

A Thread Master has the right to control how powerful certain characters are. If the Thread Master desires to use an Attributes system to have further control, they may do so.

A Thread Master has the right to determine the outcome of specific attacks and battles.

If a Thread Master has problems with certain individuals, he or she can notify a moderator for assistance in solving the issue.

If you do not believe the Thread Master is being fair, then notify a moderator.

Above all, be smart and fair in any judgment you make.

1. No godmoding. This essentially means:
Originally Posted by obi-wan13
"I am all-powerful, all knowing, omnipotent being and I can whoop everything on Earth"
This applies to things as well as beings. The only time you can do this is if it is specifically allowed in that particular thread. Otherwise, it can ruin an RPG. If this happens, it will either be ignored or deleted upon request.

2. No character controlling. This is a special category of godmoding. Do not control what someone else's character does, says, or thinks without prior permission. Without such consent, this is godmoding.

3. Follow the thread rules. Usually the Thread Master will post rules for that RPG in the first post. Always read and follow those rules and guidelines. Also keep in mind that the Thread Master has final say in what is godmoding. Of course, they're not infallible, but it's their RPG. If a group of people is running a thread, as sometimes happens, then try to work things out nicely. Flame wars and arguments will not be tolerated.

4. Please participate. Stories die if no one does anything. Don't post once, then leave. Likewise, it's not terribly courteous for the Thread Master to vanish in the middle of a story for no reason. Stories die without the storytellers. In addition, RPs must have a minimum of three active RPers. Any less, and you're better off writing a fanfic.

5. Remember:
-keep the language "t"-rated.

-you can insult other characters "in-character", but avoid insulting the real person behind that character.

Finally, and most importantly - Have fun!

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I would also like to add a couple of things:

First, whenever you post Out of Character Content (OCC), just simply mark that particular part of your post with double quotations ((something along these lines)). This will help simplify things whenever you're speaking out of character, and you also don't have to start it off with and "occ" marker.

Second, if you have any questions or comments about a particular issue that arises within a thread, feel free to give me a PM since most of the moderators don't often frequent this board.

Finally, as stated by Darth333, have fun!!

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