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Thread: Star Wars: where Shadows Dance---casting call.
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Star Wars: where Shadows Dance---casting call.

WSD is an RPG that takes a place in a future time somehow after the end of the Legacy Era when a secret group of four grey jedi knights known as the Tetragrammaton ruled the galaxy.

In this game there are no absolutes, while evil and good and that which is beyond is a matter of perspective.


Here is some information about the basic organizations in WSD:

The Republic.

The universal war between the arch enemies –the Jedi and the Sith— continued to wage dooming the known worlds. However, a new theory sufficed when the Senate decided that the Jedi and the Sith forms the two sides of the circle, therefore as long as one existed the other will not cease from existence and war shall be waged eternally. For this the strong reformed republic decided to take an action by attacking the two fighting enemies and subdue them both to the new law. Leaded by the powerful consular Mikal, the republic gained the opportunity of the weakening of the fighting rivals and easily won the war.

The new law of the Republic allowed the Sith—as well as for those who want to join their cult-- to live only on Korriban and their likeness from the Jedi to live on Dantooine.

The republic is in peace now. But in order to prevent the two sides from waging another war, the Republican Guards was formed as the new keepers of peace under the direct control of the senate.

The Jedi.

Once the keepers of peace in the galaxy, the Jedi are now prisoners in Planet Dantooine. But the senate has gave them the freedom of meeting. However, the Jedi Counsel should report immediately to the senate after the meeting is over.

As the rumors of the secret rulers of the galaxy known as the “Tetragrammaton” . The Jedi are overwhelmed by feelings of being fooled, and they are waiting for their best moment to discover the truth and return their lost glory…even if it means to ally with their mortal enemies.


The Sith.

Just like their old habit, the Sith wars never end. In spite of their imprisonment in Korriban the Sith chose to fight over power instead of uniting against danger. They are in turmoil. But hope is at the looking horizon as a promising sith lord is rising into power seeking to vanquishing his rivals and unite the Sith under his command.

But in order to ensnare victory he first must “clean” his planet from some treacherous sith lords who chose to work as agents of the republic whose best interests lay with continuing chaos.


The Tetragrammaton.

The story of the secret Tetragrammaton begins with a Dathomiri Sith Lord known as Promthar Laterias who chose to abandon the universal war and exile himself to the world of Ziost. There he studied the history of the Sith and the Jedi and realized that the true path should go through the middle, in the shadows. After becoming a completely gray jedi he took to himself the name “the Logos” and apprenticed four students including his daughter, and he sat a hierarchy of four respective positions and taught everyone according to his/her anointed position.

His scheme worked perfectly as his human friend “Mikal” came to power in the republic and ended the war successfully. But after gaining victory Mikal betrayed his friend and sent a “republican guard” to assassinate him thinking that the power of the Tetragrammaton will be diminished after its creator’s death. Nevertheless, Mikal was wrong as Promthar’s daughter took her father’s place at the head of the Tetragrammaton and continued to play the hidden hand role while keeping a close eye on the senate.
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Here are the basic characters:

Mikal: human-male, the Consular of the Republic.

Persephone Laterias “the Lachesis” : Dathomiri-female, the leader of the Tetragrammaton and daughter of Promthar.

Marka “the Exodus” : Human-male, ranked the second after Persephone.

Adan “the Stygianus ”: Zabrak-male, ranked the third after Marka.

Leda “the Chimerus”: Miraluka-female, ranked the fourth, Adan’s beloved.

I'll play as Marka the Exodus, and you may chose one of the rest. dont forget you can also create your own characters. Have fun

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Name: Terr Spyrte Racoryz

Speices: Mandolorian/Miraluka (Clone of Unknown Mandolorian and Miraluka Donor)

Merc Squad Nickname: "Terrain"
Merc Squad Position: Lead and Demolitions Expert
Merc Squad: Beta Squad
Armor: Rusty Phase Clone Armor
Weapons: A very old DC-17 Rifle with all the attachments. Found the wepon and attachments from dealers across the Galaxy and two of the parts were found on Kashyyyk and Geonosis.

Bio: Cloned by two donors of different races. -Experiment- Being part Miralukan, instead of having no eyes, he has completely white eyes; red veins running trough it everywhere. Grew up on Manaan, knowing many Selkath, he became naturally a healer of sorts in his teens. Got a job from the Republic to be a patrolman to watch for annoying outsiders who get violent. After injecting a poison (He was set up by a Selkath) thought to be a knock-out fluid into a violent man, he was put in jail. Escaping by easily tricking a Selkath to give him the hydrospanner to fix a conduit in the floor and breaking the lock, he fled and stole an old Firespray. He took many loads of Kolto with him and fled to the Red Sector of Nar Shaddaa. Got a few members to join him and made a Merc Squad. They traveled around the Galaxy, searching for ancient weapons. Currently on Raxus Prime hunting for huge peices rumored superweapon called the Darksaber.

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