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Thread: Bastila in wonderland!
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Revan sama
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Bastila in wonderland!

Author: Revan-sama.

Game: (before) Star wars Knights of the old republic.

Pairing: Revan x younger Bastila Shan.

Characters: HK-47 as the rabbit,
Malak as the queen of hearts,
Canderous as the King of hearts,
random Sith as the queen's guards,
Revan as the lizard,
Jolee as the caterpillar,
Mission as Duchess (without the ugliness),
Zaalbar as Duchess' cook,
Carth as hatter,
Juhani as the march hare
AND T3-M4 as cheshire cat...Droid.

Summary: Alice in wonderland with star wars KOTOR.

Bastila in wonderland!

Bastila was wandering in a very, very odd world

She remember talking to Master Vrook in the Jedi enclave and went outside, next a tree to meditate.

Then she saw something very strange: A red Droid with...rabbit ears, who kept saying "Urgent statement: I'm late! The fat bald queen is going to have an ulcer again."

After chasing it down she met very strange people.

Mission Vao the very young duchess who asked her Wookie chef Zaalbar to cook her something....which didn't really worked because he ate everything himself.

The cheshire Droid...who kept 'beeping' the directions but she couldn't understand what he was saying.

An old caterpillar named Jolee, who was smoking something while saying that he preferred his homemade tea at the planet Kashyyk.

"Then why do you continue to smock...whatever you smock?" asked Bastila.
"See something else?" Answered Jolee.

Then she became the guess at a mad...Alcohol-party. With Carth the hatter and Juhani the march hare. They were always moping and mood swings.
One was talking only of Revenge and the other about the darkside.

But all those strange persons gave the same 'advice', there was some hope to go back at the planet Dantooine again. Everything leaded into the hearts castle: the Castle of queen Malak and king Canderous.

Perhaps he...or she, had enough knowledge to make her return to Dantooine!

After the cheshire Droid 'showed' her the way in the forest. She met another odd person.

A Handsome Lizard...with mid long black hair and brown eyes. He was humming a small song while picking up some fruits. Strawberries mostly.

"Good evening." she said politely.

He turned himself to face her, he smiled kindly.
"Good evening, are you going anywhere, pretty lady.

She blushed slightly, embarrassed that he called her a pretty lady.
But a Jedi doesn't show emotions. She tried to stay calm as possible.

"Yes, I'm trying to go back to the Jedi Enclave at Dantooine."

"Hmm...You'll find your answers at the castle of hearts."

He pointed a direction with his tail, which you could see at a certain distance a big castle with a big garden.

Bastila nodded, Then she noticed a small bag in the Lizard's hands...if you can call those hands.

"Mister, what are you doing?" she pointed the bag full of fruits.

The lizard looked at her for a moment then laughed.

"You can call my name you know...My name is Revan."

She smiled and told him her name.

"Bastila?...eh. What a good name!"

Again she blushed, what was wrong with her?

"Thank you, but you didn't told me what you were doing."

He looked back at his bag and said: " I was collecting ingredients for making the jam."

Then he pointed a few bodies of Sith next the bushes.

"I had to fight the bald queen's guards to have these. The whole kingdom is getting hungry because the guards don't let the outsiders taking the fruits. Orders of Queen Malak."

Bastila gasped and said with a frown: "What a horrible person."

Revan the lizard sighed a bit then changed the subject: "I was going to make some jam and put it in my homemade bread."

"Really? it's sound delicious!"

"Do you want to try some at my home?"

It's been a while since Bastila ate something, however eating something in this world could be dangerous...mostly mushrooms. Or The duchess chef's cooking...

"Don't worry, It's nothing dangerous." He said with a small grin.

Her stomach took the opportunity to make sounds.

Which was really embarrassing and Revan the lizard's laughing didn't do any better.

After picking a few more fruits, they went to his house. He explained that before he was the lord of this kingdom and before he lived in the castle of hearts before the evil bald queen took over.

Soon, Bastila and Revan the Lizard went to his home. A Pretty small red house.

After he invited Bastila to sit down, he made everything ready.

After making the jam he put it in the small pieces of homemade bread.

"It looks delicious!" said Bastila, It made her remember some breakfasts with her family. A precious memory.

"Have a taste." said kindly Revan the lizard.

Indeed it was delicious, the warm bread with the strawberry jam, served with cold tea.

While eating, she looked a bit at the house. It was large enough for four persons.

He doesn't have a family? what could have happened to them?

"Do you live here alone?" she asked.

Somehow, the lizard looked a bit sad.

"Yeah, they...passed away..."

"Aren't you lonely?" Bastila knew what it means to lose someone. She was taken away by the Jedi...She couldn't see her father anymore.

"With you, I'm not lonely at all." said Revan the lizard honestly.


"Won't you live here with me, instead of going back to where you came from?" He asked this while putting his hands on Bastila's.

But she wasn't looking at him, sure it could be good to stay here with him.

But she had to return to the original world, at the Jedi Enclave. She had made her life there, even if she rather live with her real family...now her place was with the Jedi.

"I'm sorry, but I can't. Even if I'd love to, my place is with the Jedi now."
"Is that so? what a shame..." He was sad but he understood.

It turned into an awkward silence until: "If one day, I had know the Jedi order would be my rival....I'm jealous."


He shook his head: "Sorry, it's nothing. By the way, it's going to be late, you should go to the Heart castle soon."

She nodded quietly, and told the lizard farewell.

As she was leaving the house toward the Castle of Heart.

The lizard stood outside his house and looked at the young Padawan leaving.

From his pocket he took a dark mask and put it on his face.

"You don't have to worry." he said with a sad smile.

Soon enough we will meet again.


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