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Thread: Prologue: The Demon Plague
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Prologue: The Demon Plague

Prologue: The Demon Plague
((I thought of this nice story line here, after I sort of got an idea of making a sort of story from one of Redwing's RPG ideas. So I'd like to try one out. The basis is still quite on the Fantasy side.

Like always with RPGís here:

 No god-modeing
 No killing other people's characters in one post (unless permitted)
 Post bio in first post

My rule

 Be orginal chose your own types of reasonable demonic mutations.

This isn't a SW story, it takes place around now, and yes here, on Earth. If your not sure what's going on from this point please read ^_^))

((*BTW to save my ass for any official trouble* (heh, heh) *this rpg is fictional, in nature: P Hence It cannot happen*))

*April 2002*
*The US Gov. and a few NATO evolved Gov.'s participate in a secret project for global biological warfare. Their project was to create a Universal Anti-Viral/Anti-Chemical vaccination on the global scale, that would spread to all corners of the globe with in days of its release. *

*November 2002*
*The project was going well, test subjects shown that their health had improved after they had been exposed with mildly harmful gasses and toxins. What the vaccination was turning out to be was a genetic cure for most harmful substances. However for the fact of the experimental vaccination was one on the genetical level, it was still labeled toxic. During this time there was an order for this toxin to be massively produced in the event of a biological attack on the United States and/or the rest of the world. *

*Mid November 2002*
*While the main source to the toxin had to be moved for a larger scale of testing, via tankers on rail-road cars, for it was the fastest way for it to be sent. The train head of it on another track that ran beside it was derailed. The train that had been carrying the tanker-by-tanker filled of the massively produced vaccination, was also doomed, for the distance was far too short for that train to slow down. That train too, crashed and derailed. *

*The tankers fell over, but only a small amount had been released, effecting a small local town in New York state. It hadnít been long till the whole town was quarantined. How ever it was only 2 days later that it was proven safe and Government officials left. Another two days later, a single death occurred. The body was of a Male 19 or 20 years of age. In the morgue the body was quickly guarded by army personal in biological suits, while a group of FEMA agents where bound to arrive. *

*Soon after the tankers holding the rest of the chemical vaccination, which was picked up and continued its transit, sprung leaks and the entire vaccination was released on the world. The FEMA agents stopped their transit and pursued to the site where the tankers leaked...*

*14 Hours later in the morgue where the body lay, guards hear a banging from inside...*

Guard 1: "What do you think that was?"

Guard 2: "Donno, better check it out..."

*The to guards open the door where the body was, and the person was alive! *

???: "It's cold..."

Guard 1: "Medic!"


*A day later everyone in the world was in frenzy about the coming 'doom'. Everyone said his or her good-byes as the chemical spread around the world. *

*Four days later, approx. 1/5th of a percent of the worlds population mysteriously died, and with out notice. Everyone else was puzzled upon these events. The male whom died nearly 5 days before was still half awake and being interview by FEMA agents... He didn't feel like answering a thing, nothing absorbed in.*

*Fourteen hours later, after all the people's bodies where presumed dead. They all awoke, just as mysteriously as they died...*

*The world shrugged if off like another widespread hoax, and forgot about it. But the people whom had died, Their new lives had just begun...*


December 12th, 2002

My name is David Stevenson, I started to crate this diary to possibly describe in my own words that had been happening to me. I was the first one to be effected by the chemical. As of two weeks ago I experienced pain all over my body, its undesirable. Doctors cannot find anything what's causing it. All I can say that its getting worse, for one I'm afraid I wont make it till Christmas...

December 16th, 2002

my pains had increased like I noted in my last entry. How ever I had also noticed an increase of muscle mass from all over my body. Perhaps trying to struggle off what ever is haunting me. I'm still don't know what's going on...
One thing had occurred to me, is that all the people whom also had been effected also had been going through their own changes themselves.
Tomorrow I will see a specialist whom Iíll ask for a blood test and see what's going on.

December 19th, 2002

Pains have still gotten worse. The doctor said that I had a certain rare gene that triggered some-sort of mutation. My parents are not sure what the quack says, at least I believe him.
Although something new today has happened... I finally got relief with out painkillers. I took this time to test my strength. Honestly I never thought I could bench-press 220lbs from 75 in less then 3 weeks!

Dec 26, 2002

pains have gotten severe. The last few days I was passed out. I had great pains in my upper back. But when I came to the pain was gone, like almost that I chose it not to be there.

Jan 10th, 2003

something happened to me over the last few days. I'm a freak, its like I grew a pair of demonic pair of wings. No one knows of this yet. But I'm trying the best I can to hide them. I even wear a trenchcoat now to hide them!

Jan 11th, 2003

Those bastards, there's a large group of the people like me whom have similar demonic deformities. They called themselves: "The Forgotten angels". The bastards are killing innocent people and military-alike. There's definitely someone out there that has to stop them, it seems that I have to, I just wonder if there is anyone who might read this that would help...

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