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Thread: The Dark Curtain Descends
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Old 07-29-2003, 11:37 PM   #1
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The Dark Curtain Descends

The smoke from the ruined speeder was enough to know that his shot had hit its mark. Getting closer, he was seeing signs of broken machinery, and gouge marks where the repulsors had apparently failed, and dropped the vehicle into the sand. It was what he wanted...to give his prey the false hope of escape. Yet in the end, it all came down to the same conclusion.
Darth Arden put his blast pitsol away and drew out a slim silver object that was one of the most recognizable objects to his people. A lightsaber. And his was of the double-sided brand, favored amongst those of the Jedi that dared walk the forbidden path.

"Please! Don't kill me!" said the man, who was trapped beneath the wreckage of his speeder. "I'll do anything...just please, don't hurt me!"

Arden smiled from behind his hood, the man didn't see, but from the look in his eyes, knew his pleas would go un-answered. Tatooine was a barren wasteland. His cries were useless.
There was the snap-hiss of the lightsaber, and the crimson beam stretched out before him, radiating with the dark energies he had imbued into the craft of it.

"Now...what's to stop me from making this long and painful?"
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Old 07-30-2003, 12:23 AM   #2
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wat is this supposed to be?

Yet ANOTHER proud supporter of Vancouver's 2010 Olimpic Games!
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Old 07-30-2003, 07:55 PM   #3
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Wesia Daoke
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Question wut?????

its not story time is it?

Video 1

Video 2

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Old 07-31-2003, 12:48 AM   #5
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I left the end of it open-ended, so that someone can add something else, or I will just keep writing, and I guess it will become a story...
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Old 08-01-2003, 03:09 AM   #6
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Arden stepped closer to the man.

"You see? Nobody has come to rescue your pitiful life. Another casualty in the grreat war."

He brought his saber down on the hapless victim, and clicked it off. He could feel the anger within him swirling like a great storm. The Force fell around him as if it were a cloak. For now, his job was done. He only needed report this to his master, and then the real task would soon see the light. So to speak.
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Old 08-23-2003, 11:36 PM   #7
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It had been three weeks since he was on his own. Left behind was his Father, his safety, his well-being. The opressive sun beat down as he crossed dune after dune. Step after step he forced himself on as if pulled by some unseen rope.

'Impossible', he thought. He knew he should be face down, his march at an end. The water supply in the over-sized skin depleted the previous day, his drive was fuled by emotion alone.

Pausing, Din marveled at the beauty as well as his demise. The sun was setting on another day. He was sure this would be the last he saw.

"Just one more," aloud he spoke with dry voice to conjour one last drive over another countless dune. His body felt like it weighed 300lb, altough he carried only his over-sized water skin and a few tools in his belt all boys his age carried.

A chill shot through his body as his stumbeled to the summit. A feeling he knew too well. He had the dream night after night.

The speeder, ruined just as he remembered. The faceless man, powerful and towering. Everything he tried to escape was playing out just below.

The light from the weapon illuminated the scene and draped an odd shadow over the landscape.

'Nooooooo..', his voice, gone now, was no more then a soft wind in the hot evening.

He could not help.

He knew what was next.

A high-pitch whistle blew as Din collapsed with the skin between him and the dark sand.
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Old 09-03-2003, 09:45 AM   #8
Shado Vorn
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Meanwhile .... as the poor youth known as Din lie near dead in the unforgiving deserts of Tatooine ....

-The scene switches to a Cantina in Tatooine, where Shado Vorn, a former bounty hunter turned Jedi, drinks to escape his past and welcome his future... if he has one. Suddenly, a cocky Rodian group of three, interupts Shado's tranquility, quite rudely and abruptly.-

Rodian 1 - "Hey! It Shado Vorn, famous bounty hunter, here in cantina!"

Rodian 2 - "It can't be, Vorn! Vorn, bounty hunter, this one dress in Jedi robes!"

Rodian 3 - "Big and tough Shado Vorn put bounty on friend of mine! Shado collected that bounty, at the cost of my friend's life!"

Rodian 2 - "We get revenge now!"

Rodian 1 - "You! Shado Vorn! Stand up, human! You fight us now!"

- Shado Vorn ignores the trio, as if they weren't even there. -

Rodian 1 - "Big bad Shado Vorn ignore us! Shado Vorn's mistake!"

- The Rodian trio each drew their blasters and prepare to attack. Unfortunately for them, they don't know who they're dealing with. -

Shado Vorn - "You don't want to hurt me. You hate eachother more. You want to end eachother's mysery with your blasters."

- The Rodians pause with a confused expression on their faces. One of the Rodians repeats Shado's words, and then drew his blaster. The other two drew their blasters as well. The three shot eachother and the Rodian threat quickly ended. Shado rose to his feet. The entire cantina quickly went silent. The Jedi, realizing his welcome was warn out, left the cantina, hopped on his speeder and headed out into the desert.-

-Shado Vorn was once a ruthless bounty hunter with no sympathy for his victims. That all changed when he fell in love with a woman who he was hired to kill. To Vorn, his love for this woman was a weakness within himself. He was at a fork in the road of his destiny. He decided to choose a different path than the one he had formerly walked. He decided that he would kill the one who hired him, and live his life with his newfound love. He eventually killed his employer, but the outcome did not go as planned. What Shado didn't know, is that the woman he fell in love with was also a well skilled bounty hunter herself. Even more to his suprise, she was hired by the same employer to kill him. Shado found this information out through a Hutt named Koga. He refused to believe this information, but decided to confront his love about it. When confronted, the woman he once loved had changed before his eyes. The woman that was so sweet, sensitive, and caring, quickly became cold, and as heartless before him as he was to his victims. She happily revealed to him the truth. Shortly after, she tried to kill him. Obviously she failed. Shado blasted her into space dust before she could even lift up her blaster. -

- Perhaps in time, more information on Shado's past will be revealed, but for now, the show must go on ....-

- Shado Vorn travels deep into the desert. The night sky shines brightly, almost as if a night light made for him alone. As he makes his way to a tent he has set up hidden in the dunes, he notices an object coming in to focus the closer he gets to it. -

Shado Vorn - "Hmph .... wonder if that's some wreckage ... could be something salvagable in it ... "

- Shado decides to investigate. When he finally reaches his destination, he hops off of his speed bike and investigates. What he finds is not what he had expected. There was no trap laid for him, nothing really to salvage either. There was a wrecked speeder, and a nearly lifeless young man lying in the sand. Shado remained silent as he observed his surroundings and the boy as well. -

- Shado walks back to his speeder and pulls out a jug full of water. He then returns to the boy, kneels down, opens his mouth and pours some water into the poor kid's mouth. The boy, barely conscious, sips the water and coughs up a storm. Shado lifts the boy up and places him over his shoulder. He returns to his speeder. He then rides off to his lair. Once inside, he lays the boy down onto a cot. He covers him with a tattered sheet. He then gives him more water, then places the jug next to his cot. Shado then sets up a bed for himself, but doesn't sleep. He just leans against a bin of clothes in his tent, keeping his eyes on the boy, waiting for him to awaken. -
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