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Thread: Holowan Laboratories: Forum Rules and Etiquette
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Exclamation Holowan Laboratories: Forum Rules and Etiquette

Welcome to Holowan Laboratories, the best place to discuss Knights of the Old Republic modding. During your stay, please follow some guidelines that will help to keep the forum neat and tiddy and hopefully enjoyable...


A. General forum rules:

The general forum rules, applicable to all StarWarsKnights.com forums, including the present forum can be found here: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=169078


B. Additional Holowan Laboratories rules

In addition to the general rules, Holowan Labs has a few specific posting rules:

1. Check if your question has already been asked
Most likely if you have a question, it has been asked before. Please use the Search Feature to see if this is true in your case. The search button is at the top of the page. Also, if you are just getting started into modding, please check the locked tutorial forums at the top of the main Holowan Labs page (General tutorials + tools, skinning and modeling, .2da editing and scripting). There is a ton of information there to help get you started. It is a lot easier to get help when you have played around a bit with the tools and can ask specific questions.

2. Your topic should be about modding Knights of the Old Republic
There are many other forums to discuss other topics. Please try and limit the discussion in this forum to modifying Knights of the Old Republic. It is what you came here for, right? Other topics will be either moved, locked or deleted.

3. Use descriptive thread titles
When starting a new thread, please use a title that specifically describes what it’s about. This helps to attract people who are interested, and it allows those who aren't to steer clear. Titles such as "Help!", "What do I do?", and "Question" are not helpful.

4.Put your modding requests in the modding requests forum
If you have an idea that you would like to see implemented but cannot create the mod yourself, or cannot find the mod you are looking for, please post it in the modding requests forums. This way, those who wish to see what people are looking for can go to one place. This helps keep the forum more organized.

5. Get permission before using someone elses work
Most modders have no problem with people using some or all of their work for other projects, but some do. As a courtesy to the authors of other mods, please get permission to use their work with your own. This will prevent any hard feelings. Threads that discuss/link to mods that use other mods without permission will be locked and the links to said mods removed. That includes uploading someone else's work on another site.

6. Do not post links to files that have a lot of pictures or are very large
Believe it or not, half the people out there in cyberspace still use 56k dialup. Pages with lots of large pictures can take a long time to load and they can affect the forum layout. This can be very frustrating if someone only wants to read a few posts. Moderators reserve the right to edit posts containing a large size or number of pictures. If you do not want to reduce the size of your pics, then post a simple link and avoid using the [IMG] tag.

7. Mods containing assets (models, textures, sounds, etc.) ported from another game are prohibited

It is against Lucasarts policy to port assets from one game to another. Holowan Laboratories does not condone porting of this nature, and moderators will close or delete any thread or posts discussing such mods, even if it is for your own personal use. The exception to this is if the asset in question is present in both KOTOR and TSL. Modders may create from scratch mods that resemble assets from another game.

8. When asking a question, state which game (KOTOR or TSL) it is about

To make it easier for other members to help you and avoid confusion, please state which game your question concerns if you ask about something. While KOTOR and TSL are fairly similar from a modding perspective there are some significant differences in how certain things are done, and some things may be possible to do in one game but not the other.


C. What's in a name?

1. Holowan Lab Orgins

Hopefully following these guidelines will make the forum more organized and user friendly for everyone. Have fun!

- Edited by Darth333 on 08-13-2006

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