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Thread: E3
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Link Antilles
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Thumbs up E3

Alright E3, the biggest annual gaming event in America... where all of our favorite companies come to show off the lastest and spiffyest games you'll be dieing to play this Christmas and the next.

Anyways, before the show starts.... what are you looking forward to and hope to see?

I'll start....

First, I am waiting for Nintendo to unravel the mysteries of the DS. And I'm hoping the big three won't be shy and show off the Next Gen consoles.


Metroid Prime 2: I'm interested to see the multi-player in action, but the singular player is the main treat when I play the game. It's the one I'm most looking forward to.

Halo 2: I just read a five page (along with watching some demo videos) about the multiplayer... it's just beautiful. You can play as the Elites and use those light saber like weapons. My big worry is the frame rate and load times. This is X-box's saving grace... for their sake it better be the best thing on the show floor. M$ has alot to lose here

Final Fantasy XII: classic modern Final Fantasy fun here... no online reputation and no missions here I hope... just a trid and true Square master piece

Resident Evil 4: I love the new look that Resident Evil is taking... yay! I can now see what I'm shooting and the muzzle flash of my gun.

Marvel vs. EA: this may no be on my wish list, but I'm just curious to see what EA's fighter are going to be

Knights of the Old Republic II: I was worried when Bioware announce they were passing the Kotor torch to some little know branch of their company... I'm hearing a lot of positive things... but, it's all fluff til' I see it in action. I'm also curious about the Voice acting cast.

Tales of Symphonia: Joy! RPG for the GC and it looks great.... my only real worry here is the Voice acting.. it could easily kill this awesome game... so far I like what I hear... but I'm waiting for a full demo at E3

Battle for Middle Earth: EA is promising a ton of really cool features that will take real time stragery to a new level. I love General and I'm sure this game will rock.

Paper Mario: looks odd, weird, funny, and just fun!

Fire Emblem: I'm very curious to see how this epic GBA game translates to 3D

Advance Wars: same as Fire Emblem.

Jade Empire: made by the same people as Kotor... the graphics are improved and they're promising a real-time hand to hand fightning sysem

Sudeki, Fable, and True Fantasy: Xbox is getting some promising looking RPGs in.

Kill Zone: Sony’s claim to be the Halo killer… it could have potential to kill Halo, but not Halo 2.

Gamespy has a first hands on for the Nintendo DS.. Im reading about it right now.... there's also a picture of it!!!!!

Also, IGN has a hands on Halo 2 article with Demo videos... worth checking out...

And Gamespot had some info a bit back on Kotor II with free streaming video from the developers:

I'll be back with my two cents... go ahead and post yours...

If you can't tell.. I'm so excited this year!

Quick add in... two games I would like to add to my list... DS games..

Originally posted by Gamespy:

Super Mario 64 X 4 -- This four-player game showed off both the wireless and dual-screen facets of the system. The object of the game was to find and collect more stars than your opponents. You could also hit your opponents to steal their stars. The bottom of the screen served as a map that showed your opponent's positions and the location of the star. The game played fast, looked gorgeous, and was lots of fun.

Metroid Prime: Hunter -- From a technical standpoint, this was the most impressive DS title I saw. This first-person shooter looked incredible. Off the top of my head, I can't think of a Nintendo 64 FPS that looked as good as this game. It also had one of the most unusual and interesting control schemes I've ever seen. You can control your character's left, right, up, and down movements with the d-pad or (if you're lefty) use the face buttons to control direction. With the stylus you can change the direction the character is looking at, fire your weapon, and charge your weapon. With a simple flick of the stylus, you character can look left while still being moved forward by the d-pad. Tapping on the screen sends a single shot, while holding the stylus down charges the weapon for a bigger blast. Controlling a game with a d-pad in conjunction with a stylus was one of the most unique gaming experiences I've had in recent years. This game looks amazing and plays great already.

Alright... the DS owns!!!!

And finally...
JOY!!!!!! A new realistic Zelda!!!


Here's a link to the new trailer for the new Zelda game:


So much more... this E3 is going to be big!

Anyways, I'm done typing for now... your turn...

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Purvayer of Truthiness
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Hardware:Can't wait for the news on all of the new console news.

Call of Duty:United Offensive: I can't wait to see what they release about the new Call of Duty Expansion Pack, especially the new campains and multiplayer modes and maps.

Battle for Middle Earth: I can't wait to see what they say about thiss one, looks like it's going to be a great game.

Halo 2:The first halo was great, and it seems as though they would only go up from here.

can't wait for E3
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PBGuy1211 The White
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Friggin' Battle for Middle-earth was supposed to be out in a month.... now I'm hearing middle of Sept or Oct.... ARGH!

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Using Teletraan I
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Just tell yourself it's a good thing. They want the game to be perfect before releasing it.

As for games, the CoD x-pac, KotORII and Star Wars Battlefront or up on my list. Followed by Battle for Middle Earth. -A friend of mine and an aspiring filmmaker.
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-I want to hear more about that Alienware booster that ups performance 50-70% (Saw a snippet about it in PCGamer...will be called something like "ALX" line of PCs)
-Want to see what ATI has to offer battle with NVIDIA's awesome new card.

-The re-anouncement of Sam and Max 2 *nods confidently*
-Call of Duty X-Pac (I'm a CoD addict...can't help it)
-KOTOR II (even though I havn't played the first one yet...what? Don't look at me that way!)
-SW Battlefront (playtest please...I want to see if they goof or not)
-Guild Wars (So what, I just want to play it during E3 :P)
-Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich (What? The first game was AWESOME!)
-ummm...Republic Commando (See if it's worth my time or not)

*Edit- Just saw the trailer for SW Battlefront...I'm thinkin I may have to buy this game...*points to scene where someone is sniping an ewok*

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Dark Cupcake of the Sith
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-KotOR II : obviously the first on my list (btw, we got some official screenies today)

-Battlefront : looks nice

-Battle for Middle Earth : would be nice to get some new screenies and official info.

However, the anouncement I'm looking the most foward to is the new Fantasy CRPG by BioWare. We know it's not DnD this time, and I'm curious to know if they keep some kind of class system and what they're gonna do for skills and the like.

~Dark Cupcake of the Sith
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