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Thread: Hey! New guy making stupid request!
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Hey! New guy making stupid request!

Does anyone remember the original TIE Fighter demo mission?

At the beginning, you were launched (as TIE Fighter Alpha 2 of a three-man flight) from a Corellian Corvette (Prowler 1) and were charged with taking out a small repair yard (small is an overstatement—there were only four containers, three [unmanned] A-Wings and Y-Wings, and two unmanned shuttles) about four klicks away. At the beginning, X-Wing Red 1 and 2 go after Prowler 1. There’s almost nothing you can do about this—-they crash into it deliberately or are taken out by turbolasers before you can even act.

You are supposed to take out the unmoving fighters first, then the shuttles, and finally the containers. A Rebel shuttle jumps in, followed closely by a second Corellian Corvette (Prowler 2). If the Corvette doesn’t destroy the shuttle—it always does when I played, except when a bug would cause lasers to move intolerably slooowly—the shuttle would reach the repair yard before your boys and would get men to the fighters. The second Corvette had three Bombers aboard, designated Beta 1-3. They would fire torpedoes at the containers, then close and destroy them with your group.

After the yard was destroyed, more Rebels would hyper in—-Y-Wings going for the Corvettes, A-Wings coming after the Bombers, X-Wings coming after your group (and the Interceptors, if the X-Wings survived that long), Lamba-class shuttles with staff on board, and freighters with cargo like grain (gotta have food). If your Corvettes were taken down, up to two more (I think) would hyper in, carrying more fighters—in some cases, you almost might want the Rebel fighters to take out Prowler 1 and 2, because they carry Interceptors!

Most of them are destroyed, however, by a group of A-Wings—designated Rogue W or Rogue M—hyper in and proceed to kick the crap out of your guys, as their AI is much higher than anyone else’s. However, they were killable (I took out two once), and besides, to complete the mission, all you have to do is blast the repair yard. I never saw this mission anywhere else in any of the X-Wing/TIE Fighter series—only in the demo for the original TIE Fighter.

The problem with making the mission for Alliance is that this was back in the day of Primary, Secondary, and Bonus goals--instead of just mission goals and bonuses.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the simulator in Alliance is flexible enough to create this mission, and I don’t have any experience (or knowledge, for that matter) on how to create more complex missions without the editor. Can any of you please help?

Craft types are listed next to their flight group designations (in “”). Singular craft designations are in ().

Mission Craft (Rebel)
A-Wing Blue (1-6)
A-Wing Rogue (2 designated “M”, 2 designated “W”)
X-Wing Red (1-6)
Y-Wing Gold (1-6)
Freighter ? (1-4)
Shuttle Lambda (1-6)
Container A (4)

Mission Craft (Imperial)
Corvette Prowler (1-4)
TIE Fighter Alpha (1-3)
TIE Bomber Beta (1-3)
TIE Interceptor Delta (1-3)
TIE Interceptor Gamma (1-3)

Objectives (X-Wing Alliance style)
Destroy all container A’s
Destroy Y-Wing ??? (Gold) 1-3
Destroy A-Wing ??? (Glue) 1-3
Destroy Shuttle ??? (Lamba) 1-3
Bonus: Destroy Y-Wing Gold 4-6
Bonus: Destroy A-Wing Blue 4-6
Bonus: Destroy X-Wing Red 1-6
Bonus: Destroy Freighter ??? 1-4
Bonus: Destroy Shuttle Lamba-All
Bonus: Destroy all Rebel craft except A-Wing Rogue
Bonus: Destroy A-Wing Rogue
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