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Thread: [Updated]Revans Mask Plus+ 2.0
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[Updated]Revans Mask Plus+ 2.0

Revan Mask Plus+ 2.0
Download or alternate download link: http://www.starwarsknights.com/playerpicks_k105.php
Update on September 16, 2005
-Created an installer with TSLpatcher (it works for KotOR mods as well) that will patch the nessasary 2da's if they are detected in Override and will install the rest of the mods files.
-The modified Hooded robe model now has a separate installer to allow the player to have the choice if they want the model installed.
-Fixed(courtesy of Darth333) a problem with the Darkjedi not spawning(for some people)
-Fixed a coupleVO's that didn't have lipsync
-Modeled a New Lightsaber and added a mini quest to make the Lightsaber upgradable. There is a tiny hint in the Sabers description, but if thats not enough there are straight forward hints in the readme.
Lightsaber screenshot

Please see this post for all the new details
__________________________________________________ ___________
Incase your only just hearing about this mod now, here are some screens to explain
It first started as a MASKA new mask Based on Revans. well it looks like Revans to me

Next I thought wouln't it be cool to fix most of the clipping issues with Revan's in game cut scene robes to with the new Mask. sorry cape had to go But another problem these robes had was that they were never intended to be used by the player and so it was missing many of the required helpers to allow the model to function like the rest in the game (force lighting would come from the feet as would every other force power). But hey were modders so we can't just lets these things go unused. So what I did was spend Many hours half of which were frustrating as hell, but I figured out how to add helpers by cloneing some that were present in the model and renaming them as they are in the other normal body models. Drain Force Storm

And the last thing I did was make a new lightsaber For myself,(er Revan) but I thought I would share.
look closely
Saber Pose

Summary : This mod adds a new mask stylized from Revans. Also included in the mod is an edited Robe model from the ingame cut scenes with revan which replaces The Star Forge Robes (for the PC only) Party members will be unaffected. And for the fun of it I made a new lightsaber This is something I have not done since My second KotOR mod, way back when. To aquire this new equipment through normal play you will have to meet a DarkJedi in the Dreshdea Bar on Korriban. He will only arrive on Korriban after you have escaped the leviathan and after you find the Korriban Starmap(NOTE* if you have already found the Korriban Starmap by the time you escape the Leviathan then you simply need to return to Korriban to meet this DarkJedi.

The only other way to aquire Revan mask is to use the cheat codesWhich I'll state further in the readme. Also there is an included is a texture fort eh Starfoge Robes by svösh made by request for this mod.


Darth Revan's Mask:Stats

Feat Required:
Armor Proficiency: Light
Force Sensitive

Enhancement Bonus melee +5
Defense Bonus +10
Immunity: Mind-Affecting

Attribute Bonus: Chrisma +3
Regen Force points 5

Revan's Robes: stats
User Limitation: Human
Feat Required:
Jedi Defense
Force Sensitive

Attribute Bonus: strength +4
Defense Bonus +5

Extra Melee Damage Type:Slashing
Damage Resistance: Electrical Resist 30/-
Improved Force Resistance: Bonus 32

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Istallation: all files need to be installed to(accept the folder called sources that is the source scripts .nss files) C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR\Override (defualt folder) Or where ever KotOR is installed on your PC.

Important: There are 3 files which may conflict with other mods appearance.2da,heads.2da, and upcrystals.2da.(these file are completely compatible with Holowan Plug-in) sry I didn't have time to DL and make them compatible with recent mods.

If you have anyone of these three file in override you will need to edit them with my changes.

1.) appearance.2da: This file is absolutey required parts of this mod are dependant on this file.( again though if you have Holowan plug-in installed you can overrite the appearance included with this one. This file is also compatible with all mods Made by Svösh.)

2.)Upgrade.2da this file is compatible with Holowan Plug-in But if you already use this file from other mods you will need to add the row for the included lightsaber.Don't worry its easy

open your upcrystals.2da go to the bottom of the list and add this row


3.heads.2da agian if you have Holowan plug-in this file can overrite or if you don't have a head.2da file then just drop it in override alone with the others.

if you need to edit heads.2da scroll down to row 62 and add twilek_m01d to the headtexvvve column. and save the file to override.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
A huge thanks goes out to tk102(for Fight talk fight sequence) and Darth333 for writing and helping me with the scripts. Speacial thanks goes to svösh for helping me learn how to use gmax and his many helpfull tips and tricks with PS. Also Special thanks goes out to tk102, cchargin and Fred Tetra For making Modding SW-KotOR easy
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Terms of use:

You have the right to use my mod for your own personal use and alter the contents anyway you see fit. HOWEVER if you would like to include any contents of my mod with your own mods you must first request permission from me and when it's given all I desire is credit where its due.

sshhh, cheat codes. for revans mask type "giveitem revan" for the robes type "giveitem rrobes" and for the lightsaber type "giveitem revansbr"

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