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Thread: Epic Trilogy: Part III
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Epic Trilogy: Part III

This is an original story I have been writing for almost the past year. This first part I wrote before then as a school assignment, not meaning to continue it. But the characters grew on me and all the questions left unanswered compelled me to finish it. I would love to do just that and will post parts here as I complete them. Notice this is part three of three. Where can you read parts one and two you may ask? Well, I have a tendency not to finish things. Parts one and two are other stories I have written that I adapted to fit with this. Think of them as the prequels to this which can be either the last of a series or a stand alone piece. I would love to go back and do those as well if I ever finish this, but like I said, they're not necessary.

Warning: If made into a movie, I'd rate this individual piece in this post PG. But if and when I add more, I expect it would be PG-13. This work contains mild adult language and some violence. Both of these things will become more intense in later scenes


Another time, another place. A fantasy world not of our Earth but similar to medieval Europe. We see a small farm village in the rolling countryside with lush green grasses and golden fields of various crops. In the far off distance are some mountains and before them, a huge forest. A group of five armored men on horseback ride in via road.


ELYMIR and ARIANA push their way through the crowd in the marketplace. Both are lugging huge sacks filled with various farm equipment or food for livestock.

Címon, Elymir! Itíd just be for an hour or two. Letís drop this off at the stable and go. Valunen wouldnít even notice we were missing. Besides, we got all the stuff he needs. He never said we had to do anything in the fields today...

Nor do we ever not end up doing anything in the fields. Harvest is only a few weeks away and Valunenís way behind schedule. Heíll need all the help he can get. Plus Nessieís expected to deliver her calf any day now. He canít do that alone.

Donít be such a wuss. I told you he can afford to have us missing for an hour or so. If he couldnít manage the fields or his stupid cow by himself while weíre out, we can help him when we get back!

I dunno, Ariana. What is it that youíre so eager to show me anyways? Iím sure itís not worth putting off our chores.

Believe me, Elymir; itís well worth it.

Iíll be the judge of that. What is it? You still havenít told me.

Whereíd the fun in that be? Youíll just have to come and find out for yourself. Itís a surprise!

Then forget it.

The group of men on horseback ride by fast. A villager dodges them and runs into Ariana who falls over and drops her sack of goods.

(getting to her feet)
Gah! Watch where youíre going you stupid bastard!

Elymir steps in her path allowing the villager to flee.

(holding Ariana back)
It was an accident. Donít get all bent outta shape about nothing. It wasnít his fault; it was the ridersí. Now quickly, letís get this stuff back to the farm before the whole day is a waste.

(under her breath)
Like it isnít going to be anyways.

They pick up the stuff together on their knees as the people of the village rush past them. Elymir and Ariana look up and look around as they put the livestock feed into the sacks.

Hmm, wonder what all the hubbub is.

Might have to do with those strangers on horseback that rode by.

Iím sure if I suggest we go and see whatís up youíll lecture me like youíre my older brother or something again so should I even bother?

No, no. I wanna see what the commotion is too. It looks like itís on the way to the farm. Címon.

They take the sacks again and head over to a mass of people. They canít see what theyíre looking at. Everyone appears to be in a very solemn mood. Elymir and Ariana try to push their way forward and eventually drop their sacks to do so.

They eventually get to the front of people to see CANDEROUS with a sword drawn out and pointing to worn down and beat up VALUNEN who kneels before the armored man. Canderousís CRONIES circle Valunen and push back the crowd of villagers.

Valunen? Valunen!

Oh my God, Valunen!

(raising his weapon)
Get back, ya lil bastards!

Another farmer, IAN, struggles with Elymir and Ariana to keep them back.

Elymir! Ariana! Sit still! Those guys are armed to the teeth and I doubt theyíll warn you again to stay away.

My patience is growing weary, old man! Give me the relic! Cooperate and your life shall be spared! If you resist it shall be a waste of your life!

Youíre a fool if you would believe Iíd trust your benevolence. You can go to hell!

Iím sorry you feel that way, old man.

Canderous raises his sword up. Elymir and Ariana look on in horror. Canderous swings the blade down.

Valunen! Valunenó

Oh my God! No!

Elymir and Ariana break free of Ian and fall to their knees before Valunenís corpse as a pool of dark red blood spreads. Elymir stares on blankly unable to grasp what has just happened. Ariana covers her face with her hands as she cries. The crowd stares on in awe as the two wards of the dead man mourn. Canderous and his cronies leave on horseback.



TAVERN WENCH makes her way through the mass of people huddled around small tables and steps over the occasional unconscious drunk that litters the floor.

Ariana and Elymir sit together at a small table. Ariana has her arm around Elymir who stares blankly at the small candle that has melted almost down to the tableís surface. Tavern wench arrives and sets a pint of ale on the table.

Ian got this for ya. He donít think youíre old enough to be drinkiní this stuff, but he feels that in times of joy and sorrow anyoneís entitled.

Thank you very much. Be sure to thank Ian for us as well.

Ariana takes the mug and offers it to Elymir. He bats it away and it lands on the floor. The room goes silent for a moment as everyone bows their head in silence for a moment at seeing what Elymir has done.

Now was that really called for? Everyone in townís just tryiní to help us out and you have to go push Ďem away. My God, wouldya grow up already?

(surprised, turns to face her)

(raising her voice)
I told you that you need to grow up! Just this morning you lecturing me with all that mumbo jumbo about responsibility like you always do and while Iím not one to normally agree with that, I think this is a bit of a different situation.

How so?

I know you loved Valunen like a father. I did too. Hell, we grew up together with him lookiní after us so itís only human nature to mourn his loss. But Iíve got news for you. Everyone in this town loved Valunen too. Most of Ďem have known him longer than either of us put together and they are all just as saddened by the tragedy as we are. Theyíre just trying to make us feel better but you just have to embarrass us by pushiní Ďem away and secluding yourself from them ó and me.

(turns back to the candle)
If you think Iíve been pushing you away, then why even bother sitting here with me now?

(obviously hurt; her eyes water)
Good question. Iím leaving.

Ariana starts to leave but Elymir grabs her wrist and makes her sit back down.

No! I mean, donít go. Iím sorry. Iím sorry if Iíve been pushing you away, Iím sorry for being such an ass to Ian and everyone else, and Iím sorry heísó

Elymir cries for the first time that day and Ariana consoles him in her arms.

(crying softly)
Iím sorry heís gone too, Elymir. Weíre all sorry heís gone...

They sit in silence for a moment. Elymir wipes away some of Arianaís tears with a finger and realizes he must do the comforting this time.

(forcing a smile)
So, what was it you were so eager to show me this morning?

(fighting back tears)
I donít remember. It doesnít seem important anymore.
Please tell me what you think! I can never seem to get feedback on this thing and it's over a year old.

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