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Thread: [FIC] Star wars: Heart of the Guardian
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[FIC] Star wars: Heart of the Guardian

Three years before Revan walked on the five planets of Avalon, the Argonons, the original warrior clan of the plains, voted a conservative regional government into power on the planet Mikkado. A world of segregation was the law of this world. It was a time of war as the Argonons and the people of the cities, mainly migrant Belosians, fought over the land and twenty native warrior tribes. Our story begins eighteen years later on a small farm on the plains of Argonon.

Chapter 1: Beginnings
I was born with the songs of the great healers in my ears. They sang to end the great drought, which burnt the plains of Argon for ten years. My mother died three weeks after giving birth to me. Before she died, she gave me my father’s name Jacen Credo Cirrus but from the first day, she called me by my initials JC just as she had my father. I remember my father telling me that he was a child of Belos where he grew up with poetry and wisdom of scholars and that I was a child of Mikkado who awoke to the sound of the workman songs and fell asleep to the singing coral birds nesting for the night.

Elias’ son, Tundarai, was my best friend. From the time we were born, we did everything together, games, chores and lessons. Father taught us about Belos and Elias taught us of Mikkado. Father said life was perfect except that it never rained. My mother had been a farmer’s daughter; my father was a warrior but because he loved her so much, he tried hard to be one after she died but when the plague killed our katarans, something inside him broke and never mended. Elias said that my father needed time alone and that I must go to boarding school. For the first time in my life, I was afraid for I had never been away from home before, away from Father, away from Elias. I wanted to cry but I held it in; I was afraid that I would hurt Father even more. Before I left he gave me the draigon pearl bracelet he gave my mother when they first fell in love.

We were poor. The only school we could afford was the school and orphanage run by Argonons, the oldest of the two tribes on the plains, the other being my people, the Belosians. I remember my first lesson: twenty standard years ago the Argonons tried to throw out the Belosians but the Belosian militia was too strong. The Belosians locked up twenty thousand Argonon women and children into camp. Many died of the fevers from the river bottoms. As the only Belosian boy in school, I took the blame for all those deaths. This was made clear to me by the oldest boy at school Tvark Sigun. He led a group of the big boys, which he called his council and they all took turns bullying me trying to make me cry. When I first arrived, they found me in tears and told me I was dead meat. Scared, I didn’t say anything but allowed myself to taken by them into the yard where they dumped the leftovers from dinner on my head. Whether I was fear or shame, or both, I don’t know, but just after the bullying in the yards, I began to wet my bed. It was three weeks later when I received the news: my father was dead. He had been better but he was trampled to death by a bull kataran in the bush.

I never should have left. I should have stayed to help take care of the farm. Then he would have been alive; I know this. Since I had no other living relatives, it was decided that I would return to boarding school as an orphan, a decision that terrified me. I confided in Elias what had happened and how I became a bed wetter. Being a good Mikkado father he called on the services of the greatest healer of his tribe, a man who could make sick men well and scared men brave. I had never met anyone like him before. His name was Inkosi Kanji. Inkosi Kanji said my troubles came from fear deep in my heart and that he would be my guide on my journey to discover courage.

He called in the language of his people as I shut my eyes. I reached out with all my senses and I saw what it was that frightened me. A bull kataran was charging for me and I could feel the fear but I was no afraid. Reaching out with my hand I touched the horn on its nose. My senses came back to reality and I was touching Inkosi Kanji’s fist and he was laughing. He told me that the spirit of the great hunter warriors lived in me. I had faced the most powerful creature on the plains, one I had feared since hearing how father died. I had earned his respect for my courage. He said I was a man for all of Avalon and the system and he gave me a small draigon. I named my draigon Manzibique, meaning “Mother Courage.” During the day she would hunt for bugs and small animals outside, at night, she would nest above my bed and keep a sharp eye. He was my best and only friend.

A month later, the border dispute broke into war. This caused me more problems than bed wetting ever had. The leader of the Argonons, one called Haldiros, vowed to crush the militia and drive the Belosians out. I kept saying Inkosi Kanji’s words over and over to myself, trying not to be afraid. I had become an expert at the art of camouflage. I learned how to be the perfect nobody and often make myself “disappear” while in the same room with Tvark. Other times I would hide in the infirmary with Doc, the medic where I learned about different medicines and healing arts. My survival techniques weren’t to last forever.

One night, there was a war council of all the kids with the Judge being Tvark. I was ripped from my bed before lights out and blindfolded. They say that the mind is the best form of torture and I immediately thought that Haldiros had arrived and was going to march all the Belosians to the sea. I remember it well. Tvark was sporting a crude marking of Haldiros banner and declared that a blood oath must be taken. The blood oath was that when the time came, when Haldiros arrived, they would rise up and kill us Belosians. I expected the clout across the head but didn’t realize that he caused my nose to bleed nor that he gave me a black eye. He used the blood from my nose to make his oath. As his first act as Judge, he sentenced Manzibique to death. I remember screaming my head off saying no but was not heard over the cacophony the others were making. I watched my draigon beat its wings trying to get free and I watched the stone that killed her. Angry that he killed my only friend and with no one holding me, I ran up and pushed the Judge with all the strength I had. The Judge fell on a small flag that got stuck on his bum, which he ripped out and demanded silence from everyone laughing at him. Then the words came out, “Hang him up.”

I was grabbed and tied around the legs while hearing, “You will pay for the death of our fathers and grandmothers. All Belosians will pay, and you will be the first.”

Hanging upside down from the beam of the dormitory he continued, “For crimes committed against the people of the Plains, I sentence you to death,” and proceeded to prepare his sling. He clouted me a good one on the head and I feared that he would have the others do the same when I was rescued by the headmistress, who demanded that I be released. I do not remember what she told him but I do remember the slap she gave and as I was standing there, the Judge gave me a look filled with hate that it nearly blackened my heart.

I buried Manzibique the next day. I thought I was destined to lose everyone I had ever love or who had ever loved me, first father, my draigon and now Elias. Elias and Tundarai had to return to their tribe in the forests of Mikkades. I knew that I would never see them again and my body began to hurt with a sadness that weighed me down. A day later I was sent to the Howesian port city but was not told why. I thought it was to another orphanage. I sat there at the port on top of my suitcase not saying a word to anyone.

The Jedi Tergis Kradus was walking towards the port with his little floating droid to fetch the new arrival as requested by the council. He saw a lonely little boy sporting a black eye and a cut on his forehead looking at his hand. Realizing that something had happened to the boy to make him sad, he decided to go about a different approach. He approached the boy and said, “Hello little one. You know, my droid Two-y told me of a cure for curing sadness in little boys. Would you like to try it?”

J.C. not wanting to be rude and wanting to not be sad agreed. Tergis helped him stand and told him to stand on one leg. He then said, “Now say three times beepdobeep.”

“Beepdobeep, beepdobeep, beepdobeep.”

“Wonderful. You feel any better?”

J.C. shook his head no and Tergis made a sound as if to say ‘oh no.’ Kneeling next to J.C. he then said, “I guess that proves one thing. Never take advice from a floating droid.”

J.C. began to giggle and for the first time in a long time he smiled. Tergis was pleased and asked, “Would you like to meet him?”
“Yes, please.”

“Alright. First what is your name?”


“Very interesting name,” and with a whistle, Tergis called his droid to introduce Two-y to the boy. The droid let out a whistle at which Tergis responded, “He likes you, he likes you very much.”

That was how I met Tergis who collected droid parts, played dejarik and showed me how to talk to his droid Two-y. Tergis brought me to an enclave where there were many dressed just like him and showed me around. An older man came out and began to talk to him in a language not familiar to my young ears. What they were talking about was Tergis taking me to be his Padawan and be trained as a Jedi. I followed happily playing with Two-y not really listening. It wasn’t until we were before the council that it was announced that I would be trained and Tergis took me to a dorp not far from the enclave.

Tergis was a well-known Jedi who was known for his ambassadorial skills throughout the Avalonian system. While he was on the Argon plains, the war broke out and he couldn’t go back to Coruscant. In the border port Koron, Haldiros killed his friend and fellow ambassador because he believed in peace. In the skirmish that followed, his Padawan was killed too. He was only seven just like me. Tergis was alone here on the plains but he never spoke of it until he felt I was old enough to understand better the bonds that formed between people.

Tergis said that he believed a person needed two things in life, good health and education. He said my health was good but my education needed serious and immediate attention, at least where the Force was concerned. Tergis showed me the plains of Argon and made the plains my classroom. I even learned the language of his people. Tergis showed me to look at things through the Force and see how they were all connected down to the smallest of creatures. The lesson I remember most was when he told me that cooperation made life possible and that without it, there would have been no knowledge of the Force through the midichlorians. With cooperation, life existed.

One by one, the sharp pains of loneliness grew faint with the passing of each day. Tergis said that there was so much to learn of the Force that we couldn’t waste a second. Father used to say the same thing. Father would have liked Tergis. Tergis taught me the path of the Jedi. It is a difficult one to walk requiring great physical skill and balanced with meditation to channel the power of the Force. He opened my mind to knowledge and never talked down. Most of what he said would take me years later to understand but laid the foundations to what I would become.

I thought it was too good to last until the day that the captain of the local militia came to the dorp we were staying in and said that because Tergis was a native of Mikkado that he would have to stay within the confines of the enclave so he would not be arrested for the duration of the war. It was then that I realized that the Argonons weren’t the only ones to hate and fear others but that the Belosians were in for their fair share as well. I felt the fear slowly beginning to return.

While the brass of the local militia saw Tergis as the enemy, the locals in and around the enclave saw him as an example of diplomacy. We continued our training without much interruption though I was required to attend group lessons with other pupils. It wasn’t bad though my camouflage ability put me at an advantage and was left mostly alone. Tergis would sense often my bouts of sadness and showed me how to be mindful of my thoughts and feelings. Sensing my need to grow, he introduced me to Master Cronus who had been in the enclave longer than most of the Jedi here. Now he was my teacher in techniques with the lightsaber, giving me instruction in the forms for best defense. The credo he lived by was that, “Little can beat big when little is smart. First with the head, then with the heart.” Life began to improve in that the shadows of fear began to go back into their dark recesses. I worked hard every day between my two masters and my friends.

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