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Thread: [FIC] The tale of a Jedi on Dantooine the day of doom
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[FIC] The tale of a Jedi on Dantooine the day of doom



The brisk morning shines upon the dew-covered courtyard. The Jedi Academy stands tall and proud, a beacon of hope for the settlers who seek refuge from the perils of other worlds. Kath hounds, long since tamed by a lack of Juhani's power, graze in the meadows while settlers watch them and discuss their crops, their land, and the new Sandral/Matale baby. It is a day of peace, and quiet. The Jedi Council debates, while the Padawans play.

This day is a day of normal perfection. Nothing disturbs the still fountain that is Dantooine.

Then, a ripple. Another... another.

A fleet of ships come out of hyperspace. The leading vessel is one that Carth Onasi would recognize.

The Leviathan.

A small fleet of ships arrives behind them. Single-passenger craft lie at the edge of the planet's gravity well. Waiting. Saul Karath signals the commander, who signals the captain.

Who signals the gunner.

Crimson beams stretch out into the planet's atmosphere. Craters appear in the ground as settlers run screaming in terror. They look back, and see the pristine Jedi Academy, still untouched by the shots.

Then, the first strike to hit the Jedi Academy seals their entrance into the Academy. Another blows a hole in the roof.

It is lost, the settlers realize, there is no hope for us now.

The outside of the Jedi Academy still looks quiet, as if following the Jedi adage of going down when struck, so that the enemy passes like a wind over you.

Inside, chaos erupts...

* * *

I was awoken by my friend, who looked at me with wide eyes. "We have to leave!" he said hurriedly, "the Academy is under attack!"

I scurried to my feet, and got dressed. The sound of cannonfire still boomed throughout the academy.

"We have to get to a ship!" I cried, "we'll be crushed in here!"

My friend and I were Initates into the Force. Barely able to wield any part of the Force, we were in training to eventually become Jedi. We had stuck together through countless troubles, such as the Kath Hound invasion of last year. We managed to cut up a few Kath hounds before the Jedi came to our rescue.

But now, we were in a panic, racing through corridors. We got to the central courtyard, and saw a terrible sight. Sith troopers and Dark Jedi engaged the Jedi, and they appeared to be winning. I watched as Master Zhar came out, and began devastating the enemy. Then a Dark Jedi came out and challenged him.

They fought wildly, snapping from left to right, shoulder to waist back to head, quick as lightning. Around them, the battle raged on between the Jedi and the Sith.

Moving quickly, I picked up two Sith Tremor Swords off a couple of Trooper corpses and tossed one to my friend. As we always did, together we fought this Sith menace. We were not the most skilled of any fighters, but we took down a few Sith troopers who were shooting at us. Then I looked, and saw the Dark Jedi knock away Zhar's lightsaber. Before he could recover, the Dark Jedi plunged his lightsaber into him up to the double-hilt.

As Zhar fell, Vandar took his place, but the Dark Jedi choked him, spun him in the air, and slashed down the Master's back. He fell dead. Then, the Dark Jedi turned to us.

We charged him from two directions, taking him off balance. But with his double-blade he defended himself from our ferocious attack. Several times either myself or my friend slashed into the Dark Jedi, wounding him. But he never backed down.

A whipcrack of the Force sent me reeling towards the wall. I smacked hard against it, becoming dazed. I got up but couldn't fight. I was disoriented by the hit. I watched my friend fight the Dark Jedi.

To my great surprise, a hack from my friends sword snapped the hilt, breaking the crystals on one side. Undeterred, he fought with a single blade. A minute later, I was back in the action. But another push and I was down, having hit right in front of the Great Tree.

I got up in time to see the Dark Jedi plunge his blade three times into my friend's chest. He fell to the ground, got up partway, and collapsed, dead.

In a panic, I dropped my sword and ran as fast as I could to the Matale grounds. I had no time to ask for a ship; I just had to get out of there, fast. I jumped in the cockpit, made my fingers dance across the controls, and was off.

In space, I was attacked by Sith snib fighters. The ship I was using had no weapons, and I simply dodged them, nearly colliding several times, before finding a hyperspace route. I had escaped the Sith, for now. But, I thought as I looked on the Holo of Dantooine, my friends did not.

I wept bitterly as the craft streaked through space.

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