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Thread: Various bugs of FOC
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Various bugs of FOC

This thread is primarily meant to list all the bugs of FOC; I'll start with a few I've experienced:

-Rebels are unable to reach tech lvl 5 in GC games; I was unable to build MC30s (or B-Wings)even after stealing the technology
-Various units disappearing, e.g. a raid fleet didn't start a battle but simply disappeared,or Urai Fen disappeared after corrupting Nal Hutta
-Darth Vader takes 3 pop cap in ground battles
-Indigenous Noghri and Mustafarians have the icons of Polusians
-In one battle above Korriban, I was unable to fire the DSII at cap ships (the icon was "disabled" like it's usually when a hero is unable to use a special ability; I had Piett and Tarkin in my fleet and Tarkin in the pathfinder slot)
-I was unable to build capital ships above Mandalore, even though the description says otherwise

-after the shield generator and sensor array of a ZC palast have been blown up, the palace is unaffected by the infiltrators' thermal detonators
-TIE bombers were at several occasions unable to target a ZC space station shield hardpoint: the torpedoes just passed through the hardpoint without doing any damage
-perhaps this is intended, but Garn Bel Iblis takes 2 pop cap in ground battles and cannot be repaired by either R2-D2 or normal repair stations

-B-Wings open their S-foils (in the animation) when ordered to close them and close them when ordered to open them again
-when initializing a land battle with enemy units in orbit (e.g. with a raid fleet), the height of the stable of enemy units (that appears near the "tactical battle imminent" sign) includes the units in orbit, even the space units there.
-I was unable to use Luke's "Lucky shot" ability the only time I used him in space
-when in a land tactical battle, the description of the bounty bonus says "When controlling this planet..." instead of "Since you are controlling Nal Hutta" or something like that
-the bounty seems to actually be 7.5%, not 15% as the description says

-Sometimes troops that can't go over water are placed on one of the islands on Fresia and thus rendered useless
-the icon of Rouge Squadron's and the TIE defenders' special abilities don't show a timer once used, but just act as if the special ability was deactivated altogether

-Bribing a Rebel planet affects an Imperial attacker as well, making him unable to spawn TIE fighters and bombers
-Imperial land commanders' icons are not shown; I am not sure if their bonus still applies
-in the scenario "origin of Corruption" there can be imperial units and even buildings on the ZC-controlled Mandalore

I would suggest that everyone edits their posts instead of double-posting, since it's possible this thread will get quite a few replies...

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hm, i was at techlvl 5, so i cant say that it happened to me. and i think the ships depending on the planet. like the tie defenders and phantoms only on the bigger ones like kuat and the blackholes and so on.
and the noghri got the right icons on my comp.
so i dunno whats wrong with your installation.

but there is a bug i found. sometimes choosing "automatic" at upcoming battles dont wanna work. it just jumps back to the "start/automatic" splash over and over again, as long as u choose "automatic" instead of "start". that was pretty annoying in the case that this happened most times where it would be a clear result of me winning, even set to let the AI doin the things simulating..

PS: sorry for my bad grammar. aint my native language.
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  • When you play as the Empire in Galactic Conquest, when an enemy fleet is incoming it says "Ysalamiri cage constructing"

Waking up.
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there are various voice bugs.

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