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Thread: Terminator Mod
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Terminator Mod

Contents of Mod:

Vehicles for Skynet and Tech-Comm
Player models for Skynet and Tech-Comm
Termintator Vision
Player Classes
FFA Maps
Seige Maps
Bots and NPCs

This mod is comprised of major events and things in all 3 terminator movies and the War of the Machines
PC game. The main objective is to emerse the player in a Terminator based world where all they see are
machines bent on wiping out humanity, anh humans struggling for survival. The Skynet side will always be
more advanced or armed then the Tech-Comm. But Shynet's units are slower. Resistance Fighters are able
to use vehicles and gun emplacements. They are also able to run faster and jump higher. It will take wits
and strategy to defeat the Terminators. The Terminators and HK's will be slower moving but armed with more
advanced weaponry ann equipment. In order to defeat the human resistance, the terminators will have to rely
on thier weapons and strength.

We want to give the player a range of locations to battle it out on. These places are derived from all 3
movies and War of the Machines PC game. The player will play in present and future locations along the
time line. Locations in the present will only have weapons and vehicles from the present. Locations in the
future will hae more advanced and new weapons and vehicles. In the future, after the nuclear war, the
landscape is desolate and covered with rubble. The terminators control the surface while the resistance
fights from underground outposts. Main locations that will be seen in the mod are: Cyberdyne Hydrolic Press
warehouse, Future battlefield #1, Smelting Plant, Mental Hospital, Future Battlefield #2, GraveYard,
CRS Lab, CRS Hangars, Future City, Future CRS Lab.

Weaponry and Transportation:
The weapons in the mod will range from modern day handguns, shotguns, and rifles...to futuristic plasma rifles,
missles, and hunter killer units. The Transportation in the modern day world will consist of cars, trucks,
military vehicles, and helecopters. All of which are controllable by the player. In the future the player will
have control of Resistance Vehicles such as Techs and APCs, and harriers. The terminators will have control of
Hunter Killer robots, and transport vessels. The vehicles for resistance fighters will be armed with plasma guns,
miniguns, and missle launchers. The resistance fighters will be armed with assault rifles, plasma rifles, grenades,
and rocket launchers. The terminators will have plasma rifles, plasma cannons, and miniguns. For the present day,
The humans will have pistols, rifles, shotguns, miniguns, and missle lauchers. The Terminators will have T1's
and HK Drones. Any terminators that are in the present day will be infiltrator units, that look human of course.
They will be armed with the same weapons as the humans. Arnold Swartzenagger will also be a part of the mod. He
will join the humans during the present day sernarios. The T1000 will also be seen in the modern day as well as
the TX. People such as John Conner, Sarah Conner, Kathrine Brewster, and Robert Brewster might bee seen as well.

Players and Classes:
Players will be able to select from a range of player models/classes. There will be classes for both sides. See
the list below:

Tech-Comm (Humans):
Foot Soldier - Assaut Rifle or Plasma Rifle, Pistol, and EMP Grenades
Sniper - Barret M82 or Plasma Sniper Rifles, Pistol, EMP Grenades
Heavy Weapons Specialist - Minigun or Rocket Laucner or RSB80, Pistol, EMP Grenades
Demolistionist - Bombs or Plasma Mines, Pistol, EMP Grenades
Vehicles - Tehcs, Emplaced Guns, APCs

Special Forces Soldier - M4 or Mp5, Pistol, Hand Grenades
Special Forces Sniper - Barret M82 or PSG, Pistol, Hand Grenades
Special Forces HWS - SAW or Rocket Launcher, Pistol, Hand Grenades
Special Forces Demolitionist - C4 or Laser Trap Mines, Pistol, Hand Grenades
Arnold (T800 Infiltrator) - Minigun or SPAS12, Colt .45, RPG Launcher or Grenade Launcher, Hand to Hand Combat
? Kyle Reese - Shotgun, Revolver, Pipebombs, Hand to Hand COmbat
? Sarah Conner - Pump or M4, COlt .45, Hand Grenades
? John Conner - AK-74 or M4, Glock 18, C4
? Kate Brewster - AK-74, Glock 18 or Glock 17, C4
Vehicles - APCs, Tanks, Cars/Trucks, Helicopters

Skynet (Terminators):
T-800 - Plasma Rifle
T-800 Heavy - RSB80 or Plasma Cannon
T800 Infiltrator - SAW or RSB80 or Minigun
HK Drone - Plasma Guns, Missles
Arial HK - Plasma Cannon
HAArial HK - Plasma Cannons
HK Tank - Plasma Cannons
?T900 - Plasma Rifle or RSB80 or Plasma Cannon
Vehicles - HK Vehicles

T1 - Miniguns
HK Drone - Plasma Guns, Missles
Arnold (T800 Infiltrator) - SPAS12 or G36, UZI or MP5, Colt .45 or Glock17
T1000 - Shotgun, M92, Stabbing Weapon, Hand to Hand Combat
TX - Plasma Cannon, Flame Thrower, S&W .45, Radial Saw, Hand to Hand Combat
Vehicles - HK Vehicles, T1 Vehicles, Cars/Trucks, Helicopters

If your intrested in helping out contact me at themadrapper@hotmail.com

Lord Hatrus

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Hey did anything ever come of this mod? I've been out of the game a while.

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