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Thread: [tsl] KOTOR: Revenge of Revan
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[tsl] KOTOR: Revenge of Revan

Knights of the Old Republic: Revenge of Revan

Intro of the Plot

The game takes place 10 years after kotor2. There are Phantom Ships appearing out of no where attacking small Republic instillations. Many of the leaders in the Senate have put blame on the criminal organizations: Exchange and the Hutts. There is conflict growing from worlds who felt the restoration of the outer rim have been to costly. Many systems are pushing for more power over their own systems which could weaken the Republic’s military strength. The Lost Jedi have return after the battle at Telos IV to rebuild the Order. The Jedi are still to few and the fear of the Sith still lingers in minds of the Jedi who survived the Purge.

This game will send you on an adventure that will force you to search for Revan, the Exile and the Sith. You will be hunted by the Sith and the Jedi. You will have no allies except your party members but can they be trusted. You will unlock a secret that will plunge the Galaxy into a War. The question is which side you will join. Every secret will be revealed...
Every character’s Fate will be fulfilled…..

The opening scene is a space station over Corellia is shot out of orbit by an uncloaked Sith War Ship…….

Male or Female/ age 18-20

The PC is a padawan to Jedi Master Quan Drayan. The PC meets the Jedi Master while his master is in Exile. The Jedi Master is one of the Lost Jedi who survived the purge. Quan Drayan takes the kid (PC) in since his/her mother dies of a disease. He senses the force in the child. He does not train him/her until a few years later when they return to the Jedi order on Coruscant. If the Order knew what he knows about the PC, the PC would never be trained as a Jedi. The PC will become close with another fellow student named Liana Arrel. She is a year older then the PC. They become good friends. Arrel will become a Jedi right before the beginning of the story.

The Lost Jedi- These are the Jedi who were in hiding during the events of kotor2. These lost Jedi survived the purge and after the battle of Telos IV, they came out of hiding to help rebuild the Jedi Order. The Jedi order believes that Revan and the Exile are dead. The council is made up of Jedi who are not the most experienced. There is only a few Jedi Masters which include…….

The Official Planets:

Malachor V
Dromund Kaas
Hutt space station
Rhen Var


T3-M4 -droid
The droid does not join party in fighting, stays on Ebon Hawk or the Sister Hawk
You find the droid on the Ebon hawk. The droid will stay on the sister hawk do to its injuries. There might be some scenes where droid leaves the ship but you will not be able to add him to your active party. He will have the list of planets you need to visit. The droid will also give you information about the past two Kotor games as well as the ending to kotor2.

Quan Drayen
Jedi Master/ male/ species Kiffar

He is your Jedi Master and teacher. He is one of the lost Jedi who came back from hiding after the battle at Telos IV. He is very secretive. He has been looking for clues to where the Exile and Revan went. He will later be accused of being a Sith spy since his research. Later in the game you will be able to talk to the spirit of your Jedi Master only when you have completed a certain task and become 99-100 percent light side. He will appear in a certain part of the Sister Hawk.
Your Jedi master history:
The PC’s Jedi master trained on Dantoonie with the Exile. They were close friends. Your master did not join the war against the Mandalorians. He did fight in the Jedi Civil war on the side of the Republic. He was present when Malak launched his attack on Datoonie. He will tell you how master Vandar and Vrook survived the attack. Your Jedi master was not present at the battle of the Star forge. Shortly after the end of kotor1, he left the order and went into exile. He stayed there for many years. He did fight the sith assassins sent by Sion. Your master will sense the enemy was defeated and your master returns to the order with the PC who he picks up shortly around the time he comes across the Jedi Exile.

Kaila Saris
age 20-26
Pilot/ smuggler

She was arrested transporting arms to the exchange. When your party escapes the Republic's ship, she will fly you to Natta Hutt’s space station. She is confronted by her contact about her failure. You will be given a side quest to go to a planet and get some arms and bring them to the space station. The Exchange will attack Natta Hutt and take over the station completely. You can do this or double cross your contact and tell Natta Hutt and aid him in getting rid of the exchange from the space station.

Nindo Bahr
Male/ species-Duros
Mechanic, tech upgrades

Nindo Bahr is expert in creating new weapons. He can alter your armor and weapons. The Duro has a dark humor to him. He is Kaila’s smuggling partner. Nindo actually worked on the Ebon Hawk back when it was owned by Davik. His father was Davik’s top mechanic. Nindo’s father died on Taris when the Sith attacked. Nindo survived the attack along with a few friends and his mother. Nindo then started to work on a new ship using the basic design of the Ebon Hawk. Kaila and Nindo meet up and start working for the Hutts as well as the Exchange

Liana Arrel
Female/ species- human (Jedi)

This is your childhood friend. You have trained with this person for many years. She is a year older then you and she just received the rank of Jedi just before the beginning of the game. She is very dedicated to the Jedi Order. She is loyal but her beliefs can be shaken and she could follow the dark side, since she needs a strong leader/teacher. She will help you sneak into the Jedi Temple. She will then cross her masters by helping you.

Cain Thrall
(Male/ Species- Chiss)
Member of the Disciples of Kreia

This character is a follower of Kreia’s teachings. He was one of the only sith that survived the attack on Malachor V from the Exile. He will join you since he has been training for this moment to battle the true sith. He is a natural dark side character who leans to the middle section on issues. You can try to turn the character to the light side but it will be hard. He represents Kreia’s teachings. Later you can have him turn on his fellow followers and cleanse Malachor V. This character is the opposite of your childhood friend.


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