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Thread: Force Academy: Jedi Content, FRS, Master/Apprentice System all in one!
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Force Academy: Jedi Content, FRS, Master/Apprentice System all in one!

Defenders of Peace

Alignment - Republic
Focus - Role Play PvP/PvE
Management - Darka
Established - 2006
Status - Active


Are you looking for Republic and Jedi themed content?
A Guild Ranking System?
A Master/Padawan system?
If so, look no further than FORCE ACADEMY

Establised in 2006 as a Role Play Gaming Community in the Game Star Wars Galaxies With the purpose of creating a great Role Play and gaming experience. To give like minded players a place to come together and defend the peace.
Over the years we have grown, and we have ventured out to new worlds, locations and eras, but still strive to create a great community based experience for our members.
We have a few core beliefs
  • Good People Make These Games Great!
  • A Little Effort Goes A Long Way
  • A Guild Of Names Is Greater Then A Guild Of Numbers
  • Community Is The 5th Pillar

We are a fully functional and immersive organisation, we create rich environments to help set the scene, while not intruding or restricting. We like to mix the game in with our Role Play Experience and use it to enhance the game. As a Role Play Community we still enjoy taking part in all aspects of the games.
It is our mission to provide a great platform for our members experiences, and those we interact with.

The War had ended, we returned to normal. Our Academy became our home once again. Many had felt uneasy due to the actions they had seen and partaken in. It took a while and much meditation for the Academy to go back to normal.
Though the War had stopped on official terms, the fighting hadn't and it did not take long for the Academy to find itself caught up with the Sith. In search for force sensitive artifacts known to be on the Academys home world of Obroa-Skai the Sith arrived to claim it. Facing overwhelming odds, Master Cevit Eage gave the order for the Academy to evacuate taking the treasures with them and to head to Tython to keep them in the hands of the Jedi. The Sith landed and assaulted the complex, taking no prisoners as they searched room to room. With little time to spare, Master Eage realised there was only one way to slow the onslaught, and the old Jedi confronted the encroaching Sith, and found himself not the only one who drew the line to give the others valuable time to escape.
What exactly happened at the Defence of the Enclave is unknown, those who stepped in front of the Sith gave their lives to allow the others to escape.
As the shuttles races skyward the orbiting Fleet opened up on the ships as they plotted their courses taking out many of the shuttles, sending debris raining down on the burning temple below.
Many years had passed since the tragedy, as the Jedi Council began the rebuilding rumours of long lost Jedi began to resurface. The sense of a growing darkness and the ever present Sith they sent out scouts to recover the lost, and ask them once again to reform, to step up, to defend the peace

The Complete History of The Force Academy

The Defenders are Broken down into two main groups: The Jedi, and the Non Jedi
Each group is equally important as the other, and each group has their own set of Trails/exams
"We will always rise back up...." General Rycar Lingo
The Phoenix are the white line, the dedicated Republic Military who serve along side the Academy, They are the punch, the might and the shining symbol of the Republic. Originally sent to Assist The Academy by appeasing local system fears, the Phoenix and their unnatural way formed a close bond with the Academy, both became to see themselves as one.
The Battalion keeps its own records and offers its own exam system for promotion separate from the Republic Commands. A system many felt offered greater training then the Republic ever could. Operating as a military unit, the Battalion has ranks very similar to any traditional Military system
Academy Military Records for The Phoenix

"Your Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!"
Originally a Unit put together by Part time soldier, part time smuggler and full time rogue Weschu Aramada. They were set up to do the dirty jobs, experts at recon, getting what you need where it needed to go, also the uncanny knack to get their hands on anything you needed aslong as the credits were right. Making their names in the War, the Scroundrels disbanded shortly after the destruction of the Enclave, as the rebuilding of the Academy begins the search for those who feel they can live up to the tag of Scoundrel has gone out across the Galaxy.
Cantina whispers about the Scoundrels

"With Out the Light, a Shadow can not Exist. They are the things even the Darkness keeps out of the way of..." Jedi Master Pomad Rarvao
The Organisation is set on dealing with all things Darkside, from investigating lost artifacts, or seeking out disturbances in the Force. The Shadows specialise in it. They keep an air of secrecy, only few know who they are. An organisation with in an organisation, set up to deal with the Darkside.
From the mouth of a Shadow

"We Are the Defenders of Peace!" [b]Jedi Master Cevit Eage
The Core of the Enclave is the Academy, set up to teach the ways of the Force and act on behalf of the Jedi Order. Operating as their own Enclave once on Obroa-Skai, teaching, training and keeping the peace and justice in the sector. While their own Enclave, The Academy follows Both the Republic, and the Jedi Order, rather then attempting to be their own Order of Force Sensitive's.
The Academy operates its own unique and custom trail system, there was a belief that a standard one trial for all was not able to do justice in testing everyone, after all what good was a trial if it wasnt trying?
Within the Academy the have set up many of the traditional Elements
  • Trail and Force Ranking System
    Each Rank to have its own test to allow Jedi to prove themselves and show that they are fully able and capable to progress from an Initiate, Padawan, Knight and Master while being able to show that they have earnt the title rather then have it handed to them
    Academy Database: Force Ranking Systems
  • Watchmen
    They are the planets they watch. They are the ones who know it, feel it. Sent to watch over a planet, the Watchmen keep the Academy informed of the comings and goings and anything of note that may require action
    Academy Database: Watchmen
  • Master And Apprentice
    [i]The teaching of one to another, showing them the way of the Galaxy, teaching them what it means to be a Defender of Peace, how to defend themselves and help provide the tools and information they need to get by, then complete the circle by taking an apprentice of their own.
    Academy Database: Master and Apprentice
  • Council of Defenders
    The Council looks after the running of the Academy, the teaching, the operations, and the missions. It is common place to see the Council handing out assignments. While also playing their role making sure all Jedi are up to a standard the Defenders feel necessary to earn the title of a rank
    Academy Database: Council of Defenders
With The Old Republic we are looking to operate as an Enclave, a fully functioning organisation with its own connections, its own history while still serving the Republic and still part of the Jedi Order.

Our goal is to always be a Community, we are a family, we come from all over the world to play together. Some of the guild have known and gamed with each other for around ten years and look forward to creating great adventures in the future ahead be it in The Old Republic, or where ever the peace needs to be defended

Force Academy is ambitous, we are a Role Play Gaming Community who are looking forward to making sure our legacy carries on in The Old Republic. The Academy has been up and running for over four years, and given us all many great experiences, aswell as the honour of playing along side many great people.
The years of playing together have given us a great bond, and allowed us to bring our experience our systems and add them to The Old Republic.
It also gives us a great chance to make new friends, have new adventures and unleash our new ideas like our guild story arcs and a few others.

We are a proactive guild who believe in making the game a great experience, we aim to surround ourselves with like minded mature individuals who understand that a little effort can go a long way. Many of our event planners are eagerly waiting to get into The Old Republic and launch some of their creative mischief for us all to take part in.

Our goal is to be the best, to be the top, but also to have fun. As Role Players we still love the rest of the game and look forward to RP inspired PvP and PvE content, we look forward to playing our role in the Community.

Any Questions or Comments please feel free to contact Management

Unleash the Force

The Old Republic

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