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Thread: SWKotOR and it's Sequel TSL
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SWKotOR and it's Sequel TSL

is it just me or do k1(Knights of the Old Republic) and tsl(Knights of the Old Republic The Sith Lords) feel more like the origianal star wars Trilogy than episodes 1-3 did? personally i think that it's because of the ebon hawk but what do u guys think?

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What KotOR has that PT doesn't:

- A ship with personality (Jedi Starfighters just don't cut it)

- An easily identifiable hero (PC) (versus the antihero that was Anakin)

- An antagonist with the upper hand (am I the only one that has the feeling that the Separatists never stood a chance?)

- More memorable and timeless characters (HK-47 versus the countless other droids that are easily forgettable within the PT, characters with greater depth, ie Kreia and Jolee versus Padme, Dooku and the like. They just don't stand up to par, no matter how much their stories are fleshed out via the EU)

Good thread idea.
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I think that Ep 1-3 had a deeper plot and a more complicated character development than 4-6 or KOTOR (KOTOR's plot twist wasn't all that complex, though it had a charming Shyamalan quality to it). There are two reasons it failed to impress(three if you include Gungans as a reason, but then, 6 had Ewoks).

First, is what I would like to call Titanic syndrome. You knew how it was going to end going into it. Palpatine becomes Emperor, Anakin gets cool armor and a severe wheeze, and a whole lot of people that look alike fight with... something. Granted, you know how KOTOR is going to end too, but it's the vague "the protagonist wins" formula that is pretty much expected of every movie short of the horror genre. Not the same thing at all.

The second reason is simple poor execution. The prequel trilogy had potential for greatness, but failed in the face of poorly written soap opera dialogue, a clear focus on flashy CG and jedi combat over directing, and poor acting, though I will admit that the actors can only work with what the director gives them. The movies reach out for the level of the classic trilogy, but fall into the pit that contains all of the bad action and drama movies of out time.
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Dialogues on Kotor games beat anything of the PT anytime.


.Bioshock inspiration.
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Originally Posted by Ctrl Alt Del View Post
Dialogues on Kotor games beat anything of the PT anytime.
This is quite true.

And Revan>Whiny Anakin
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I don't think the two can be compared, since the movies tell a type of story completely different from KOTOR. I prefer the movies overall, but as with everyone else, that's just my own dumbarsed opinion trying to hijack the thread.

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I agree with TKA-001.

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The KotOR/KotOR-TSL games blow PT out of the water.

Revan could kick the crap out of Sidious any day. Plus, he'd wipe the floor with Vader AND Anakain.

And as said before, the plot is way more detailed. The plot of PT [in my mind] is this: Jedi=Good, Sith=Bad, republic must conquer, vanquish evil, blah, blah, blah.

SWKotorplot [in my mind once again] is this:

Jedi=Good, Sith=Bad, Who the hell am I? Steal ship, Meet numerous characters throughout the journey, accomplish things, accomplish more things, Find true history, blow up Star Forge/Kill moronic apprentice and take rightful place of overlord of sith.

TSL plot [once again in my mind] is this:

Jedi/Sith are both flawed, be yourself [hooray for Kreia], reconnect to force, accomploish sh*t, piss off entire galaxy, kill old hag, take her place/blow up planet.

Now if I got anything wrong feel free to correct me, but I think that sums it up pretty accurately...

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