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View Poll Results: If there were to be a "K3" as a mod, would you go for it?
Yes 23 50.00%
No 7 15.22%
Yes, IF.F ............. 6 13.04%
Not unless ........... 3 6.52%
(Maybe) Hard to see, the future is. 13 28.26%
Dead Racoon?! Where?! 7 15.22%
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Thread: K3 as a mod??? Who'd be up for that?
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Old 04-21-2009, 06:38 PM   #41
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Honestly i think kotor 3 would have to start with a new gaming engine. This old betty engine from the first two games won't get it anymore.
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Old 04-23-2009, 08:39 PM   #42
Darth Avlectus
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I'd buy that for a dollar
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Apparently not up for it as a mod.

In a few ways I gotta agree with ya.

Originally Posted by Apprentice_Greenwood View Post
SWCity, no offence meant here by not following your closing comments, but I think you've missed the entire point of my post, or else I've missed yours. Mine was addressing the original subject of the thread, with some inference on VO's, and then simply addressing the point you made 2 or 3 times, lastly I think in post #30, as briefly quoted below;
I'm sorry, it's just that several things are going on at once and I cannot spare as much time to read even my previous lengthy posts to see what you were getting at, let alone all of yours. Plus I was tired when I posted. My bad.

Well, you are a newbie to these posts so please forgive my sort of shrugging it off as over-eagerness. And cloudy-headed ness amongst other things.

I wasn't passing any comment on my or your mod ambitions and plans, and thought I was adding to the discussion as you originally requested. Apologies if I have misconstrued this.
Oh quite forgiven.

Thanks for the welcoming also BTW, I really don't see how you've come to many of your conclusions on what I have posted, but the advice is welcomed nonetheless. Oh, and yes, I've played KOTOR through with, I think, all possible options (not with TSL yet, though), with reference to the Sandperson Enclave I was joking about what I consider one of the more humorous light side blags you can get away with in the first game. And, yes, I've also played with a perfectly neutral character, and it was incredibly good fun
Ah, okay. Wasn't entirely sure about that. There have been lots of n00bz.

[HK-47]Charging up weapons, this should be fun![/HK-47]

In any case. Yes.

ZOMG! Republic on the verge of collapse!
Uhh, yeah...I don't suppose that is getting a little worn out now.......

According to the "TOP 100 most important things in the SW universe" apparently the Jedi Order is #1. So whether we like it or not, this will be attached to how people will view it.

I do think, however, there ought to be more exploration of other stuff besides Jedi vs Sith, other force sensitive/resistant groups. Anomalies. Etc.

"The fate of the galaxy!" This, I suspect is one reason people don't like the storyline in any given mod/full game conversion and even the canon installations. The ambition is understandable but after so many times, it's like you drop a piece of underwear with skidmarks on your floor, you might kill the universe...if EVERY story is THAT important, then NO story is important WHATSOEVER. I didn't mind, for example, Shatterpoint and how it was directly involved with purging corruption one of the planets so the republic could take control of it. IT had its eventuality and tied into the fate of the galaxy in the long term.

The good guys gotta win.

What? It's trivial that bad guys win? Like they're just there for the good guys to beat later? This was defied in Karpyshyn's Darth Bane novels.

Hollywood Perfecto endings.

While I can understand once in a while, yes...I think movies without happiest of endings can be justy as good. Also I believe it was one of the major reasons for people finding fault with ROTS--aside the fact it was a prequel installation. To paraphrase something Shem said a while ago: People bring their own expectations to the installments as to what it should be and are disappointed when it doesn't pan out the way they'd like.

I don't care to spoil any of the 4 endings possible on Odyssey: Legend of Nemesis. The story of the villain, the story of the archipelago which builds as you play through the game and left largely unspecified. VERY philosophical. However, I don't want it left as open as an unfinished KOTOR 2 (though enough content was restored by modders at this point that it is safe to say the ending is all in the gameplay of the final levels). The 4 endings were definite. However, they each had some kind of problem. So it is largely how you the player view the ending as either victory or not.

---I'll get back to this but for the moment I have to get up and leave the computer.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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