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Thread: Star Wars KOTOR: The Rising Threat
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Star Wars KOTOR: The Rising Threat

Two months ago, the Jedi Exile defeated Darth Traya and the SITH TRIUMVERITE was no more. The Exile has since gone to the outer regions to search for Lord Revan. With the election of the new chancellor, Napoleon Vierra, the Republic begins to rebuild itself after drastic losses of the Mandalorian and Jedi Civil Wars.

Peace has long since come to the Republic and under High Admiral Carth Onasi, the Republic Millatary Force has grown from just under 800 ships and 12,000 troops, to 10,000 ships and over two million troops. The Jedi Order also manages to thrive under Grandmaster BASTILA SHAN who begins to teach her new order off of the rural world of Telos IV

Revan's fate is still unknown, however, several of his former followers, adventurer Mission Vao, Wookie Mercanary Zaalbar, assassin droid HK-47 and many more begin to search for clues regarding his whereabouts. The new Mandalore, Canderous Ordo, begins to reunite the clans on the moon of Dxun and steadily begins to relocate them and recolonize the world of Mandalore Prime and Concord Dawn to rebuild his Empire to its former glory while assisting the Republic at the same time. It is on Dxun that a Mandalorian scout, Kelborn, rushes back to his master with an urgent message........

This RP is about the events leading up to the Jedi Knights mod I put on hold a while back. It is about how the Republic helped rebuild itself in the dark days after the greatest Sith threat so far was behind them. While the Republic, Jedi, and Mandalorians rebuilt themselves, it also is about a secret war with a sect of veterens from the Mandalorian Wars and a small sith vanguard made up of monsters, Dark Jedi, and even rakgouls. Find out how the ruins of Malachor V could serve a purpose, how the sith managed to keep a presence on Dxun for all these years, what the outcome of the second revolution of Onderon, and even the truth on what Revan's intensional plans were when he decided to go to the Outer Regions.


No godmodding

Only three characters per-person

I will be portraying Bastila Shan, Carth Onasi, and Kelborn (which means we need somebody to play Mandalore!)

no godmodding

no controling other people's characters unless you have permission from the owner and me

If you break any of these rules, I won't hesitate to report you to the moderator

Though she is Cannoncly a female, I am making the Jedi Exile a male in this RP

__________________________________________________ _______________
Character One

Name: Bastila Shan
Race: Human
Age: 27
Rank: High Grandmaster of New Jedi Order
Affliction: Republic
sub-affliction: Jedi Order
Bio: Bastila Shan was born to Helena Shan and her husband on a desert mining world in the outer rim. She loved her father but had a strong dislike for her mother especialy when she gave her to the jedi. There she met Revan, a young Jedi just a few years older than her. She trained to become a master of Battle Meditation and rose through the ranks. She ven attacked Revan's flagship when he turned to sith and helped the council brainswash him. At one point, she was to be sold as a slave in the Tarisian underworld which meant she would most likely be sold to an immoral establishment. Revan came to her rescue along with Carth Onasi. They were given orders by the Jedi Council to find each star map and go to the star forge. Along the way, she was captured by Darth Malak who tortured her into becoming his apprentice. She finally gave in, and after confronting Revan on the star forge, he turned her good again. After its destruction, the two of them returned to Telos where they settled down for a year, together. They had two children before Revan left for the outer regions. She became grand Master of the Jedi Order during the Jedi Civil War when the Sith Triumverite wreacked havoc everywhere. Now she does whatever she can to help her good friend, Carth Onasi who has been good to her and her family all these years.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

Character Two

Name: Carth Onasi
Race: Human
Age: 43
Rank: High Admiral of the Galactic Republic, Foreman of the TRP (Telos Restoration Project), Leader of TSF, and Republic appointed president of Telos IV
Affliction: Galactic Republic
sub-affliction: Telos, Republic Navy
Picture/Appearence: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/File:Carthfull.jpg
Bio: Carth was born on the World of Telos IV, one of the largest Republic worlds, to one of the wealthiest families on the planet. When he was 19, he joined the Republic Navy and bought a comission with his money and became Ensign Carth Onasi. By the time prior to the Mandalorian Wars, he became a Luitenant and not only served as first officer aboard a ship under Captain Saul Karath, but also became leader of Arrow Squad, a force of support fighters used as rienforcements and dogfighting craft. he was awarded many times and many more times over during the Mandalorian Wars until Revan's betrayal. He was tempted to join Revanchist Empire by Saul Karath, now Admiral, but refused and took Arrow Squad with him. Carth was promoted to Captain after that, and instead of being assigned a ship of his own, he reorgonized Arrow Squad into Beta Squad, a new force of fourty fighters, support fighters, and bombers. he became its sole commander and fought many battles against Revan's fleet. He was eventually reasigned to become captain of a Frigate called "Forever" and joined in a small fleet with others. After proving himself to become captain of a larger ship, he was transfered to the capital ship "Edar Spire" on a diplomatic mission to Taris, but it failed and he was one of the only survivors along with Revan, Bastila, and a handfull of survivors given to the care of the doctor who smuggled them out just hours before the bombing. he also accompanied Revan on his mission to find the starmaps and even participated by leading a squad of Republic troopers into the star forge. After the events of the star forge, he was given leave, but when Revan left, new threats began to arrise whenst he was given a promotion first to Commodore and eventualy Rear Admiral. He commanded a small fleet of Frigates in many battles against the Sith aboard his flagship "Sojourn". He was ultimately made High Admiral and appointed President of Telos. He still tries to find clues of Revan's whereabouts today.

__________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

Character Three

Name: Kelborn
Race: Human (Mandalorian, so there is a slight difference in facial features and skin color)
Age: 81 (Mandalorian Years)
Rank: High General of the Mandalorians, Second in command to Mandalore the Preserver, Co-Regent of the New Mandalorian Empire
Affliction: Mandalorian/Republican Alliance
sub-affliction: New Mandalorian Empire
picture/appearence: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__...b/Kelborn1.JPG
Bio: Kelborn was born to a famous general on Mandalore and like all Mandalorian male children, had great expectations. he gained honor in battle against the Jedi when he was only 16 and became an officer. He worked his way up through the ranks, and by the time of the Mandalorian Wars, became a Luitenant in the Mandalorian Army. He fought in battles on Dxun, Onderon, Mandalore Prime, and even Malachor where he boasted to have killed four Jedi. After the battle, he was one of the few survivors to escape under Colonel Canderous Ordo. After the war, the clans were scattered, and Kelborn went to Nal Hutta to work as a bounty hunter and Mercanary for the Hutts. Canderous found him again while he was on a mission on Dantooine and convinced him to help rebuild the clans on Dxun. They recruited several officers from the Madalorian Wars to be the main generals in Canderous' new Army, these men were KUMUS ORDO, XARGA ORDO, KEX ORDO, BRALOR ORDO, and of coarse KELBORN. Kelborn fought in numerous battles against the Sith on Dxun and eventually helped attack the "Ravager". He eventually became High General of the Mandalorians once they became an Empire once again.

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Name: Hk-47
Race: Droid
Age: Aprox. 5-10
Rank: Combat Droid
Picture: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedi...-47-posing.jpg
Bio: Hk was created by Revan during the mando wars, he has gone through a few owners and eventually lost his assasination protocals.

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.:Lord Revan:.
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Name: Kane Farr
Race: Human
Age: 25
Rank: Jedi Master
Weapons: Two Lightsabers (color) orange & purple, Darksaber, blaster pistol.
Vehicle: Fury fighter
Show spoiler
, Speeder
Show spoiler

Affiliation: Jedi order, Republic
Flagship: The Devastator
Show spoiler

Profile Pic: http://media.photobucket.com/image/s...r/SIarmor2.jpg The left one.

Bio: Kane was a in jedi training with Revan and they both had a hunger for more force knowledge Kane is almost Revan's equal Iin everthing but Revan always prevailed over him.
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