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Thread: Sith Academy
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Sith Academy

Ok this thread is basically where we all go to the Sith Academy on Korriban.COme to learn the darkside of the force,earn prestige and kill jedi.Just remember that everyone is a student. Please submit the following: info:
Saber style:
Backround Info:

STart after you put in the info.
Namearth Zaith
Saber Styleouble sided saber
Backround info:
Was a slave to a droid parts seller in Mos Eisly.Eventually the store was visited by 1 of the trainers at the sith academy who had come to the shop for parts to repair his ship.Zaith ended up killing his master in his sleep and the sith trainer found him worthy to be in the academy.

*standing in the center room*
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Im assuming this takes place in KOTOR time

Name: Darth Templar
Homeplanet: Telos
Saber style: Single saber
Species: Kel Dor
Backround Info: After living on the planet Telos and viewing the regeneration project on the planet. Templar thought that he was somewhat involed in the universe. However he was right. The force guided him towards an abandoned blaster pistol he found on the ground one day. It had been dropped from the bag of a wandering weapons trader. He used it by killing an Exchange grunt right in the middle of the area. But because of his cunning and bravery. Plus to the fact that one of the bounty hunters there was actualy a trainer in disguise trying to take the exchange on telos over. Cain was recognized as force sensitive and was saved. He was then transported to Korriban
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It would be cool in KOTOR time wouldn't it anyway here is my character

Name: Darth Chartler
Homeplanet: Kamino
Saberstyle: Dual Sabers (one blue and other red)
Species: Human
BackGround: (l will put some more on l just have to get back on to it l will be back but tommorow or something)

See ya

Star Wars Galaxie Player:

Several Alts

Main Character: Venuew Louthmic
Strongest Weapon: Forward Command Knuckler
Poffesion: Entertainer
Level: 90
Pilot Level: Advance Fighters skill level
Favourite Armour: Katarn Armour (clone armour)
Owns two pets
High leveled Beast Master
Very Powerful moves
Server: Ahazi
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Current Game: KotOR it accurate for you guys to have a 'Darth' in your name if you're not even a Sith Lord, much less even a graduate of the academy??

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"They are minor criminals! Marginal outlaws! You are inept!" ~ Darth Vader
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Um ok how about this Clazin Chartler and when l do become a proper sith l will be darth chartler ok?

Star Wars Galaxie Player:

Several Alts

Main Character: Venuew Louthmic
Strongest Weapon: Forward Command Knuckler
Poffesion: Entertainer
Level: 90
Pilot Level: Advance Fighters skill level
Favourite Armour: Katarn Armour (clone armour)
Owns two pets
High leveled Beast Master
Very Powerful moves
Server: Ahazi
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*Walks around the academy looking for other students*
I need someone to spar with.
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Name: Des
Saber style:single bladed dual phase
Species:Kaleesh <something like greivous yes that includes being cyborg and the karabac skull>
Backround Info: Des was once a member of the jedi academy but was banned in a tournament for using his training saber to kill anotheer student
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Darth Bane1027
@Darth Bane1027
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Name: Todrin Phouloute
Homeplanet: Taris
Age: 22
Saber & form: single blade, Djem So
Species: Zabrak
Background info: Todrin used to live in the Lower City on Taris do to his species. He lived in an abandoned appartment where he could practice his force abilities and saber combat. He was forced to flee the planet do to killing over 200 people useing the force & his saber.

I am willing to spar, as long as we can use the Force against each other.
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Name: Carlotta Rhodin
Homeplanet: Telos
Age: 17
Saber style: single orange blade,
Species: Human
Backround Info: Started exhibiting force powers at the age of 13. In a bout of typical teenage rebellion, Carlotta ran away from home when she over-heard her high-ranking Republic military parents talking about handing her over to the Jedi Order for training. She lived on the streets for three years, terrorizing the local urchins with her dark abilities. When she was 16, she hopped a freighter to Korriban, and entered the Sith Academy.

*Sits on the edge of her bed, her eyes scanning a datapad, memorizing the Sith Code. Carlotta grows restless, and starts wandering the halls, looking for other students.*
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Name: Drako Ragnos
Home Planet: Nar Shaddaa
Race: Human
Age: 22
Weapons: Twin Red Lightsabers
Lightsaber Styles: Shii-Cho, Soresu, Ataru, Niman, Juyo, Jar'Kai and Dun Moch.
Description: Drako stands at 6 foot in height, with long black hair going past his shoulders, his eyes are pale gray which look much brighter with his pale complection
Past: Was raised up with four younger brothers on the planet of Nar Shaddaa by a rouge Jedi father, once the Jedi council had found out about him and his family they sent a bounty hunter to kill his father and brothers. The bounty hunter succeded in killing all of his family but before he could shot Drakos, he picked up his fathers lightsaber and thrusted it into his stomach. He later found his way to the Academy trying to find a way to whone his skills and kill every last remaining Jedi.

(RP Time)

Drako opened his eyes, he could sense all of the life around him, the only way he could describe it is as if he had been electrified. He stood up out of his medatation possision and looked around his room, he grabbed onto his left lightsaber and un hooked it from its harness. He egnited the krystal and held the red light from the saber to his face, the brightness of the saber lite up the room around him.

He pointed his free hand towards a small carbon box that was lying upon the floor in his room, concontrating as hard as he could he lifted the box from the floor and pulled it towards him, without time to blink Drako swumg his saber towards the box slicing it in two. He dis-egnited his saber and put it back into the harness, walking out of his room he was itching for a fight well even a sparring session would do.
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Name: Nala Deshan
Homeplanet: Korriban
Saber style: Single saber.
Species: Human
Backround Info: Nala was always never treated like, well, an adult. Even though She was 19, the Jedi treated her like a child, like a youngling. She wanted power, and the foolish council would retreat behind their closed doors, gossiping like old men. She knows the ways of the Dark side of the force strongly, but is still only a Knight. She was kicked out of the Jedi Order for killing another Knight in training. She dyed her cloak black, and destroyed her ties to the Order by killing her master in his sleep, she force choked him.
She wears a Mandalorian suit beneath her cloak.
Nala gazed around, looking to where the other students might come in. Her hood shadowed half of her face, leaving only her mouth visible. Finally, she was able to train within the true order. And not be troubled by meddlesome Jedi. Withdrawing her arm, she looked to her wrist, and inserted a code. The time came up. It was late in the afternoon, but of course that thing had been broken for ages. She sat, looking to Chartler as she stood up, and walked over. "Greetings" she announced quietly.
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Post exodus

name: exodus
planet: kasshhyyk
style: red lightsaber and sniper rifle
info: his father killed his mother for food then he shot his father. this began his thirst for killing. when a sith came to the planet, he let him to his home and killed him with his own blade. a year later he killed the wookie village led by zaalbar. when czerka came he killed them and flew to korriban. he has short red hair and wears a cloak. under the cloak is mandalorian aussalt armor. he wears a mandalorian helmet.

as exodus sat on the top of cliff overlooking the valley he noticed new prey. jedi. a fighter flew in. it was too risky. he was thirsty but not stupid. tuk'ata will do. for now. he aimed and........ BOOM! center-heart shot. he would be a good steak. a woman in a black cloakwas looking at him.......what was her name.......... nala. nalan deshan. she was pretty. when she showed her face. guess hunts over.

in his chambers exodus kept trying to see that jedi's face. it was female. human. nothing. too late too hunt too early too talk to uthar. perfect for sparring. where is that draco........ ah. meditating. reach....out.....draco. meet me for a spar. then i need intel. "yes"

he's fast. jer'kai. hows he like this. a bolt of lightning flew from each of exodus' tips. " there is a jedi on korriban." said exodus " find her and trap her in the tomb of lord zhaki. i will handle it from there."

5 days later.......

"exodus the jedi's name is namu. from ossus."

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Name: Mahn'kie Rak
Planet: Glee Anselm
Race: Nautolan
Style: Dual orange sabers, Ataru, Jar'Kai, Trispzest, and also great hand to hand combatant
Info: Not much known but is said to be the the son of Dossa the sith under Excar Kun. He was raised in an apoption center on Glee Anselm but eventually kicked out at the age of 16 for fighting. Living on the streets Monkey became a good thief and murdered people for money food or sport, one day he thought he spot a "rich sucker" and attempted to pick pocket the man. Unknown to Mahn'kie the man was a sith lord and he was caught by the sith, the man saw potential in the boy and convinced him to travel with him and learn the ways of the sith. Mahn'Kie is different from other sith in that he is silly and not serious, he fights in a strange manner crawling on all 4s and acting strange throwing his enemies off guard.

Mahn'kie steps inside the academy for the first time looking around smiling, other students glare at him and he smiles at them and waves. "where can I put my ****?"
throws down stuff as if there was a bell boy "is this place coed?" winks at an attractive looking girl. Takes of his out wear piling it ontop of his bag now wears only pants, boots and his dueling glove (dont forget his sabers) "who wants to fight?"
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Current Game: Jedi Academy
Name: Bylar Dersieas Dur
Info:After the death of his parents, Bau-Dur and Winsa-Dur, Bylar became a local thug. He joined a gang and found out he had great abilities. A Jedi Master found him and took his midichlorian count. Bylar had a whopping 1,023,855 count(alittle bit smaller than Anakin). HE didn't believe in te jedi so he killed the master and ran to korriban to learn about the Greatest Dark Lord, Lord Revan.
Saber: Double bladed
color: red


Bylar steps into the middle of the room and says" I will challenge you, Mahn'kie!!!!! Bylar grabbed his lightsaber and lunged at the man and swung his saber barely missing Mahn'kies arm. Mahn'kie activated his saber and swung at Bylar. Bylar jumps out of the way and zaps a bolt of lightning at Mahn'kie. manh'kie deflects the lightning and says mockingly" is that the best you got, Zabrak scum?" Bylar lunges at Manh'kie and swings his lightsaber, Mahn'kie screams in pain as the lightsaber cuts a medium sized scar into his arm. Bylar doesn't notice that mahn'kie gets on all 4s. Thinking that he is crippled, bylar walks away from mahn'kie and chuckles. Mahn'kie races twoard bylar and jumps on his back. He digs his claws into Bylars ribs, making Bylar exhale all the air in his lungs. a tall man walks up and points his hand at the two young men. Suddenly, both of the fighters fly into the air and the tall man say "Both of you, stop I won't have blood on my floor we just polished. If you must fight you can go to the sparring room and spar there, If I catch you fighting other than in the sparring rooms or outside the academy then I will send you to disciplinary detention."
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