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Thread: Character data bank
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Must be.

Freakin' sweet!
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RIP Charecter Data Bank.

Somehow I missed this before, but - no spamming, please.

~ Redwing

Freakin' sweet!

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The next Jedi game

A kid at the age of 8 (his name you decide)found by the jedi to be force sensitive. they take him to Yarvin 4 to start his training you actually do the training like trails and how well you to the trails like how well you do your force powers how well you fight with a lightsaber is how many points you get to progresses your skills. You can fight different masters and learn their fighting style and have many fighting styles learn all kinds of force powers from your masters train when ever you want. and when it gets to the time to start your mission you build a lightsaber. you can go were ever you want on yarvin and do whatever you want and report to your training sessions when you want to contiune your game kinda like Fable. You become an apprentice and your master starts taking you on missions and again progress your skills on how well you do. you should have to tons of mission and the whole time you are doing these mission the republic is a war. the better you get the better master you get until final Luke is your Master he will test you and then put you through trails so you become a Jedi Master once a Master you join the concil and start planning mission to stop the enemy you are givein a padawan and you actually train him and when you think you are ready to fight a final battle you go to the concil and make battle plans then you and your padawan go to fight the final battle. In this game you can go anywhere you want to Corasant and get upgrades for your lightsabrer make duel lengths, get different robes when ever. the fighting in the game needs to be like the fighting in the episode 3 game it so cool and you need to be able to choose your side.

Weapons a blaster and lightsaber what ever style hilt you want chose your color
Clothes: you pick you have chocies you can have the old robes like Anakin whore in the movies pick the color of your robes and just where normal clothes have armor
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Name: Tai White
Species: Human, Caucasian (White)
Age: 16 (Now, then will grow up!) =)
Sex: Male
Look: Long curly dark-red hair, sporty, 6 feet (180 cm) tall, green eyes, vertical scar on the left eye. Ivory skin
Class: Jedi Consular (Mage)
Weapons: Two Dual (Exar Kun style) Silver-Blade Lightsabers, sometimes uses them both, but is equally adept to use only one
Abilities: All standart Light Side Force Powers. Focuses on Speed Tricks. Ability to control fire (incinerating and extinguishing) through Force
Personality: Likes to talk alot, do not likes to be like others and hates Obi-Wan Kenobi =)
Biography: Born in Naboo system, at early age was brought to Academy Yavin 4. During the Jedi training also practiced as musician (on strings)

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: : :

Obi-Wan A.K.A. Ben Kenobi must die!!!
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Contest winner - Fan Fiction 
So... This is a thread where you post all of your made up characters?
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Name: Darth Extas
Occupation: Sith Lord
Former Occupation(s): Imperial Royal Gaurd, Emperor of the Phantom Empire
Weapon(s): Dual LightSabers(Color: Shadow/Black Hole/Dark Grey[Only a yellow Lightsaber can cut through it], Cuts through all but blue & yellow lightsabers), Modified Force Pike(added a Ion & Blaster Rifle or known as a range function)
ForcePowers: Standard Sith/Jedi Powers, Force Lightening, Force Influence(Jedi Mind Trick/Sith Seduction), Force Fireball(Ancient Sith Power), Force Darkness(Has ability to control the environment on any planet[can make a fissure/sandstorm/Lightening Strike/Ash Storm/Earthquake, though limited amount of power can be spent]), Force Grip, Force Levitate/Throw, Force Shadow Mold(Just allows to create his Crystals for his Lightsaber(s) can rarly be used).


Armour: Modified Imperial Royal Guard(Black Helmet & Black Cape), Black Gloves.
Eyes: Sith Fury/Maul(Always)
Race: Unknown(Records Lost after the Destruction of Death Star II)
Age: Unknown(Records Lost after the Destruction of Death Star II)
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: Unknown(Records Lost after the Destruction of Death Star II)
Helmet Modifications: Night Vision, Twin hidden Laser mini-guns(Above the Ears), Painted Black.

Note: Defies the Sith Code because he is a Sith Lord with an Apprentice.

Apprentice: Darth Exras
Weapons(s): Twin Bladed Lightsaber/Darth Maul(1 Red & 1 Shadow), Pair of Force Pikes.
Force Powers: Standard Sith/Jedi Powers, Force Lightening/Spike(Sends a chain of Force Lightening on the ground that will go within a 5 yard Radius, Forms a spike like form of Force Lightening), Force Influence, Force Grip
Race: Y. Vong
Age: 98

Eyes: Dark Blue with Red Pupils
Armour: N/A or Just a Black Sith Cloak, Black Gloves
Height: Average Y. Vong
Weight: Average Y. Vong

Sig made by Princess Lyla

The Sith will always be around as long as there is hate in the Galaxy.

Dark Hands of the Empire(Clan Member)
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Name: Darth Tadain
Occupation: Sith Lord
Former Occupation(s): Imperial officer
Weapon(s): 1 red lightsaber, and 1 red shortsaber
ForcePowers: Standard Sith/Jedi Powers, Force Lightening, Force Influence(Jedi Mind Trick/Sith Seduction), Force destruction, Force Grip, Force Levitate/Throw
Armour: Black Jedi-style robes, Black leather gloves and boots
Eyes: Black
Race: Nautolan
Age: 21
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 170

Note: Nautolan is Kit Fisto (The Green guy with all the tentacles on his head) incase anyone didnt know

"Don't be so proud of this technological terror you've constructed, Admiral. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the force."-Vader

the greates RP site ever...
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Name :Inok Atilk
Race:Human (White)
Occupation:Gun for Hire
Height: 5'8
Weight:200 lbs
Bulid:Very stalky
Family: His Mother Alink Atilk(Deceased) ,His Father Lango Atilk
Personalityosen't say much and is not on good terms with his father
Weapons:A Blaster pistol,A Custom Vibro Dagger and Blaster Rifle
History: Inok grew up in a small house in Mos Esliey where him,His mother and Father lived,He Had a happy life until he turned Nine,Thats when his mother was shot by bandits trying to take her speeder from her,After that Inok has had a hard life,His father being a raging fool who blames all of his problems on Inok,So one day when Inok was Twenty he ran away from his father and to Bestine to start a new life.
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Current Game: JKA
Name: Vode An
Race: Human (Caucasian)
Occupation: Sith Lord
Former Occupation(s): Bounty Hunter
Weapon(s): Red staff lightsaber, vibro-dagger, forcepike, DC-17 Blaster Rifle
Force Powers: All core & sith powers, plus jedi healing and mind trick
Armor: Black & red Mandalorian armor, custom gloves & boots
Eyes: Blood red
Age: 26
Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 190
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Current Game: KotOR
Name: Kin Solar
Age: 34
Occupation: Jedi Knight
Gender: Male
Hair color: Light Brown
Height: 5' 5"
Weapons: One orange lightsaber

Bio: Kin was trained in the way of the Jedi since his early childhood, like Obi-Wan Kenobi. He is loyal to the Jedi cause and would never dream of breaking the Jedi Code that he so closely follows. His lightsaber belonged to his Master, whose name is unknown. Kin took the weapon off his Master's corpse during a battle against Dark Force users at the age of 19. He is allowed to take on an Apprentice, but has chosen not to, his Master's death branded in his mind.

(I'm putting him up here because he'll be my new main character to replace Kilmor Katarn.)

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Name: Valin Shyld
Age: 26
Homeworld: Karthakk
Alignment: Clouded
Occupation: Jedi Padawan
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Height: 6'1
Weapon: Single Blue Lightsaber
Attire: Brown Jedi Robe, along with Black Clothing underneath.
Force Powers: Standard Jedi Powers, Dominate Mind, Battle Meditation, Force Grip, Burst of Speed, and Force Levitate.

Personality: Rather distant from the Order, and has a bit of an attitude toward the Jedi. Has flirted with the Dark Side before but, has always been able to return to the light relativley unnoticed.

Bio: Valin was found on the planet of Karthakk when he was five years old by a Sith Soldier patrolling the area, after the attack and attempted take over of the system. Valin was found along the beach, knocked out from a heavy blaster shot to the skull and near the brink of death. From what Valin has been told by the Jedi, he was taken from the sith at night with no cost of casulties. Valin accepted this at the time, but now thinks of this to be a bit convienent. Valin has a scar going down past his eye all the way to halfway down his chest, being cut with a Vibrosword in the attack on his homeworld. Valin is now with the Jedi Order, but is confused to how the Jedi are handeling the new order.
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Name: Sala Therandial (pronounced Sargh-la There-and-E-yal)
Species: Twi-Lek
Age: 32
Sex: Female
Look:Tall and curvy(but not fat), Dark blue skin, wears a long black waistcoat over a short green, figure hugging t-shirt, long light brown shorts and knee length black boots.
Class: Smuggler
Weapons: Trusty small blaster and repeater gun conceled inside her waistcoat.
Personality: Keeps herself to herself most of the time, and trusts only a select few people.
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Today, 07:55 AM #1

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Today, 07:55 AM #1

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class: padawan
name:joe lon solo
clothes:Padwan outfit
age: 15
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Class: Imperial StormTrooper


Black stormtrooper armor with Navy BLue shoulder pauldron and MG34

BirthPlanet: Tatoine

Species : Zabrak

Politiocal Affliction: Empire, 10th Nova Divison

Bio: Tx-42 A.K.A. Zeth Matthias was born on tatoine, from a very young age he wished to join the Empire. At the age of 17 he enlisted the Imperial Academy to become an Imperial NovaTrooper. He went through the most rigouris training in his life. After he graduated from the academy he was deployed to mos eisly and spent most of his days standing gaurd in the cantinas making sure no one caused trouble.

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Current Game: Pheonix Wright
Name: D.J Prime
Age 25
Species: Selkath
Affiltration: New Republic, Jedi Order
Alliance: New Jedi Order
Rank: Jedi Knight
Ship: The Highway Star
Weapons: Green single hilt lightsaber, Dual blaster pistols (Known to *gunsling* his pistols frequently)
Picture: Typical Kotor Selkath model. Except he wears a dark grey Trench coat over top his jumpsuit.

Bio: D.J is short for a longer name that he no longer remembers. From what he remembers of his past life he left Manaan to see the rest of the galaxy. However he made it as far as Bespin when he was employed as a freelance mercenary. DJ was trained in the use of blaster pistols and became a highly efficient killer. Until a rival mercenary attempted to assassinate him. At that point D.J used a highly untapped use of the force and managed to kill him without noticing he was there. At that point he was discovered as a force sensitive and began training to be a jedi. He slowly became a Jedi knight and kept blaster pistols as a trademark. While he was a Mercenary he managed to get a highly experimental mechanical vocabulator installed in his throat which allowed him to speak galactic basic.

"There's gotta be a better way to make a living"
-Kyle Katarn
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Name: Garrett Aludeí (Al-Ood-Ay)
Age: 16
Height: 6í2
Hair Type: medium long, spiked
Hair color: black
Body Type: skinny, semi-muscular
Physical Features: scar down right eye, robotic right hand, tattoo on neck
Lightsaber Color: blue

Bio: Garrett was born on The Intrepid, a star cruiser thatís purpose was for nursing the wounded soldiers of war back to health, so even at a very young age Garrett was introduced to death and suffering.

When he was 13 there was an attack on the ship, the enemy had learned what the cruiser was being used for so they boarded it and started to kill everyone onboard.

That was the day that Garrett learned of his gift, he was able to defend against them by pushing them backwards, hitting them with bolts of lightning, pulling their weapons out of their hands and choking them.

Garrett didnít know it but there was a sith amongst the raiders, he fought Garrett, putting a scar on his eye and finally he had knocked Garrett unconscious and he took him back to his master, Darth Scord.

Garrett was trained in the ways of the sith under Darth Scord until he was 15. A group of Jedi came and killed all of the sith, including Darth Scord but one of the Jedi was on the ship with Garrett and recognized him, so they took Garrett back to the Jedi temple with them.

Garrett was one of the more gifted students but he had a very dark edge to his fighting style and they would have to constantly remind him not to use the dark force powers. Garrett was assigned to Master Chris Jameson.

One day Garrett and Chris were assigned to investigate a report of sith activity near the planet Avys 2, when they landed on the swamp planet they found that there was the sith lord, Darth Sylvanios.

The two Jedi engaged Darth Sylvanios, in the middle of the fight Garrett was thrown back and while Chris was caught off guard, Sylvanios stabbed him. In a burst of anger and rage Garrett charged at Sylvanios and they fought for 10 minutes before Sylvanios cut off his hand, but in the end Garrett killed Sylvanios and escaped the planet.
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Name: Lynx Aleone
Age: 15
hair type: hip length jet black straight
body type: medium muscular
Height: 5'5
pyhsical features: white tattoos across shoulders running down arms, scars running down spine, scars on legs, scars on arms

Bio: Born on Tatooine and sold to slave trade Lynx was a slave for many years until at age 6 was bought by a bounty hunter, originally she was to serve as a servant manage his equipment and such but during a job her master saw she was quick with a blaster and barely missed a shot, her master thought he found a skilled slave but Lynx was just learning her powers.

At age 10, only four years with the bounty hunter her master was killed on the job leaving Lynx trapped on a world. She was later picked up by a jedi by the name of Tirone, she trained under him for the next few years until she woke up to find him missing from there apartments.
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Deklik Mukak
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Deklik Mukak

Deklik Mukak
Age: 27
Height: 4'7"
Bio: An odd Dug with the ability to use the force, Deklik Mukak is truly a disgusting creature. All of his life has been devoted to greed and treasure, looking in the worst, most disgusting places for it. Deklik Mukak has gained many skills in his travels, including being able to use a lightsaber and the force, and his tecniques are...unorthidox. Even though he loves to find it, Deklik Mukak is a terrible judge of value and will carry away junk more often than the treasure.

Abilities: Force Abilities like force grab, force push, pull, and run. Is a mixture of good in bad, since he is self tought. He also has force choke, force float.
Fighting with a lightsaber (really cool, unorthidox because he can switch between hands and feet), stealth and stealing (but no identification skills lol), unarmed combat, Podracing, Dug dash, and blaster dogfighting.

Double sided purple lightsaber
Blaster pistol

Disgusting rags
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Draegen Anaesazi

Draegen Anaesazi
Age: 16
Race/Gender: Human/male
Homeworld: Tasche
Ht./Wt.: 5'9''/165 lbs.
Hair/ Eye color: Black/ pale blue
Physical Features: Draegen abandoning the traditional jedi robes wears a dark blue-black robe, underneath a dark grey wool fitted undertunic made of water resistant material for freedom of movement. Draegen is extremely toned for his age. His pale skin and dark strong features give him a hawlike appearance. Draegen also bears a scar on his right cheek going from the base of his chin up to mid cheek. His ears are pierced in several places a traditional Taschian practice.

Bio: Born on the arctic planet moon of Tasche on the southern edge of the Chommell Sector. Draegen's father Kaeyth was a hardworking mason his mother Brina a seamstress. He had an older brother Vayan (16) and a younger sister Milla (4) His early child was simple as he learned the hardworking sturdy lifestyle of his people in there unyielding cold climate. Draegen was a happy child but all that changed suddenly. At the age of 8 the small moon was attacked by a Cull raiding party, the infamous galactic slave guild headed twilek cimelord Jabba Urzen 'Sorn. The slavers attack came with no warning they slaughtered, raped, and destroyed everything in sight. The simple yet hard Taschians were not prepared for such a attack and their primitive weapons could not stand up against the high tech weapons of Sorn's raiders. Draegen's father raced to save his family he killed the raiders in his home as they tried to rape his wife. He gathered his family and made a race for one of the few transports on the planet Kaeyth's friend Peryyn's hangar. They raced through the streets as explosions and cries of death rang out around them. Arriving they find Peryyn's homestead desolate with signs of struggle. Kaeyth quickly lead them to the small hangar as they raced to board the small vessel a raider party came upon them. Kaeyth and Vayan charged the slavers in desperation but were gunned down. Draegen seeing his father and older brother killed jumps on one of the raiders biting his ear off but is thrown to the ground knocked unconscious before he blacks out he sees his mother and sister taken away his mother crying out for her son's life. For the next 5 years Draegen grew up in the galactic slave trade eventually finding his place in the service of Sorn's dug slave master. Verxnus on the space station Suguna IV. Draegen during these brutal years of slavery became a loner and silent. One day 3 years ago again Draegen's world exploded around him when the slave station itself was attacked by a New Republic force. When the republic soldiers breached Verxnus's court Draegen rushed to safety. But Verxnus set off a last ditch effort to avoid capture sacrificing his life he set off at thermal detonator.The explosion would have killed all the 3 republic soldiers and Draegen himself if it were not for the force field Draegen generated involuntarily saving them all. As the explosion settled Draegen collapsed unconsciously. He woke 2 days later to find himself in sanctuary on the Republic base on the peaceful planet of Naboo. A visitor came to his room the Svivreni Jedi Master Nikoth Tak. A week later Draegen found himself in the jedi temple on the secluded natural world of Besse Lon, here he began his 3 year jedi tutelage at the small jedi school headed by Master Tak himself. Draegen still a loner finds himself in controversy for the jedi council finds his age and his wild power a danger while Master Madii sees the potential in the young jedi... here his story begins

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Name: Araeana Draijion (pronounced: Air-ay-on-ah Dray-gee-on)
Age: 21
Race: Twi-Lek
Alignment: Light
Occupation: Smuggler
Gender: Female
Skin colour: Blue
Height: 5'6
Weapon: Modified blaster pistol, short vibro-blade
Attire: Utilitarian clothing.
Force Powers: None have manifested yet.
Personality: Naiive. Resents the Jedi, but still walks the path of the light side.

Bio: Araeana was sold to Huttese slavers at the age of seven. She faced a life of servitude to the most grotesque slum lords of the galaxy. But, when she was ten, a small group of Jedi raided the slavers' compound and rescued her. The Jedi, having discovered Araeana's high midichlorian count, took her to Coruscant to study the force. However, in the five years she spent at the academy, she exhibited no sign of force abilities. She was dismissed. Feeling like a failure, she hopped a cruiser to Tatooine where she was employed by Fabba the hutt as a smuggler. She looks for adventure at every turn, hoping to win the approval and acceptance of the Jedi council.

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Saito Chikara
@Saito Chikara
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Name: Chikara Saito
Age: 22
Race: Human
Alignment: Dark
Class: Sith Assassin
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weapon: Red Single-Hilt Saber, Illegally Modified Blaster
Usually wears: Black robe, Force amplifying Mask, Left Mechanical arm.
Force Powers: Lightning and Crush
Personality: Cold, Dark, Mysterious. Is in a constant struggle with Araeana over which is stronger, Light or Darkness.
Bio: To come soon.

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Name: Carlotta Rhodin
Homeplanet: Telos
Age: 17
Saber style: single orange blade,
Species: Human
Backround Info: Started exhibiting force powers at the age of 13. In a bout of typical teenage rebellion, Carlotta ran away from home when she over-heard her high-ranking Republic military parents talking about handing her over to the Jedi Order for training. She lived on the streets for three years, terrorizing the local urchins with her dark abilities. When she was 16, she hopped a freighter to Korriban, and entered the Sith Academy.
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Name: Darth Kalel (Keirn Forsa)
Race: Human
Age: 38
Sex: Male
Class: Sith Lord
Weapon: two single-bladed lightsabers
Force Powers: Has mastered most dark force powers. His speciality is mind manipulation.
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Jedi Knight Bak Larn

Show spoiler

Show spoiler

Show spoiler

Major Abilities:
Show spoiler

Minor Abilities:
Show spoiler

Universal Abilities
Show spoiler

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