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Thread: A New Dawn: The Sith Rising
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Talon Dakari
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A New Dawn: The Sith Rising

Welcome! The theme of the story is set before the rise of Darth Vader and after the ending of Knights of the Old Republic.The characters actions and personalities are based off people that I know from Teamspeak, so therefore it shall be very interesting, atleast to me. My inspiration came from the new MMO coming out "The Old Republic" and its trailers. For the record, this if from a different forum.
Enjoy the story!

Talon Dakari
Iakelo Ope
Dacob Kharr
Triko Kaast

Feel free to leave any comments, praise, criticism, or discuss anything related.
Part 1: The Rising

Coruscant... The center of the political galaxy, and the birth-place of the Jedi. Hover-cars zipped across its barren surface hundreds of feet above the ground, while people gossiped about what happened during the local council meetings. For three hundred years the Republic has been at peace, and for three hundred years its enemies have plotted against it. From the outer-rim to Coruscant danger lurked, and now it would be unleashed upon the Republic.

Jedi Padawan Talon Dakari meditated in the library of the Jedi Temple, while slowly absorbing the information of the ancient texts in front of him. The words "Hello Talon!" disrupted his concentration, he opened one eye and saw it was his friend Iakelo. Iakelo was a little taller than the average man, with a good strong build, with medium long, rustic colored hair, he charms people with his dark-brown eyes. He carries a large double-bladed republic lightsaber, with a black hilt with silver bandings, and the main stem was gold. He wore a long, worn dark blue jedi robe.

Talon had short, dark blond hair with big green eyes, he was lean and lanky, and a little shorter than Iakelo. He wore a long brown jedi robe, and in public propped his hood up, and he had a prominent chin. He wielded a green lightsaber with a grey hilt, and a curving stem which was thinner in the middle.

"Really? I was trying to-, nevermind what do you want?" said Talon angrily.
"Dacob wants to speak with you, its urgent."
"Yes, it will only be a moment."

Talon gathered his books and headed directly to the council chamber accompanied by Iakelo. Dacob was sitting by several other Knights and Masters. Dacob had long black hair, which layed down on his shoulders, and matched perfectly with his dark-grey robes. He had light, gingerly blue eyes. He prefered to use a blue lightsaber, however he would use anything given to him.

"Talon, Iakelo thank you for arriving so hastily." said Dacob, the other Jedi nodded in agreement.

"Do you know why you are here?"

Talon and Iakelo stared at each in embarassment, and then turned back and said together "No Master Jedi."

"They're are reports of... Dark Jedi meeting on Coruscant." The group of Jedi turned towards each other in disbelief, for Dacob had not even told them of the news.

"We would send more experienced Knights, but we can not spend any more Jedi on tasks on Coruscant, and all others are on different systems." Dacob stepped forward and placed his hand on Talon's shoulder and whispered in a desperate tone.

"This is more serious than it may sound, if you complete this task you shall be raised to the rank of Knight, and so will your companion."
They spoke of more regular matters for several more minutes, until the young padawans were dismissed. Iakelo stopped Talon as they exited the chambers. "Did you hear that! We can go do something useful, save some damsels in distress, become heroes!" Talon stopped Iakelo from yelling their mission to everyone in the Temple.

"This is serious Iakelo, now please, be mature." As they exitted the temple Talon lightly punched Iakelo on the shoulder, and they laughed in confidence and they made they're way through the streets and alleys of Coruscant.


The two young padawans made they're way to the old Republic warehouse, in which Sith meetings had been taking place. Talon lead the way through its long corridors, sticking to the walls and only peeking around corners. They did not speak as they got closer to the meeting chambers. The sounds of lightsabers clashing echoed throughout the warehouse. Iakelo and Talon entered the chamber on an upper level, to observe from above, and what they saw was frightening. Five Dark Jedi were training together, for purposes unknown, but purposes that would not be helpful for the republic.

Talon turned to say something to Iakelo, however Iakelo was not there, he was sprinting down the hallway to the stairs, with lightsaber in hand. Blasted idiot!

Talon watched as Iakelo confronted the Sith alone.

"You are enemies of the Republic, change your dark and wicked ways and you shall be forgiven!"

"You are the one who has been deceived..." Said the presumed Master, who wielded a double-bladed lightsaber.

They started to surround Iakelo, though he was not afraid, and full of confidence. Their Master stepped forward and said, "Surrender and turn towards the Dark, or perish." It was then that Talon leaped from the upper levels, and landed on top of a Sith Jedi, who was killed with ease. "Turn back to the light or perish." said Talon. Iakelo engaged two, while Talon engaged the Master and his apprentice.

"Stay back, young Sith, for he is mine to kill." The Master motioned for his apprentice to stay back to observe, to learn perhaps?
Talon charged, clashing into the Master, he was stunned, but not killed. The Sith swung sideways, Talon ducked under and hacked at him from behind, however the Sith blocked that as well. Out of the corner of his eye, Talon observed Iakelo killing the last Sith Jedi, and proceeded to enter the fight which Talon had begun. The Sith blocked both attacks, with the two sides of his weapon, however Iakelo had managed to scath the Sith slightly, which left a scar upon his face.

Iakelo had distracted the Master, who had almost beaten Iakelo until Talon, using the force jumped high into the air, his heart beating and hand shaking, he plunged his weapon into the Sith, who gave his last breath, and died. The apprentice was gone, but Talon and Iakelo did not pursue him, they instead rested for several minutes, looking for any information of Sith activities.

Talon looked at his tired companion and said, "We may as well saved the Republic here, eh?" Iakelo was taking the killing hard however, and only said "Ye... Ye... Yeah sure." Talon wrapped his arm around his friend as they made it back towards the Jedi Temple.


The two men walked into the hazy council chamber, where it seemed Dacob and the other Jedi had not even moved.
"Welcome friends! What is the news of your quest?" said Dacob.

"We found the Sith inside the warehouse." said Talon, and Iakelo interrupted him.

"We killed four Sith, and one escaped Master Jedi."

"That is grave news indeed, however you have succeeded on your quest, kneel." The two Jedi kneeled in front of the Great Master, and as they rose they heard the praises of everyone around them, for they had become Knights, sworn defenders of the Republic.

"Sadly we do not have time to give you any rest, they're are more reports of Sith activity on Dantooine. However this time you will not be alone, I shall accompany you." The two Knights had looks of shock on their faces, for why would a master accompany a knight?

"It would be an honor, Master Jedi."

"Great, now let us be off! To the spaceport!"

The three men took several shuttles and streets to get to the spaceport, but once there it was magnificent. Its high white, shining dome impressed all who looked upon it.


The door opened into a dark, smokey room, banging with loud, cheap music. Iakelo had been left back at the Starport Offices to book a ticket to Dantooine, to make the arrival of the Jedi have less chance of being heard of by the Sith. Dacob scanned the room, looking for anything which might suspose skill or talent.

"We need men of talent, whether they be mercanaries or troopers." Dacob pointed towards a corner of the cantina, full of bounty-hunters and mercs. The Jedi approached the corner cautiously, to avoid anyone pointing out their vocation. They approached a scruffy looking man who had a large suit of mercenary armor and two blasters on his hip, and a wide-brimmed hat on his head. The man looked up at the two Jedi staring down at him.

"I suppose your here to collect my debts?" said the man, with a hand on his blaster.

"No, I only have a proposition for you."

The man put both of his hands on the table, with a curious look on his face.

"Why would some Master Jedi like you, need help from a man like me?"

"That is not for you to know, my offer is final, one thousand credits."

"One thousand five hundred!"

"Five hundred."

"Fine, you got me. I'll take it, but I'll need more information than that."

The three men took a stroll to the space-port, while explaining their mission to certain extents, the bounty-hunter agreed. "The name is Triko... Triko Kaast." When they arrived at the space-port, Iakelo had a face of extreme boredom. "Iakelo! Let us be off, if you have fulfilled your tasks?"

"Yes Dacob, I can't wait!." Iakelo hopped a bit off the ground as they entered the ship.

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