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Thread: Star Wars: The Sith Resurrection Part IX: The Eleventh Hour
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Ackbar Meeting Room

"Resistance is as only as good as the measures the enemy has taken. Have scouts reported capabilities?"

"Not that I know of yet." Belina said with a shrug. "But I was planning on deploying probe droids from outside the system once we got under way instead of putting some of our scouts at risk. I'm open to hearing other suggestions though."

"The pleasure is all mine, admiral. Now, after our activity on Tatooine and Naboo, the Sith will be expecting us to investigate Dagobah. We know that whatever they're doing, they've been keeping it secret from even their own Troopers, so this is likely the only way we're going to find out what they're up to."

"If they are expecting us we're most likely going to be running into heavy resistance. I'd say that due to Dagobah's terrain we're not going to be running into heavy vehicles, but rather infantry and possibly light air support such as small fighters. I'm not going to lie though...they may have a few suprises waiting for us."

Something troubles you moi chroi?"

Well...yes. Try and sense Kavrik in the force...it's almost like he's not there. At all.


"Lead the way."

They are in a meeting right now, but I think they would make an exception for us if Komad were to join us when we barged in. And yeah, Belina is actually commanding the ship."

Xeran grinned as he motioned them to the lift.

En route to Sith Frigate

"My Lord, we've received a message from Lord Vokun demanding you go accompany him to Dagobah at once. What are your orders?"

Varith sighed as he quickly began to think of ways to get both he and his daughter out of this situation alive. A sudden idea came to mind.

"I will be docking shortly. After I am aboard this shuttle is to be allowed to continue on it's way. I managed to gain an ally in the battle against the Resistance. If all goes according to plan we should have an inside source within the resistance."

Varith looked down at his daughter and smiled as he reached out and ruffled her hair. "I'm sorry...but you need to leave if you want to survive. Some...friends of mine will pick you up once they hear my message."

Varith began to reprogram the auto-pilot to take the shuttle to the last known location of an abandoned resistance outpost. Velra should have at least a month's worth of supplies to keep her fed. He regretted that it had come to this, but he had no other choice.

He silently reached out through the force and touched the minds of the two that he had fought the first time he had managed to board the Ackbar. Before he had joined the sith.

If you wish to save an innocent life...go to the abandoned base in the Kivoran system and make haste. The sith do not value the lives of the innocent as the jedi do.

He prayed that the message had been recieved by the two he had fought. It was his daughter's only chance to survive.

The shuttle docked with the frigate and Varith walked through the air lock as soon as it was safe for him to go through. He didn't want to land the shuttle in the hanger bay in case someone checked the shuttle over before it left.

Goodbye...Velra. He thought quietly as a small tear appeared in his left eye as the shuttle undocked, drifted for a moment and then took off into Hyperspace.

He opened a channel to the bridge. "Set course for Dagobah at maximum speed and engage the hyperdrive when ready."
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