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Thread: The Walking Carpets: Guild Roster
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The Walking Carpets: Guild Roster



We welcome anyone interested in friendly, mature gaming. Just like the original walking carpet himself, we are strong, loyal, friendly and sociable... and we pull peoples arms out of their sockets when we lose.

Server details
  • Name: Harbinger
  • Location: US West (PST)
  • Type: PvE (Player vs Environment)

Want to join this guild?

No problem, we're eager to have new recruits join The Walking Carpets. All you need to do is post the following details in this thread...
  • Name of your character
  • Class
  • Advanced class (if you have decided)
  • Role (if you have decided)
  • Chosen Crew Skills (when you get them)

You can also use this thread to update us on your character details if you decide what advanced class you want to play as or if you have respecced your advanced class and have changed from DPS to Healer, for example.

Remember to make sure the character you've chosen to enter into the guild actually exists on the server named Harbinger so we can send you a guild invitation.

IMPORTANT: We can only send your character a guild invitation when that character is ONLINE. Unfortunately that's the only way it can be done, the easiest way to expedite the process is to post your character's information here and add the names of the Guild Officer's to your in-game friends list. This allows you to see when they are online and you can send them a /whisper to ask for an invite. Of course you can also try to coordinate a time to meet via PMs here.

Once you become a member of The Walking Carpets, you get a shiny new badge added to your forum profile that will identify you as a proud member of The Walking Carpets.

Note: No member is allowed to use these badges in their signature. These are specifically made to be displayed under your user information on the left sidebar in forum posts and in your profile.

Optional Step: If you would like to participate in end-game content, specifically Operations, you will need to register at the website hosted for our non-LFN guild members, which we use to coordinate our Operations. You can find that website here: and follow the Recruitment tab at the top to be taken to an application page. LFN Users will have their applications accepted ASAP and will have member privileges at that website. Regardless of if you would like to participate in end-game content or not, I do encourage everyone to register there and meet your fellow guildies.

Guild roster

  • Mav
    Character 1: Zydex - Smuggler Gunslinger (Ranged DPS) [Biochem/Slicing/Diplomacy] {LEVEL 50}
    Character 2: Sexkiwis - Jedi Consular Shadow (Stealth Tank) [Cybertech/Scavenging/Underworld Trading] {LEVEL 50}
    Character 3: Riptide - Trooper Commando (Ranged DPS) [Biochem/Bioanalysis/Diplomacy] {LEVEL 50}
    Character 4: Zeryn - Jedi Sentinel (Melee DPS) [Biochem/Bioanalysis/Scavenging]

  • Jeff
    Character 1: Kamiina - Jedi Knight Guardian (Melee DPS) [Synthweaving/Archaeology/Underworld Trading] {LEVEL 50}
    Character 2: Nathán - Smuggler Scoundrel (Healer) [Cybertech/Scavenging/Underworld Trading] {LEVEL 50}
    Character 3: Ellé - Trooper Vanguard (?) [?/?/?]

  • acdcfanbill
    Character 1: Acdcfanbill - Jedi Consular ? (?) [?/?/?]
    Character 2: Fre'ia - Smuggler Gunslinger (Ranged DPS) [ArmsTech/Scavenging/Investigation]
  • BongoBob
    Character 1: Cambría - Jedi Consular Sage (Ranged DPS) [Synthweaving/Archaeology/Underworld Trading] {LEVEL 50}
    Character 2: Inferno - Smuggler Gunslinger ? (?) [?/?/?]
  • Chevron 7 locke
    Character 1: Rothor - Jedi Knight Sentinel (mDPS) [?/?/?]
  • JasraLantill
    Character 1: Mi'qui - Smuggler Scoundrel (Close range DPS) [Cybertech/Scavenging/Slicing] {LEVEL 50}
    Character 2: Millá - Trooper Commando (Ranged DPS) [?/?/?]
  • Kusanavi
    Character 1: Kusanavi - Jedi Consular Sage (Healer) [Artifice/Archaeology/Treasure Hunting] {LEVEL 50}
  • LDR
    Character 1: Athzaria - Jedi Knight Sentinel (mDPS) [Artifice/Archaeology/Slicing]
    Character 2: Corre - Jedi Knight Sentinel (mDPS) [?/?/?]
    Character 3: Lomuta - Smuggler Scoundrel (mDPS) [?/?/?]
  • Miltiades
    Character 1: Nural - Jedi Knight Guardian (?) [?/?/?] {LEVEL 50}
    Character 2: Sul'a - Smuggler Gunslinger (?) [?/?/?]
  • mimartin
    Character 1: Bremiaha - Smuggler Scoundrel (Healer) [Biochem/Bioanalysis/Diplomacy] {LEVEL 50}
    Character 2: Leyn'a - Jedi Consular Shadow (Melee DPS) [Synthweaving/Archaeology/Underworld Trading] {LEVEL 50}
    Character 3: Mant'a - Trooper Commando (Ranged DPS) [?/?/?]
    Character 4: Mar'ina - Jedi Knight Sentinel (Melee DPS) [?/?/?]
  • Pho3nix
    Character 1: Tsaagan - Trooper Commando (rDPS) [?/?/?]

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