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Thread: Star Wars: The Price of Resistance
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Star Wars: The Price of Resistance

((Time for a new Rp Just so everyone is aware, this one takes place in the Galactic Civil War rather then the Old Republic Era.))

The Jedi Order is dead.

It has been nearly a years since Emperor Palpatine has reformed the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire. The Jedi Temple on Coruscant is in ruins. Stormtroopers walk the streets of hundreds of worlds that fear the new Empire. Many of the few remaining Jedi have deactivated their lighsabers for the last time and have fled to the distant worlds of the Empire to avoid execution. The Empire's presence is everywhere.

But where tyranny exists...so does resistance.

As the Empire's brutal reach extends across the galaxy...brave men and woman will rise to fight against the Empire to save the oppressed and those who can't save themselves.

It's time to challenge the Empire.

No Godmodding
No Super powerful characters
No more than four characters
Language is to be kept at a Pg-13 level. You can insult the characters but not the people controlling them.
No killing other characters without permission.
Have fun!

Character Sheet

NAME: Daceros
AFFILIATION: Previously the Mandalorians now a Mercenary
AGE: 24
APPEARANCE: 6'4 with red eyes and no hair.
WEAPONS: Heavily modified D-860 heavy blaster rifle that can function as a grenade launcher. Frag grenades, Concussion grenades, two D-100 blaster pistols and two vibroblades that can be extended from his armor while in close combat.
EQUIPMENT: One set of heavily customized battle armor that has seen quite a bit of action in recent weeks. One heavily modifed freighter that has much more firepower then the average freighter and has heavy shields.
OCCUPATION: Mercenary for Hire
HISTORY: Although he is no longer affiliated with the Mandalorians, at one time Daceros was highly respected by many and feared by many more. Due to unknown circumstances which he refuses to speak of he has been exiled from the Mandalorians.

NAME: Varias
AFFILIATION: Formally a member of the Jedi Order
GENDER: Female
AGE: 24
APPEARANCE: 5'9 with piercing green eyes with brownish black colored fur.
WEAPONS: Double bladed lightsaber that can be seperated into two lightsabers. The force
EQUIPMENT: Black robes that hide both her face and her lightsaber.
OCCUPATION: self-proclamed freedom fighter.
HISTORY: Not much is known of the former Jedi Varias due to temple records being destroyed during Order 66. What is known is that at one point the Empire announced that she had been killed on Coruscant during Order 66 only to have her resurface a year later on one of the more distant colony worlds. Unlike a jedi however, she usually shows imperial targets no mercy.

NAME: Delas
GENDER: Female
AGE: 30
SPECIES: Twi'lek
APPEARANCE: Dark blue skinned twi'lek with violet eyes. Has a scar going down her right arm due to an encounter with a stormtrooper.
WEAPONS: Two DL-140 blaster pistol.
EQUIPMENT: Light armor with a small amount of armor built in to protect her from light blaster bolts and a vibro knife that is hidden in her boot.
OCCUPATION: Smuggler/Gun Runner
HISTORY: Unknown. Imperial records on Delas are classified.

NAME: Rarakor
AGE: 104
SPECIES: Wookiee
APPEARANCE: Black and grey fur 6'8
WEAPONS: Bowcaster, Transdoshan sword that was stolen from a bounty hunter. Various other weapons
EQUIPMENT: Grenade belt, Ammo belt
OCCUPATION: Wookiee warrior and self proclamed Avenger of Kashyyk
HISTORY: Although Rarakor was not born into slavery, he knows of it's evil. When the Imperials came to Kashyyk looking for slaves he and his family were enslaved and his wife and son were killed for resisting. It was at this point that Rarakor was able to break his shackles and killed the stormtroopers that had murdered his family. He has dedicated his life to finding the imperial officer who ordered the attack on his village and will not rest until the Galactic Empire is in shambles.

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NAME: Kelarra
AFFILIATION: Formally a member of the Jedi Order
GENDER: Female
AGE: 27
APPEARANCE: Light brown eyes with crimson brown hair. She let her hair grow longer down the left side of her face to cover up major burn wounds.
WEAPONS: Modified single bladed orange lightsaber. Small blaster pistol equiped with a Zothressk's Tech UD (ultra dampener) silencer.
EQUIPMENT: Torn up, stained, dark brown jedi robe.
OCCUPATION: Resistance assassin.
HISTORY: Kelarra was devastated at the loss of the jedi order. She herself had nearly been killed and barely escaped with her life. While forced into hiding, she craved vengence and planned ways to strike back at them, meeting with others who had similar desires. Rebuilding the republic was one of the farthest things from her mind. She just wants the New Galactic Empire to burn, and is willing to do anything within her power to achieve that goal.

NAME: Zothressk
AFFILIATION: Remnants of the Galactic Republic
AGE: 39
SPECIES: Trandoshan
APPEARANCE: Reddish orange scales with red reptilian eyes.
WEAPONS: Heavily modified Zothressk's Tech blaster rifle.
EQUIPMENT: Green vest outlined with minor blaster reflectors. A sealed durasteel case holding his necessary tools required for his work.
OCCUPATION: Weapons Dealer
HISTORY: Zothressk's Tech was one of the Galactic Republic's best weapon companies. Zothressk was in charge of the company and became very popular among the soldiers for his work. After the New Galactic Empire took over he was offered a deal to start making weapons for them. Zothressk refused and fled while the rest of the company stayed to serve the empire. After that he was declared a traitor to the empire and a bounty was placed on his head.

Lets rock and role play!


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NAME: Enobaria
GENDER: Female
AFFILIATION: Remnants of the Galactic Republic
AGE: 35
CLASS/OCCUPATION: Diplomat/Covert Agent
WEAPONS: Two short-sword-style blades, which she dual-wields
EQUIPMENT: A black leather and synthetic material-lined jumpsuit, protecting her from being seen when she pushes a button woven into the collar
APPEARANCE: Auburn hair, fair skin, light emerald eyes, capped teeth
HISTORY: Enobaria was a Republic spy, and was one of the first to suspect Palpatine as an Imperial agent. She undertook several undercover missions to try and find the truth of the matter, but she couldn't - not before Order 66 was carried out. When it was, and the Republic became the Empire, she received an offer she couldn't refuse from the Emperor's operatives. Nevertheless, she managed to escape, and has now fled. She wants to try and find the Trandoshan weapons manufacturer with whom she had an ongoing contact (if that's OK). Enobaria suspects he knows far more than he's letting on, especially about how to beat the Empire at their own arms race...
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NAME: Darasuum Kandosii (Mando'a for Eternally Indomitable)
AFFILIATION: Mandalorians
AGE: 35
WEAPONS: C-M Frag Storm Heavy Shotgun (slugthrower), two beskar blades, Mando'ade heavy blaster pistol.
EQUIPMENT: Beskar'gram Mandalorian armor, various grenades, melee/power forearm shields, trip mines, vibro-knife, comlink.
OCCUPATION: Independent.
HISTORY: Although believed to have been driven to extinction, the Taung instead fled into the Unknown Regions, where they rebuilt their Mandalorian culture, and waged wars with other species after regaining their numbers. Darasuum Kandosii was one of the Taung that traveled back to the known galaxy to learn of their ancient heritage. But instead, he found himself in the middle of a war. Hopefully, he will lead up to his namesake. In the eyes of his people back home, however, he already has, due to his actions in combat - no less.

NAME: Caton Drea
AFFILIATION: Galactic Empire.
AGE: 24
SPECIES: Tholothian
WEAPONS: X-45 sniper rifle, ultrasonic blade, blaster pistol, stealth unit.
EQUIPMENT: Concussion grenades, infared/thermal/nightvision scopes, targeting visor, comlink.
OCCUPATION: Imperial Sharpshooter
HISTORY: A sharpshooter with a keen eye, Caton Drea is not one to miss his mark. A tenacious scout, he has a extreme level of patience, and the ability to remain cool-headed despite many setbacks. One of the Empire's best shots, if you see him on the battlefield, then you know you're in for one. If you see him at all, that is.

NAME: Elyshar Dourshe
AFFILIATION: Independent.
AGE: 63
SPECIES: Twi'lek
WEAPONS: Double-bladed silver lightsaber.
EQUIPMENT: Blaster pistol, mesh armor.
HISTORY: Elyshar Dourshe was a former Jedi, that switched off his lightsaber shortly before Naboo Crisis - dissatisfied with the corruption in the Republic and the complacency of the Jedi Council. In his years of watching the Republic slowly collapse into the Empire, he learned the flaws of both extremes. He eventually served as a vigilante on the Outer Rim worlds. Although the Empire hasn't targeted him yet, he feels that they might simply out of spite - or fear.

NAME: Darrek Ulgo
AFFILIATION: Rebel Alliance.
AGE: 32
WEAPONS: Medium repeating blaster, vibrosword.
EQUIPMENT: Power generator, grenades, vibroknife, numerous programs installed in helmet.
OCCUPATION: Staff Lieutenant.
HISTORY: Born around the time of the Naboo Crisis, Darrek Ulgo was born on Alderaan, hailing from the legendary House Ulgo - a house notorious for producing generations of distinguished officers. He served in the Republic Army for years, until it was reconstituted into the Imperial Army, in which he left to join the Rebel Alliance.

((Yes, there was a Republic Army alongside the Clone Trooper Corps. You could look it up under 'Republic Army', on Wookieepedia if you have doubts. I think the clone armor was influenced by the Cold War armor as well as Mandalorian, so that's why he is wearing Cold War armor, which I assume remained mostly the same through the millennia.))

The funniest thing about this sentence is that by the time you realize it doesn't say anything it's too late to stop reading it.

My Mods
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AFFILIATION: Resistance, of any kind, against the Empire
AGE: 23
APPEARANCE: Full black suit, covering every part of him, except his eye which are a deep blue.
WEAPONS: Carries an assortment of vibroknives, sheathed around his waist on his belt.
EQUIPMENT: Belt, suit, small hacking kit, and a few syringes.
OCCUPATION: Officially none. Unofficially he is a spy.
HISTORY: It started when he was young. He was quite an accomplished hacker by 16, able to hack most systems with ease. He began infiltrating Empire outposts, where he freed many prisoners. He was recruited by one such prisoner to join the resistance, and has performed many tasks for them since. He deleted almost all data about himself from the Empire's database, and does not share more than his first name with anyone.
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