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Thread: BCC: KOTOR III: Reckoning
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BCC: KOTOR III: Reckoning

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: I know my roleplaying has been annoyingly sporadic, but I'm in a Star Wars mood all over again! I'm also back for good, so rest assured that I'll keep this up to the best of my ability if any of you are interested in it.)

From the Darth Traya entry on Wookieepedia:

"The Sith manuscripts that Kreia used the Force to read through intimated that the truths of the cosmos were not intended for the sane. Kreia believed that the manuscripts' authors were pureblooded descendants of the ancient Sith species.

The Sith sorcerers claimed that they had privileged insight into secret realities, arguing that even though the contradictory and aimless nature of existence appeared obvious to all intelligent beings, awareness of the Force exposed this obvious "fact" as a lie, further stating that the Force betrayed Force-sensitives, making them live in a compromised, chaotic universeóto live the lie."


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Twenty-five years after MEETRA SURIK defeated DARTH TRAYA upon the Sith world of Malachor V, the Jedi Order is slowly being rebuilt. On Dantooine, new Padawans and Knights are being trained in order to defend and protect the galaxy.

One of these, an apprentice of the Miraluka VISAS MARR, discovers a mysterious artifact hidden among ruins long left untouched. Through the Force, she unwittingly discovers what DARTH TRAYA had long ago - manuscripts of the ancient and pure-blooded Sith. As the Padawan studies, she uncovers several dark truths, none more ominous than this one:

The True Sith, once lords of the galaxy, are returning to call it to account.

NAME: Statira Venn
GENDER: Female
AFFILIATION: Jedi Padawan/Sentinel
MASTER: Visas Marr, former apprentice of Darth Nihilus
WEAPON: A single yellow-bladed lightsaber befitting her Sentinel status
APPEARANCE: As the female Exile with the ponytail, except without it

BACKSTORY: A simple farmer's daughter who was found to be sensitive to the Force at birth, the Jedi took her into their rebuilt Enclave and trained her in the ways of their Order. Unlike Revan, "the heart of the Force" - or the Exile, "a wound in the Force", Statira's greatest talent is as "a revealer of the Force." Through her apprenticeship under Visas Marr, a Miraluka, Statira has developed a remarkable capacity to sense the Force's will and ways.

Whereas her Master can see via the living energy that surrounds and sustains life, Statira's heart and emotions are attuned to its volition. For some reason, it has drawn her to some ruins on Dantooine that were better off left abandoned...


1. Please DON'T all be human.
2. Please DON'T all be Jedi.
3. Please DO think about being a member of the True Sith.
4. Please DO consider RP'ing a droid as an extra (or your main) character.
5. Please DO have fun!
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