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Thread: Cantina Six: Postlude to Holocaust Part II
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Cantina Six: Postlude to Holocaust Part II

What has gone before

Less than a week ago, four-fifths of the known galaxy's intelligent life died instantly when torpedoes detonated the hearts of their stars. All major planets were destroyed, with the sole exception of Coruscant.

The remains of the galaxy reeled in the aftermath. On Coruscant, the remnant of the major powers hastily consolidated their forces. The more corrupt factions of the crumbled Republic forged an alliance with the Imperial Remnant to create the New Imperial Republic. The NIR quickly cemented their power, incorporating the remnants of the New Republic Senate, Cracken's Imperial Council, and other surviving factions of the Empire into itself. Anyone opposing their control was declared part of the Aesirian Alliance that had destroyed the stars, and might be coming for Coruscant next. The panicked public quickly accepted the new government in exchange for the idea that they might have some new measure of safety.

The story was based partially in truth. A highly advanced race of long-lived humans as old as the New Republic called the Aesir had unleashed the torpedoes in a last-ditch attempt to force the Dark Lord of the Sith Cracken to release their leader Odin. Without Odin, the Aesir had no way to continue to contain the forces of darkness they had held back for millenia. Their torpedoes had two purposes; if they failed to gain the release of their leader...they would afford most of the galaxy a painless death.

A single Jedi, Quhn Vaas, bought Coruscant's survival with his life, using his power to blow the Aesir out of the system.

Four days after the Galactic Holocaust, a dark, mysterious man called "T" manipulated a small but unusual group together. Orthos Darkiller, conflicted son of two fathers possessing a powerful supernatural avatar; Heimdall, son of Odin, an Aesir (now Vanir) posing as a Corellian trader; Raschel Sheire, an old friend of Orthos and a former New Republic Intelligence agent; Misae Arjas, emotionally disturbed apprentice of the dead Quhn Vaas; Irvine, young son of Cracken and heir to his power; Alys, a Force adept bounty hunter and unbeknownst to her, daughter of Cracken; Halren Flax, high-level New Republic Colonel; Marin, a girl escaping from another dimension, a shapeshifting "water-breather"; Aidan, her gargoyle friend with a strange lightning-like ability; and Josine, a strange girl who had recently killed her entire immediate family by mere accident.

The group was chased off Coruscant by the Imperials. On the base of Freedon VII, one of the last New Republic strongholds, their numbers dwindled. Alys left shortly after Misae refused to train her in the Jedi arts. Josine, overwhelmed by the events, drugged herself into a coma.

A mysterious group calling themselves the Shadows hailing from Aidan and Marin's dimension arrived on Freedon VII to retrieve the two. Heimdall's intervention stopped them just in time, but no sooner did the Shadows leave than Imperials arrived, attacking the fortress.

A mysterious Shadow calling himself "Guy", a man apparently driven by the ominous visions he received, intervened and helped save the group. Orthos' formerly evil father, Lord Syrnl, arrived to finish the defeat of the Imperials. Halren Flax parted ways with the group, his mission accomplished. Guy took the injured Orthos to a medical facility along with Raschel, while Heimdall took Marin, Aidan, and Misae to the last surviving planet of the Aesir, Midgard, to let Heimdall's brother examine a key with an inscription bearing a strange prophecy. Irvine joined Syrnl to help track down Orthos' evil brother, Lokiphet.

Two ominous prophecies were uncovered by Heimdall's brother.

Ragnarok impure,
Gotterdammerung has occured,
Doom has come early that should not have
Aesir, now Vanir deprived of All-Father
Death of stars shall reveal
One tool that alone
Can destroy destiny or set it right
To find, seek:
Ten keys
Seven gates
Fire, Eye, and Ice
Wake the Wolf unlocked from its tomb
All the legions of Asgard cannot twist time, but a silver ball will.

Quest must be undertaken,
By the progeny of the dead, and their friends
If not, all will come to a terrible end.
The wolf Fenrir has been unleashed
Will complete the destruction that has begun
Twenty two years and he will be done.

Guy, prompted by eerie visions and spurred by something else that he couldn't understand, took Raschel and Orthos to Midgard. To the final assembled group was revealed the quest they would need to undertake.

An ancient legend told of a device called the Time Matrix, a silver sphere with the power to twist and alter time and space. With this device, the Holocaust could be averted, and the forces of darkness stopped.

In the meantime, Fenrir and the Jotuns, ancient evil beings of immense power, have been freed and begun their onslaught on the galaxy.

The group leaving the last stronghold of the Aesir numbers only eight. Yet the fate of the galaxy rests on their shoulders...
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