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Thread: Write/Request your own Psychonauts 2 prologue!
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that didnt last because i
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Write/Request your own Psychonauts 2 prologue!

Yes. So basically, put your idea for the Psychonauts 2 opening cinema here.

Like this.

Razputin climbed up the wall, scaling the tower to the frost-covered top. The winter was cold, and Razputin scaled a dark stony tower up to the top. Around him were mountains, all icecapped, and frozen. A dying snowflake came to rest on his hand, as he further crawled to the top. He took hold of a frozen vine with one hand, and looked down below him. At the top? The head of the Psychonauts. At the bottom? A cold clammy death.

He finally climbed the rogue vine to the top. He removed the spiked tip, threw it to the ground, and jumped into the boy-sized opening. As he looked around the dark room, he took his goggles off. He gave dazed glances around the room, when suddenly a giant monitor turned on. "I think you know this isn't where you belong," said a dark, grating voice, that seemed young and misguided deep down inside. He saw the door out of the dark room, and opened it.

He came to a long stairwell, and jumped onto the banister, skating down it. Time was a factor. He skidded to the bottom, of the three story stairwell. He came to another door. Zanotto was being held on Floor 97, six more down. He reached an elevator, and hit the call button. It never came. Razputin shoved the doors open, only to find a blazing fire and wreckage of elevator at the bottom. He grabbed onto the still hot cable, and lowered his goggles again to keep the smoke out of his mouth, covering his mouth with his other hand.

"Razputin!" came a voice from below. "Don't go any further! That monster, he..." A low, emotionless voice choked to life, only to quiet itself again.

"Razputin, darling, you really don't wanna go down there!" Milla shouted, but Razputin slid past their floor, jumping off the rope away from the fire and into the frying pan. Before him stood two aquatic tanks, hands waiting to reach out and grab him, and a gigantic robotic monster. Razputin jumped up to avoid a swipe of its giant foot, and watched in horror as the gigantic water tank to its left spewed water towards him. Razputin jumped up, grabbing an electric cable, producing a Psychonaut Swiss Army Knife from his pocket, and quickly slicing the wire. It hurled sparks all over, and Razputin swung on the larger portion of it into the water. He screamed as the electrified, ever-more-powerful Hand of Galochio grabbed at his leg. He made his way to a gas pipe among the small corridor, switching quickly to a steam pipe as the Hand tore it open, and fire began.

Razputin jumped down to Floor 101 through a loose floor panel. Fire didn't spread downward - he just hoped Sasha and Milla would get out of Floor 103 in time. He made a quick descent to Floor 96 through a strange tunnel downward.

As he landed, he smelled something odd, and heard clicking. He felt a strange sick sensation. Another monitor came to life. "Hahaha! Razputin, you fool! Don't you know never to take a shortcut?" He smelled a gas, and saw the floor around him crumble. Acid began rising, and the floor he stood on fell. He looked around, and found a free-floating crate. It'd serve for a few more seconds, and he used it to get high ground. Time seemed to slow down as his reactions became incredibly fast. He looked around, to find a rope draped down from above. "Razputin!" Came a high-pitched young boy's voice, as a small blue face shyly peeked through a hole around the rope.

Raz climbed the rope, and noted that the boy had disappeared. He made a quick jump onto a hanging pair of pipes, and swung on it like a beam. Doing a flip, and launching himself across the room, he grabbed the door hinge. The small blue boy opened the door, and scattered before Razputin could even blink. Raz raised himself up, but the acid still followed him. He saw a hole, newly broken open, and mounted his Levitation ball. He jumped once, and bounced off the disappearing ball, putting one hand to his head, and putting two fingers out in front of him. Before him were two children, and the tied up body of Truman Zanotto, Lili Zanotto, and Ford Cruller.

The boys were not expecting him, one of them tackled the small blue one to the ground, and turned to his new guest. "Oh, Razputin!" he said, smiling. He was painted pure black on one side, and pure white on another, wearing a headband, and tall boots. "You must want to get this over with quickly, then, my friend!" The small blue boy staggered to his feet, behind the evil one. Razputin found without a single second to react, he was being thrown to the ground. He passed a lever while he fell that said "ACID".

He was thrown so fast into it, that it came down and cracked off the handle. He shouted in pain, and in warning, as he saw the blue boy in the strange cap and outlandish outfit grab the other by the shoulders, slam him into a control panel, and bend his spine by slamming him on a window. The blue boy's hands lit on fire. The coat of the painted child caught fire, and the blue child screamed.

"Gyaaaargh! Vexen, begone!"

The blue boy looked at Razputin, after sliding the other out the window, and laughed, "Hi. My name is D'Artagnan. And if I'm not mistaken, I think you, and these three need to get out of the building. There's an extreme psychic interference wall just outside the tower, and several warp barriers on each floor. Trying to teleport out of here would cut you up like an apple in a blender."

Razputin looked at the 96 floors to go in amazement, being joined by Lili, Ford, and Truman. D'Artagnan went ahead, and jumped down into the room that was no longer filled with acid.

"Come on. What're we waiting for?"
seriously and stuff. Just a little short, maybe not even 1-page, or as long as you want little prologue.

Winner gets airmailed some cookies.

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