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Thread: Random Stories!!!!!
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Random Stories!!!!!

Ok, I thought it would be nice for people to post some stories that they have written Doesn't matter what they are about. As long as we can all enjoy them.

I'll start off

Einstein bot

That's pretty damn realistic. It's kinda scary at the same time too. Imagine your fast asleep one night. Dreaming about some stupid crap that you vaguely remeber in the morning. But you hear a weird noise, like someone doing computation on a black board. You suddenly wake up, to see a Albert Einstein headed robot with those lights on just staring at you. Then he starts going crazy and his head start spinning around and around, screaming random things about how much he hates you and how you'll never amount to anything compared to him, really loud. He seems to be really violent and angry and crazy and hawt all at the same time. Then he starts doing the Charleston...HARD. Like freakin' 80 mph. He a freakin' blur. You're eyes start watering because of the wind it's producing, but also because it's so beautiful.

So, you have to reach for your speargun that you keep under your pillow, cuz he's getting really scary. But when you reach for it you realize it's gone. And then he holds it up in his cold metal death claw mocking you. He starts waving it around spouting remarks about how he has to take a piss, but he can't figure out how. He could freakin shoot you!!So you have to grab your knife that you keep clentched in your buttcheeks for emergencies to attack him. Surely the scintific community could forgive for killing Albert Einstein bot if he was freakin nuts right? But he's all fast, cuz he's a freakin' robot, who also happens to be Albert Einstein!!! How the hell do you have any chance at all against something like that!? Plus he proabably knows Kun-Fu. I'm pretty sure Einstein was like a 34th degree black belt.

This goes on for a good half hour. It's like a coreographed dance. Albert slashing and striking, you dodging nimbly, deftly escaping his reach. You round house punch him in his jaw, figuring he'd be like those rock em sock robots, and his head would pop up and that'd be it. But he just takes it like a man, and gives you the most evil eye ever! Cuz you just pissed him off. Thats like kicking a guy in the family jewels. Cuz robots don't have genitail, and he feels a bit insecure about that. So now he goes ape-****. Crushing things, shooting laser beams from his eyes, and farting mustard gas. So to distract him, you have to start talking about how you created cold-fusion, and your own views on the theory of relativity.Then when he's trying to process the dumbass **** you just said, you conk him on the head with your dog. Killing the dog in the process, but preventing the evil that is a decapitaed Einstein robot with a thirst for blood and humilitaing remarks about people's mothers.

But even then it's not over, cuz you have to hide his body. Someone spent alot of time and effort on this afront to God and if the remains were to fall back into their hands or any one elses, surely they could rebuild it and perhaps even improve on the design making it something larger then a 2 foot tall robot that really isn't very imposing at all. Or even making multiple Einstein bots. But why stop there? There could be Lincoln bots, Jefferson bots, Teddy Roosevelt bots, or heaven forbide.. a George w. Bush bot. Plus you kinda killed your dog and that **** is gonna stink something feirce in the morning. But the tale of getting rid of this bodies would be best told another day. Well, thats what I thought when I saw it. It's impressive though.

Now everybody else post some!
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that didnt last because i
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