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Thread: Breast-feeding
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Jae Onasi
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*Jae views the latest posts and the directions the thread has gone*

You all have no idea how badly I needed a good laugh today.

El Sithy, that had to be one of your most over-the-top posts that I've seen to date. "More disease than an African jungle", "tittymilk" and "walking chem-bombs" had me howling.

Originally Posted by El Sitherino
It's not that I'm touching anything, so much as it's that they're rubbing themselves on things, things that little kids touch, rub around on, etc.
Some of the things I've seen are quite disgusting, in context of taking place at a museum.
The thought of what you might be thinking we women do with lactating breasts is frightening and amusing all at the same time.

Now I will agree with you that I've seen some nasty stuff going on in public places. You don't want to know what people do while sitting in the waiting room in my office. Yukk. We keep Lysol and disinfectants around for a reason.

To be a little more serious, I understand what you're saying--and to be rather blunt, it looks to me like it's this: no skanky breasts should come in contact, either directly or indirectly, with your exhibits, and therefore, you, because you have no desire to catch diseases.

While I understand your concern about disease transmission, I think you may be worrying more about it than you need to. Hands and hair carry more germs than anything else. If the breasts are skanky, the hands are going to be even skankier, and breastfeeding's not going to make it any worse. There are no breast-specific germs that I know of that you have to worry about, _if_ that's one of your concerns. So you're not going to get exposed to something you haven't already been exposed to from their hands, even if the hands are washed.

A lot of skin sores are not caused by microbes or disease. A lot of them are the result of allergy, psoriasis, or some other non-contagious problem. Those skin sores that are the result of microbes are usually caused by staph aureus or staph epidermis, germs we all carry on our skin normally anyway. You would be exposed to these germs on a daily basis regardless of whether someone breastfed or not.

If it's wet and sticky and doesn't belong to you, don't touch it without gloves. However, if it's dry and not sticky, you don't have to sweat it unless it's something truly awful like Ebola. And if you've got Ebola in your museum, you have a heck of a lot more to worry about than a skanky breastfeeding woman.

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Emperor Devon
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I don't see the reasoning behind Sithy's concern over diseased women who breatfeed. I doubt they're doing things to your exhibits with their breasts. It sounds like your concern is about getting germs from exhibits they touched, in which it wouldn't matter if they're men or women, and is a completely different topic.

Originally Posted by Sabretooth
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The Source
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OMG! Some of this thread reads off like National Geographic gone mad.

I personally believe that if a women wants to nurse in public they should go right ahead. I learned to never cross a women on these types of issues. Us guys can take our top off in public, and I am all for... Ah?!? Um?!?! Yeah. Well, lets just say, I wouldn't want to take a way a women's right to take care of their young. Many of them cover up anyway, so I have no problem with the issue.

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