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Thread: [FIC] Dismantle, Repair, Destroy
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Old 05-12-2007, 11:09 PM   #1
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[FIC] Dismantle, Repair, Destroy

Hey guys, I’m sure you’ve seen me around LucasForums, but I’m relatively new to the CEC, but now’s a good a time as any to start making fanfics, right? The following story is going to occur in no certain time period, and as far as I’m planning for it to, have no characters that appear in any EU or SW. All I know for sure is that it’ll be post-NJO, due to the frequent appearances of… well, you’ll find out. Enjoy my maiden voyage into the foray of fic-writing.



The repeated thuds of several blaster cannons hitting mottled flesh resonated from the next chamber. Although the owners of the flesh were Jedi, they were no match even for the precision and brutal effectiveness of an entire battalion of YVH droids. Suddenly, all was silent in the next room. The Jedi that were left, the ones on the bridge of the Star Destroyer Galavant, were desperately trying to do a number of things before the YVH droids inevitably blasted the bridge door. One Jedi was frantically trying to get a signal through to the nearest planet, Mon Calamari, to inform someone of the doomed ship’s fate. Too bad their attacker had already blown apart the ship’s sensor array. Another was busy opening all the weapons crates in a nearby storage closet, Force-flinging thermal detonators to everyone nearby. A third was setting up barricades, so that the Jedi could get some cover from the YHV droids – until they were blown apart, that is.

The thudding on the door grew louder, and moments later, the door started to grow orange, brighter and brighter, until, to Lundi Ketekimite, who was building the barricades, it was like staring straight into the fires of hell. Finally, with a blinding flash of light, the door collapsed, no, exploded, sending durasteel shrapnel in every direction. Through the smoke, blaster fire peppered the bedraggled Jedi, who ignited their lightsabers just in time to deflect a few shots back at their attackers before diving to cover.

As predicted, their cover did not last long. One of the YVH droids that was marching slowly into the room had a sonic rifle, which was sending blast after blast into the crates where the droids’ receptors had last seen its quarry hide behind. Unfortunately for them, the Jedi were already gone from there, deflecting blaster bolts into the light fixtures, providing shadow by which to cover their Force-guided jumps to the rafters. Even more unfortunately for the gullible droids, the crates they were firing at were packed with thermal detonators.

The bridge of Galavant went floating off into space, as the Jedi who had just escaped it through a ventilation shaft watched from a nearby hallway window.

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Darth Kalverys
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Hmmm... this is your first? To me, it seems you've been doing these for years... I like it... I'll definately stay caught up with this. Good Job... and keep with it... although watch out for writer's block... it'll get you every time!
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Thanks for the warning. Check the Outer-Rim territorites, just posted an MxO fanfic. It's only 4 pages long, but it took me a month to write. :/

I'll get to work on the first chapter ASAP.

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Old 05-13-2007, 02:18 AM   #4
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Nice start, hope to see more.
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Old 05-13-2007, 07:49 AM   #5
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Very, very good start. I liked how the YVH droids are part of the story, but I wonder as to why they are firing at the Jedi ... hmm ....

Hope to see more very soon.

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Old 05-14-2007, 12:37 AM   #6
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I'm gonna have a busy week , but I'll try to get something in tomorrow and maybe Friday.

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Finally finished the first act, sorry about the wait.

Jedi Temple, Coruscant

Millions of light-years away, Jedi Knight Tarook Engedo awoke with a start. Immersing himself in the Force, he attempted to find what it was that jerked him from his slumber – or what passed for it by Jedi standards. Eventually he found the disturbance. It was near the Outer Rim, and the cause… death. Jedi death. A passing on in the Force. Slowly, he got up, and went out into the hall, stretching his legs. Passing the Room of a Thousand Fountains, he noticed he wasn’t the only person in the Temple up at this late hour.

“Did you feel it too, Master Zekiel?” He asked.

Without turning around, opening his eyes, or even physically registering the young Knight was there, the Zabrak replied, “The deaths of many a Jedi. Not something you feel very often, thus we must assume a dangerous foe has made himself known.”

Tarook frowned. “But… I don’t sense the dark side, Master. What does it mean?”

“That we have little to go on, young Knight,” Zekiel replied calmly. “Except for this: I personally assigned a Star Destroyer to a squad of Jedi Knights that were en route to Mon Calamari, as I was urged by the Force. Yet if the Force had me send them to their deaths…” He opened his eyes, slowly. “I’m going to Mon Cal. There’s a disturbance there, though I can’t put a finger on it.”

“Count me in,” Tarook said.

__________________________________________________ ___________________

Mon Calamari, Hidden Droid Factory

The Quarren Dark Force user Mehal Quan-vou looked through the transparisteel viewing port at the wonder of his creation: a YVH droid factory, four years in the making, and a result of painfully executed pirating raids on Lando Calrissian’s manufacturing trade routes. The fools still had no idea this place existed, Mehal thought amusedly. He was tall, even by Quarren standards, with an unusual greenish pallor. Living alone in his hidden fortress at the north pole of Mon Calamari, he was catered for by his protocol droid/training droid/bodyguard droid, E9V9.

“Ee-nine,” Mehal called from his custom-fitted plush seat. “Open up security cams on that ship. I want to see if there are any Jedi left standing.”

E9V9 hobbled up to a panel by the transparisteel screen, pressed a few buttons, and the screen suddenly showed several camera feeds from inside the remained of the Star Destroyer. In a hallway that was near the elevator that used to lead to the bridge, 3 Jedi sat on the floor in a triangle formation, meditating.

“Sithspit!” Mehal snarled, in his guttural Quarren fashion. “Three of them managed to outsmart my YVH’s. Oh well, another batch of droids should take them down. Ee-nine, send the most readily available squad of YVH droids to the Galavant, and make sure those Jedi die. This last sentence he spoke with such malevolence, it was felt across the galaxy, where Jedi Zekiel and Tarook were firing up their X-wings to start their journey to the site of what would soon become battlefield extraordinaire of a great threat to the Jedi Order, and the galaxy.

__________________________________________________ _____________________

Star Destroyer Galavant, Bridge Level

The three Jedi trapped in the Galavant’s bridge level elevator hall were immersed in a deep meditation, minds melded in the single task of finding a way out. The elevator was in lockdown since the macabre airlock breach in the bridge, so it was impossible to use it. Conventionally, that is. Then, Lundi presented the idea of hotwiring the system. Her comrades shut that one down immediately, pointing out that there was nothing to hotwire; the elevator was voice operated, a feature installed by the original owner of the ship, a Force sensitive that had no arms. The trio’s thoughts trailed off, each trying to formulate a plan.

Finally, the Bith Jedi, Kumara Coale suggested that they combine their Force energies to release the elevator from its hinges, lift it up the shaft, melt the door open with lightsabers, and melt themselves down. All before the alert goes off in the floor below of nearby ship damage, sealing the door there three times over automatically. The three agreed it was their best shot, since all they had to do to avoid the alert was to use the Force to disable the cables and pneumatics that activate the emergency doors.

Opening their eyes, drawing their lightsabers, and striding towards the elevator doors, the plan was put into action. While Lundi called the elevator up with the Force, Kumara concentrated on stopping the alert doors from operating. At the same time, Pa’tsu Nubiki, the third and final member of the troupe, plunged his orange lightsaber into the elevator shaft door with his massive Whiphid arms.

When the elevator finally came up, several things happened at once. The three Jedi entered the elevator shaft. Red lights started flashing from the hallway. The squad of YVH droids sent by Mehal entered the ship, blowing it apart from the inside, heading towards the elevator. And a cry of warning through the Force from Master Zekiel actually confused the three Jedi, who lost their focus, and, still in the elevator, plunged down the shaft into blackness.


Comments? Criticism? Fire away.

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