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Thread: Questions for the 'true sith' things you would want to know
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Old 11-05-2008, 06:11 PM   #1
Jedi Master Revan
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Questions for the 'true sith' things you would want to know ( FINALLY FINISHED )

After thinking about the 'true sith' and how they waited for the republic and galaxy itself to be weakened to a point of almost no resistance to an invasion, i have several questions for them, i hope you can answer them for me as they wouldn't i think they would rather kill me, although that would never happen :P.

Question one:
If they are the sith then why not take over Revan's sith and the star forge and create a stupidly large army to their already growing 'true sith' force unless they were not ready at the time, they could of easily put Revan's sith under their command during Malak's reign or any time during Revan's subconscious mind, republic armarda or no armarda the true sith could of easily taken over the outer rim and move into the core worlds and desecrate the republic if they had the force and armarda they did three hundread years later, were they even prepared at the time? If they were,my question to them is why wait? wouldn't they want to crush the republic when it has some strength to show how strong they are? Or did they just want to take over the galaxy?

Queston two:
How did they know when the republic were truly weak? I know they had super secret contacts with a few of the gangs in the outer rim, but they could never get an accurate reading on the republics strenght not enough to have the 'true sith' convinced unless the used a different method e.g. assassin and spy, they could of also used Revan's method of force concealment, whether Revan founded this method is not relavant to this question although confirmation would be appreciated, they could easily slip into the republic and gain accurate data without being detected, although they would need some luck getting the info out of republic territory ^^.

Question three:
How on earth had they managed to amass such an armarda and number of men to take over the republic even within three hundread year's thats one heck of a job to pull off, i mean apparently they only had a few sith members and not many ships in the end of the hyperspace war and even if they did recruit in the unknown regions what about the materials for ships and so on? without attracting the attention of the Yuuzhan Vong, unless they were no where near them and surely the gangs would know about it and it would spread, although the 'true sith' could keep them quiet with some luck atleast. Don't you think a random ship could of located the 'true sith' forces by chance and reported back it's not as if they had that disrupter field that malfunctioned every ship within its range unless you ahve the right gear like on the Kataran homeworld in the first K.O.T.O.R.

Question four:
What do you think the 'true sith' emperor is really up to leaving his dark council like that? Could he be tryinig to revive the true sith species once more? or is he planning for something? Revan's return?

Question five:
How on earth have they managed to out muscle the jedi? The only way i can think of them beating the jedi from what they have reported is by out numbering them by a silly amount i mean attacking Coruscant is not an easy achieved ment by any means i mean the best jedi are there unless they were nearly all away on duty i suppose they could be easily beaten just like in the 'revenge of the sith' film, so i suppose i just answered this question myself XD.

Question six:
What the hell did they do to the Mandalorians, or did they even take part in the unusual disappearance of the Mandalorians i mean Candorus Mandalore literally swore an oath or was told to be ready i pretty sure he would of passed it down to the next Mandalore since there is no way he could live up to three hundread years and the Mandalorians would have enough time to become i threat to the Republic or dent the sith's efforts to dominate their region as they would want to have a fight :P.

I am sorry about the wait for finishing this thread hope you have a good time trying to answer my questions as best as you can, may the force be with you

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Zerimar Nyliram
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Well, the Star Forge having been destroyed at the conclusion of the first game probably had a lot to do with it.

Originally Posted by a silly noob View Post
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Old 11-05-2008, 11:40 PM   #3
Hayden Kered
@Hayden Kered
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Not really knowing about the events after KOTOR TSL, it is hard to say what became of the sith (Revan's sith as you have put it)

1.) At the end of KOTOR the Star Forge was destroyed. (It was destroyed in 3,956 BBY)

2.) By 3,951 BBY, the sith had broken up. The academy on Korriban had been abandoned. The only real sith known at this time were Traya, Sion, and Nihilus. There were however dark jedi with sith ranks.

3.)By the end of TSL all 3 Dark Lords were killed as well as most of the 'ranks'. At this time Revan's sith order was no more.

Between this time and the next 300 years is yet to be told, and whether there were sith during this 3 century gap is at this point unknown!

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Old 11-15-2008, 09:09 PM   #4
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question 2: i think it would be quite easy to infiltrate the republic to find out. they are sith after all. its been done many times in star wars. they wouldve had spies and intel networks to gauge the situation, choosing the right moment to strike.

question 3: AFAIK (<-- As far As I Know) the true sith were not simply a band of bad guys (well, they were at first), but they became an empire over 300 years. that empire would have to be quite big for them to have an invasion force that took out coruscant like that.

question 5: as i said, i think their forces were indeed quite large.

question 6: the developers of TOR refuse to say anything about mandalorians in TOR... but i think the mandos are going to be in it.

hope this helps

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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Old 11-16-2008, 04:53 PM   #5
Jedi Master Revan
@Jedi Master Revan
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hell yea they are although i think the mandalorians will be a relief force as Revan teams up with them XD look what Revan did to the Mandalorians which the republic, then imagine him literally commanding an entire Mandalorian republic rescue armarda ^^, the 'true sith' will never know what hit him:P, i want him to stay alive thats why i put him in as if he still was in that time of era. An empire? didn't the republic take it back? and how the hell did the 'true sith' manage to gather an empire in the unknown regions did they do it before the great hyperspace wars if they did it after then i find it hard to believe.
Ow and you forgot to mention question 4 or you just had no clue ^^. Thanks for the info although it would be hard to get solid info on the republic's forces spy or no spy. I forgot to mention please put down in your replys which one you voted as well so i can see what you put as i think it would help the other members of this forum in one way or another.
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