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Thread: The Rise of Darth Scorcher
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Darth Scorcher
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The Rise of Darth Scorcher

I recently finished the prologue for my fanfic in my blog, and am ready to post it, be warned, there is some non-canon in it, but you'll know what it is as soon as you get there. Anyways, I hope you guys like it:

The Rise of Darth Scorcher

I, am the preserver of the Sith Lords. The reviver, of the Rule of Two. The greatest of dark force users in a millenium. My name, is Darth Scorcher, Dark Lord of the Sith.


You may be wondering why I seem so confident in myself. I have learned from the holocrons of the greatest Sith Lords. Revan, Sidious, Traya, Nihilus, Bane, Exar Kun, Tulak Hord, Marka Ragnos, all of them. If any dark sider had a holocron, I would own it. I was once a Jedi serving under the New Order, under Luke Skywalker. The Emperor was killed by him years ago, then, the New Republic began, and soon, the New Jedi Order.

Like all Jedi, I followed the Light, I was such a fool then, but if it weren't for the Jedi, I would have never found my true potential. However, instead of most Padawans, who went off on missions with their masters, I spent time in the library, reading what little information of Jedi history was restored that the Galactic Empire destroyed. After I was finished with my works, I finally went on missions with my master, always enjoying the ever present danger I faced.

My master was Luke Skywalker himself, for he saw my potential to be a great Jedi one day. I was a sentinel, a Jedi which prefers to bring a balance between physical combat and the Force. After many missions with my master I became a Jedi Knight, and was allowed to go on missions on my own.

On one particular mission, I found a rare Jedi holocron, and always kept it to myself. After a few months of learning from it, I finally decided to give it to my masters, who recorded it and put it in the library. They commended me for finding the holocron and giving it to them, my reputation grew intensly. I realized that if I find more holocrons, I would have the biggest reputation in the temple.

I spent years searching for more holocrons, but I always failed. I wanted so much to become a Jedi Master, but I couldn't find any holocrons. Then, finally I found a holocron, but not a Jedi holocron, a Sith holocron, Darth Sidious' to be exact. He taught me the dark side, that the dark side brings you power, that darkness gives you strength, that I could be the greatest being in the galaxy with the dark side. I took this knowledge Sidious gave me, and pledged to myself to find all Sith holocrons in the galaxy.

Years went by, and I had found many holocrons, for the force guided me to them. Due to this knowledge, I had fallen far to the dark side, but hid it from the other Jedi with Sidious and Traya's knowledge of masking myself with the force. Finally, I realized it was time to turn my back on the Jedi to become a Sith Lord. I discovered many techniques with the dark side. I then found Darth Bane's holocron, and was taught the Rule of Two, and took this knowledge with pride. I vowed to myself that I would find an apprentice.

After a few months of looking for an apprentice, it came to me, I needed a new name, a Darth name, like all other Dark Lords. After hours of thinking of names, I decided to name myself Darth Scorcher, a name that would attract much attention for a potential apprentice. After another few months, I realized, I needed an empire, an empire to vanquish the Jedi so the Sith can rule the galaxy once more.

This new empire would attract many Jedi for a potential apprentice, if I couldn't find one, I would let them come to me. But I needed to be an obscure figure, so I donned the rare Sith Stalker armor worn by the emperor, no, not Darth Sidious, the emperor's apprentice, not Vader, Vader was killed due to unknown circumstances, so the emperor found another apprentice, one who wore the sith stalker armor, who called himself Darth Stalker, who struck his master down and became the new emperor.

My new empire would need to be one that would follow the Sith. I then realized the perfect empire would be the old Galactic Empire, the Imperial Remnant. I came to their leader personally and told them I would rule them from now on. Our first attack was on Mon Calamari, which caught the Republic by surprise. My conquest went on for months, and now my threat is known to all, and the Jedi are well aware of me. Now, all I have to do is wait for them to send a Jedi foolish enough to attempt to kill me, and then I will fulfill the Rule of Two, and make them my apprentice.

End of Prologue

Darth Scorcher has requested a fanfic review for this thread.

You will succumb to my dark power! I have forseen it!
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