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Thread: Jedi sentinel + Sith Marauder
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Jedi sentinel + Sith Marauder

Let me start with saying that I just completed TSL for the first time (shame on me!). I played as a sentinel + watchman.

I'm about to start over as a grudge holding Sith with lotsa love for my home boy Jedis Bao-Dur and Atton who, if properly trained, are so powerful and self-sufficient that they can take over the entire club if I have to spend the night in county (or taking care of the beef on Onderon when they're whacking amateur Siths in the jungle that is).

Other than that, I'm full of hatred for those who try to screw me over and I'm definately going to lynch those treehugging peacekeepers who wanted to ditch me for rollin' with Revan's gang back in the days on Malachor V!

That said, onto the dilemma I'm facing. I'm feeling most comfortable going 1on1 with my lightsaber and pulling off some devastating swings. The only force powers I'd like to use are supportive powers like buffs and heal. However, playing the watchman lacked the brutal power of sabering a bit hence I wanna go for Sith Marauder this time. However, if I'd use a Jedi guardian baseclass with hardly any INT and therefore near zero skills I'd end up missing a lot of fun and brainwork because the only way to solve issues is by bashing your way thru the game. Now the question arises, can I get around this dilemma by starting off with a Jedi sentinel and picking a Sith Marauder at lv15? Will I be able to get those cool feats with the relatively low feat progression of a sentinel?

I was thinking of this inital set up:

STR 12
DEX 12
CON 14
INT 15
WIS 12
CHA 12

I'd get INT to 16 the first chance I get and from then on I'd only invest in STR and CON.
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Canaan Sadow
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The answer is yes. -_- I generally start off with a Guardian and choose Jedi Master or Sith Lord... why? I don't freaking know, but I do. Anyway... yeah. And it's easy for me to slip into it... and I've done that combo before... it was pretty simple.
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Darth Avlectus
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As a marauder you will be pitted up against Ferocity Form VII, Juyo when fighting the 3rd and final (live) jedi master. This form makes attacks MUCH stronger with a lightsaber. However, it has a drastic weakness to force powers. You are fighting an uphill battle lightsaber on lightsaber. Make your defense as strong as possible, and unload "with great vengeance and furious anger" on your adversary with force powers. Higher charisma ensures you'll CRUSH them.

Use form either form III Soresu or form IV Ataru to increase your defense for this situation. Form II Makashi might work but it does nothing to bolster your defense.

This form actually makes Vrook a ***lot*** easier to kill. It won't do much to bolster Kavar either--he's mediocre anyways no matter what.

The only one I'd be a bit cautious about fighting against while he uses the Juyo form is Master Zez Kai Ell. Zez Kai Ell uses critical strike and that is what attack form VII Juyo improves most--it increases chance to stun and it does something like 2.5 times the damage. In fact his attack power will even exceed that of Vrook and Darth Sion--he might even be a 1 or 2 hit kill against you. Force wave, keep him away and stunned. DO NOT let him near you. When you learn the form halfway through the fight, THEN you can go lightsaber on lightsaber against him and "show him how it's done" as you finish him off with malice--or continue assaulting him with force powers.

Note: When YOU use it, make sure you use the power Force Shield to cover this vs. dark jedi. Best if used briefly unless you are POSITIVE you'll wipe out all your enemies, because over long periods it also leaves your physical defense down against melee attacks. The theory behind this form is that it makes your lightsaber strikes to devastating that your enemies will not likely be standing after one or two passes.

If you'd like I can give you an analysis of the Jedi Masters and how to fight them.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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