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Thread: Can you solo the game with a free to play account
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Can you solo the game with a free to play account

I am playing as a Jedi Sentinel (level 18 right now), and so far everything has been fine. I've played all the side quests, and soloed the Heroic 2s and Heroic 2+s and just skipped the heroic 4+ (at least untill I'm about 10 levels above them). I have been able to stay on or ahead of the leveling curve so far, but I'm wondering if their will be a point when I am either going to have to pay for stuff, or team up with other people? I'm find grinding some XP doing heroics, but I don't want to have to grind, like, two levels of XP at a time.

Any advice would be appreciated!
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not sure never have been F2P, but at launch even subscribers were behind the learning curve and the leveling curve without guild/legacy xp boost. So no I can see where it will be a problem especially with a dps class.

I don't think F2P get the rested XP boost, but if they do make sure you are getting that.

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I've gone for DPS my advice:

Don't take unnecessary risks. You're frail.

Ignore douchebags on general chat.

Grab ALL the datacrons you can. Youtube that $***.

XP boosts will hurry you along.

Learn to game the GTN (slicing, Underworld Trading, Treasure Hunting give you the most money and rare materials others want).

WATCH what you spend to get something or improve abilities and for upgrades. If it costs more to get something than you can sell it for you're running a deficit. The whole point is to MAKE money.

Choose your combat lessons from the master wisely because this get REALLY expensive later on. This is probably not so big a deal for pure DPS as it is for DPS/Tank.

Save your money in game. Just use mostly green and blue gear and only one orange/red piece is okay since you can only carry 100 planetary comms and you will have to spend them so buy mods. Two might be excessive to keep up on as you're leveling up.

Make sure to choose your every ability on your development progression tree wisely. Noxxic helps. Be as true to your class as possible for the best results. If I am not mistaken the Juyo tree has higher survivability than the Ataru tree which is just damage.

Since you're a full DPS You're probably going to be able to beat down mobs of trash with less trouble because you're killing them faster than they can do anything about.

As for multiplayer missions...
Unless you're doing the gray stuff for story or just XP or planetary just isn't worth it. So balance whether or not something is worth it. So 10 levels out-leveling might be a breeze but it's more just wasting time.

Just stay away from ops and missions requiring 4 or more. I'd even say hesitate for heroic 2+ missions until you outlevel it by at least 3 levels and it's green--even then tread carefully.

Heroics and FPs are where you get chances at good stuff but TBH you don't absolutely need it, just makes your job easier and a little bit nicer.

At lv36 I wandered into a lv29 area (I think) on nar shadda soloing a heroic. I actually took nearly all of them out before being brought down for the first time.

Though recently on one heroic mission (at my level 40+) in the alderaan bonus content I was with another shadow tank. He ended up lagging out. It was a very precarious situation. We were on one side of a path in a gorge, 3 mobs of golds and champions up, down, and across from us.
A champion droid was strolling by and both our healers were there. His toon pulled droid's aggro while he was DC'd. The healers were up to the task of keeping him afloat and each other for when they drew its aggro. I switched to DPS (I'm a half and half hybrid build) and just used ranged and whittled him down from a distance. Took about 14 minutes but he finally fell. Another 5-6 minutes the guy got back on. It's a wonder we didn't draw more attention and get snuffed out as close as we were to the mobs.

Good luck and may the force with you.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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Thanks for the advice! One more thing, I see slicing as generally being the recommended F2P crew skill, but I can't open the lockboxes you receive from the missions. Is it still worth it?

Edit: Nevermind, I can open them now. Must have been some weird glitch.

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So, I did take my Sentinel up to 50 as F2P without doing any FPs and only half of one warzone. I was even (and falling) with the leveling curve at level 39, and the double XP weekend saved my bum. I really, really, don't recommend going straight F2P. Preferred is only 5 bucks and saves so much time with things like cargo hold, gen chat, and the extra crew skill. It is possible, and you probably will hit a double XP weekend given their frequency, but it takes away from the fun of the game to have to grind through so much. If you enjoy the game at all, the 5 bucks is definitely worth it.
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