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Thread: Gameplay Rework (Alpha)
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Darth InSidious
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Gameplay Rework (Alpha)

From the Readme:

Gameplay Rework ALPHA
By Darth InSidious


The short version: this mod changes gameplay in TSL by changing the level cap
to 20 and thinning out the force and skill points that each class gets.
It also alters primary abilities, hit die and force die for each class.
Details below:

Skill points readjusted:

Soldiers get 1 base Skill Point
Scouts get 2
Scoundrels get 2

Guardians get 1
Consulars get 1
Sentinels get 2

Combat droids get 1
Expert droids get 3

Minions get 1
Tech Specialists get 4

Weapon Masters get 1
Jedi Masters get 1
Jedi Watchmen get 2

Sith Marauders get 1
Sith Lords get 1
Sith Assassins get 2

Class hit die readjusted:

Soldier: 9
Scout: 6
Scoundrel: 4

Guardian: 10
Consular: 5
Sentinel: 7

Combat Droid: 10
Expert Droid: 6

Minion: 6
Tech Specialist: 4

Weapon-master: 12
Master: 6
Watchman: 8

Marauder: 12
Sith Lord: 6
Sith Assassin: 8

Force Die readjusted:

Guardian: 4
Consular: 8
Sentinel: 5

Weapon-Master: 5
Master: 10
Watchman: 7

Sith Marauder: 5
Sith Lord: 10
Sith Assassin: 7

Primary Abilities altered:

Soldier: Strength
Scout: Dexterity
Scoundrel: Intelligence

Guardian: STR
Consular: WIS
Sentinel: INT

Combat Droid: CON
Expert Droid: INT

Minion: STR
Tech Specialist: INT

Weapon-master: STR
Master: WIS
Watchman: INT

Marauder: STR
Lord: WIS
Assassin: DEX

Only Consulars, Sith Lords and Jedi Masters get 2 starting Force Powers;
Guardians get no new force powers every third level;

Capped level gain at 20; smoothed out XP gain to compensate, so that player may only just hit 20 before game end.


Double click 'Install Gameplay Rework Alpha' and then hit 'start patching'.


Delete classes.2da, classpowergain.2da and exptable.2da from your Override folder.
If TSLPatcher made backups (in the 'backups' folder), copy any files it backed up
into your Override folder.

*NB*: If your are using other mods which modify these files, install this mod *LAST*.

Known Bugs

None known at present, but keep in mind that this is an alpha release;
there may well be problems nonetheless.

This mod is to be distributed as-is without alteration, unless by permission of the mod author.
This mod is not to be distributed for profit, either.
Use it how you like, but if you're going to post it up somewhere, or make a derivate mod,
or use it in another mod, you must ask me first.

LucasArts and Obsidian Entertainment Inc. own all the copyrights etc. It all belongs to them.
Also, if you're going to re-use this in a mod and upload that mod somewhere,
it'd be nice if my permission was asked. Likewise if you intend to upload this mod
anywhere other than where it is now.

Credits & Thanks
Thanks to Pavlos and varsitypuppet for ideas and conversations about this,
and also to the folks at Holowan Labs, for keeping KotOR modding alive
and fun.

Screenshot (if you really need one ):
Show spoiler

Download links:
Download at DeadlyStream
Download at KotORFiles

Share and Enjoy!

Mods Released
Quid existis in desertum videre?

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Sith Holocron
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In before the inevitable question . . .

No, it isn't compatible with TSLRCM.

Considering trying out (or returning to) SWTOR? You may as well go through my link and help get me some SWTOR referral points!
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Old 06-28-2013, 10:20 AM   #3
Hassat Hunter
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To which I pose the question; Why wouldn't it be?

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