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Thread: Character data bank
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Name: Strider Flamehart
Occupation: Mercenary
Age: 24 (Character age)
Height: 6'3"
Species: Human, seemingly part Demon, currently unknown

Weapon: Dark Blue Lightsaber, a rather large sword, and dual .45 calibur pistols.

Languages Understood/Writable: Trade Huttese, Jedi symbols, Aurek-besh/Aurabesh, Wookie, and many others.

Abilities: Impeccable Force abilities; Both Jedi and Sith powers, mastery of blindfolded and unarmed combat, incredible melee weapon skills, and supernatural demon-like power.

Bio: Was originally a very skilled Jedi Padawan that lived sometime before the time of the Old Republic. On one mission with his master, he discovered almost supernatural demon-like strength, something he tried to keep hidden from the masters at the Order. Eventually however, he left the Jedi under the conditions that he committed a severe crime to the Jedi Order. Strider was exiled. Later, he he turned and became a Sith. After serving them for a time, he left the Sith, slaying many who were at the temple he had stayed in. Some time after this, he found his way to the Sith Hunters, who accepted him. He supposedly disappeared, and was presumed dead. He fled to the Unknown Regions of Space, where none but Revan and one his disciples had been before, and returned to tell about it. He returned after a time, his supernatural abilities and curse keeping him at his same age. He found out many had thought him to be dead, and tried to re-establish connections with those who knew him.

Strider Flamehart

[Edit: Character has been edited - 10/15/05.]

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Ahem, my character.....

Name: Auron Topshot
Profession: Sith Warrior and Professional Mercenary

Age: At this time, we are unsure about his accurate age.
Species: Human

Preferred weapon(s): An enhanced lightsaber (found .here And a .55 Sniper Rifle with 12 rounds of blaster shells.

Languages known: Aqualish, Huttese, Human English, and Wookie.

Items: Stealth clothing, And an IMG Code Breaker device, able to break almost any code except bank codes.


Born on the planet of Tatooine, he was sold to Ka'pa the Hutt as a slave. Topshot had tried many times to escape from his court, but was captured by the bounty hunter, Boba Fett.

Ka'pa had threatened Topshot that if he had tried one last time to escape, he'd kill his friend ZBomber.

At that time, Topshot and ZBomber had not known they had the power of the Force.

One night, at the time the many moons of Yavin were full, they had escaped Ka'pa's wrath after he was killed by the two.

Now Topshot had a different goal than ZBomber. That goal was to obliterate the entire Hutt race.

The next few years, he had bought all the latest in advanced technology, all kinds of metals known to the galaxy, and had started constructing his awesome long blade.

The days after he'd created his weapon of choice, he traveled to the Ruins of the Jedi Temple, set up camp, and began training in the manipulative arts of chaos and teleportation.

Now these days, not even jedi, sith, mercenary, or Dark Jedi could match his speed and strength, even with the Force

"My name's not 'Adam We'........or is it????"

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Tomar Dicol

Member of the Twin Sun Xj-Wing squadron of the Galactic Alliance.
Born with Force sensitive powers.
Currently seeking training from Jedi Knight Jacen Solo.


Emerald Green Lightsaber (with resemblence to Anakin's first lightsaber). D4-11 Blaster. Bacta Pack.


Force jump 3
Force absorb
Force Lightning (not a darkside power, a more controlled version.)
Force Speed
Force Vision (see future, sense others)

- Formally hated, praised, and known as Pnut_Man
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Darth Talliusc
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Real name: Unknown
Aliases: Darth Talliusc, Night Slayer.

Race: Part Chiss, part Human and part Sith *the sith species, though he is also a sith master in the force sense*

Important notes: orphaned at the early age of 2 when his parents were killed defending a chiss outpost he was raised by a chiss by the name of Mras'kil'ned more commonly known among those close to him as "raskil". Taught in the ways of the dark side of the force by the sith lord jaeden and later by Divine Spirit. Talliusc brought Reb Starblazer to the darkside of the force under Divine spirit and played many significant roles throughout the academy wars. He fought on both sides as his honour dictated and was last seen entering hyperspace bound for the unknown regions after leaving the jedi academy on thedonias. His ties with Divine Spirit nearly severed he is his own warrior, His only allegiances are to his fallen friend Reb Starblazer, the Chiss confederacy and himself.

Equipment: Specialized dualbladed saber comprised of two curve bladed lightsabers attatched at the butt end of the hilts set in opposite directions, a weapon described as "as dangerous to an untrained wielder as a fleet of star destroyers". personal starfighter equipped with hypercomm, jamming system, 8 missile cartridges with reloads of same size in back compartments, hyperdrive engine, 5 laser cannons and 3 ion cannons.

Talliusc has been by no means mentally stable since the death of his friend Reb and is considered an unknown quantity. he has killed jedi and sith alike and may switch allegiances more before there is peace in the galaxy. it is likely that he may take up his own war with the jedi or the sith remnant.

Appearance: 6ft tall, 160 lbs, his entire body is white due to his mixed heritage except for two blood tears that crawl from his eyes down to his chin. he is of a rather small build, toned yet not muscular. he relies heavily on distractions, agility and mental attacks.

few jedi have been able to stand against him, but among them are the noted saberist Whitedragon and the fallen Reb starblazer.

The shroud of the dark emperor Divine Spirit has fallen.

*~*Master in the Sith Academy*~*

walk into the light and you are blinded.

walk away from the light and your path is illuminated.

I answer the call of frostmourne alone.

it hungers.
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Smile Qui-Zan Kenobi

Name: Qui-Zan Kenobi

Profession:Jedi Knight, Obi-Wan Kenobi's Son

Equipment:Dual Phase Lightsaber (Blue/Green)With no change in Size.

Transport:Modifyed Jedi Starfighter with R5 droid named Dart.

Abilities:Alter Mind
And all other normal Jedi Abilites

Background:Mother:unknown Jedi
Father:Obi-Wan Kenobi
Current age:34

like jk3? love jk3?

come to the first unofficial fansite:
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Lost Welshman
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ok here ya go:
The Lost Welshman
Recently turned 15 he wonders if people will ever read this post will anyone reply to his future posts, the childish ways of The Lost Welshman are lost in the great archives of April 2002. Now he has returned to bring justice to his name, to fight for good (or evil) and also to listen to music on his new 5.1 surround speaker system. Oh yeah and to hope for a reply, i bet no1s even read this far oh well.

Act Your Rage
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Hey, Lost Welshman......

That's a nice character biography! There, now someone's read it!

"My name's not 'Adam We'........or is it????"
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AGE: 11

RACE: Gen Mo'Kai

EQUIPMENT:Green saber, Flak cannon (nicked of UT 2k3 tournament was in prison for 3 days), shield pack, disruptor rifle.

ABILTIES: Mind read, Lightning, grip, jump, push, pull.

This Gen Mo'kai was born on earth though not a human was he. His mother and father were. Some how a piece of Gen mo'Kai DNA Was in his fathers Blood. Thus he was a Gen mo'kai not one trace of human DNA. He was then a outcast hunting for food and surviving on rats and berries. When Selig another Geno Mo'kai but a user of the darkforce adopted him and told him the ways of the dark force and taught him the dark side. IT has been 3 mounths since selig found Motig and already he is a master at the dark side of the force. Now he has killed his mother and father and taken his fathers saber, he is now using it to overcome the light side and defeet his grandfather KYLE KATARN!

He is now in a clan [LFJA] and goes by the name of Sithsniper, he is only called motig when in a tournament, And will kill anyone who makes fun of him.

oh and good thread

Boba fett----Hey jango what say we go hunt some jedis.
Jango fett----umm what u say, yes ye yes in a minute i'm watching a good program on the T.V its about 2 jedis being huning down by two bounty hunters named, Jango and boba wett.
Boba fett----cool let me watch it

My names are ( in MP)





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Kugow : A young Jedi of 23 years of the same species as Yoda. He was abandoned on the far reaches of the galaxy to fend for himself and his basic force abilities came naturally to him. He found his heritage in a Sith temple on the unknown planet and discovered a lightsaber. He was stuck on the planet wondering about the stars above about how he could reach them. He imagined that there was no way he could reach them and that only he existed in the galaxy until now...

The Jedi Mong!

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Darth Slayne
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Classified NRI Data Entry: Slayne, Darth.

Name: Darth Slayne.
Race: Human.
Age: Unknown.
Planet of birth: Unknown.
Last known contact: Thedonias.

Appearance: All accounted descriptions of Darth Slayne state that he is of thin build and pale of complexion. He is known to be 1.88 meters in height, with long blond hair. Perhaps the most distinguishable feature about him is the unnatural yellow-red coloration of his eyes.

History: Darth Slayne was thought to have been killed during the climactic battle between the Jedi and the Sith on the plains of Russan over 2000 years ago. However, reported sightings of this elusive Sith Lord have turned up on several occasions over the past two millennia, including one complete autopsy report which had mysteriously been lost soon after it was entered into Old Republic Data bases. Recent events on the planet Thedonias have uncovered new evidence to indicate that Darth Slayne may yet still be alive and in the service of the Emperor and his Sith academy. If the reports from the late Reb Starblazer are to be believed, Slayne may in fact be a rare type of clone capable of transferring his soul into an empty replica of himself in the event of death. Though this has yet to be proven, NRI experts in the field are confident that such a feat is impossible and should be considered a mere myth. Observations from Obi-Wan13 indicate that Darth Slayne is a man torn by utter hatred and grief, and may be irrevocably lost to any hope of redemption.

Notes: Darth Slayne is suspected to be working for the Emperor in the field of intelligence and counterintelligence. He may also have been behind several high profile assassinations in the last 2000 years. It is also believed that he may have played a leading role in the recent death of Reb Starblazer.

Known Equipment: Darth Slayne’s apparent weapons of choice are a pair of red light sabers. Little is known as to the function of his sophisticated wrist computer however, it is to be assumed that it may be a highly advanced form of espionage equipment.

Known Transport: All that is known about Slayne’s personal ship, Stygian Wraith, is that it appears to be equipped with some form of scrambling device that renders it almost undetectable by electronic means. Visual detection is also difficult due to the black hull plating. Known armament at this time appears to be comprised of several rapid fire blaster cannon and tracking mine launchers located at the stern of the vessel. Extreme caution is advised when encountering this ship.

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latest sighting of Sithsniper has been on tatooine he was last sawn by a the husband of shimi anakin skywalkers mother. The husband witch name is unknown at present says: We saw him as Shimi me wife was picking mushrooms, he stopped next to the field and with great speed picked up shimi and was gone. We tryed to shoot out the speeder but we were to slow he was gone by the time we had fired the first shot.

Expert jedis are guarding the hotspots of tatooine and will try to track down Motig also known as Sithsniper.

Boba fett----Hey jango what say we go hunt some jedis.
Jango fett----umm what u say, yes ye yes in a minute i'm watching a good program on the T.V its about 2 jedis being huning down by two bounty hunters named, Jango and boba wett.
Boba fett----cool let me watch it

My names are ( in MP)




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N/A. (Secrit Jedi)

Purpol Light Saber.

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Ivel Rellim-
Weapons: Disrupter Rifle, Vibro-Blade, E-11 Blaster Rifle
Items: Electrobinoculars, Jetpack, Luap
Age: 35
Type: Human
Biography: His parents were assasined by an a-driod when he was 10, he had to raise himself. He took a liking to Dash Rendar, but he accidentely stowed away on a ship and found himself on Yavin. He found his way to a Jedi Temple and is now a Jedi Knight was his Jawa padawan Luap.
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Father Torque
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Hot Topic Starter 
Father Torque

One of the eldest and most respected member of the Massasi.Father Torque hopes to gain the honor of once becoming the head elder of the Jedi Council. At the age of 4,510 he is still the most powerful massasi.


V-12 Harley Davison motorcycle: This incredible machine is for the transportation of Father Torque. It also has two side cars semi auto machineguns and and turdo charge nitro tanks(to make it go faster

A-Tron Fully Asembled Land Cruiser

Occular Hover speeder


Ivory blade: Used in close combat, kills rodians with one stab to the heart.

Massasi Mana Shield: Hand crafted by the ancient Massasi, This one of a kind mana shield restores blaster fire into its energy base which gives father torque full force recovery

Scriptonian Blade: This blade infact turns dark red when enemies ar coming and it is so sharp it can slice through any barbaric armory

Force Powers

All light side force powers 3/5 at 2 2/5 at 3

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Father Torque
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Race data bank

I hope this gets stickied with some glue and tape

What is your charecters race and what are the attributes of that race(type of charecter)


Father Torques race is the prohaps the strongest and most fierce races in the galaxie. They take on human form but have Yemenic atrributes. They are fierce warriors and live on the planet 623 ARDAGAST the waste disposal planet. They use the vast materials dumped to build great temples and shrines to worship there god. They are resourceful and helpful. And the Massasi are great mechanics and have some of the largest and fastest war cruisers in the universe.

So if any of yuor charecters has a different race come on and share your race with the rest of the galixie

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Or, you can just put your race&description in the Character thread.

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Babuda is a large barbaric-looking guy. Actually, he's a werewolf. This means he has 3 forms which will be described below.

Appearance : Brutish, handsome, Bulky armour but not all-over his body (shoulder pads, the like), Young. Think of Conan of the future.

Background : Intergalactic saurkraut delivery guy. Travels about the place in a private ship looking slightly familiar to a uni-cycle. Otherwise travels on a high-powered uni-cycle on planets.

Skills : Has the ability to summon objects as well as minor avatars.
Natural regeneration over time.
Force push - 2.
Force pull - 2.
Force lightning - 2

Forms :
Human - Just normal really.
Wolf - Faster, more vicious, smaller, slightly stronger.
Crinos(Battle) - Very much stronger, very much bigger, monstrous actually, and not very nice.

Equipment :
Warp blade - pretty much a light saber but instead of light, it uses magical properties.
Uni-cycle - motor powered.
We'll see what else.

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Thumbs up

this is a cool thread
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legameboy , shorten your signature, please.

Why do you look at the speck in your brother's eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye?-Matthew 7:3-5
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Name: Arkum

Weapons: blue lightsaber, a blaster, blue doublebladed saber

Accessories: A handy R2 unit

Vehicles: Naboo N1, Speederbike

Powers: Force push/pull, healing factor, speed, skelteon lined with adamantium. Good with mechanics. Agile.

Appearance: short black hair. tan skin. strong and muscular, but not excessively so, enough to kick major a$$. about 6' 2". Robed as a jedi would be. brown eyes.
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Heh, I'm finally back.

Name: Reu Vigs (Ree-oo Vigz)

Age: 23

Race: Human

Homeworld: Coruscant ( Is of Mandalorian Decent)

Profession: Bounty Hunter

Equipment: 2 MerrSonn HB-75 Blasters (handed down from his father) SoroSuub "First Strike" ship, Krayt's Fury.

Bio: Born on Coruscant. He started to Hunt at 18, his goal is to uphold his family's honor. The Vigs were famous hunters, and Reu wants to continue the tradition. Force Sensitive, he taught himself several abilities. Has a conscience, but can go into a rage. Allied with the New Republic.

Yub, Yub Commander!

"I'm Man-with-a-blaster-about-to-cook-you" Dash Rendar
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Darth Scythe
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Darth Scythe Bio

Name: Deacon Scythe

Aliases: Darth Scythe

Age: Nineteen.

Secies: Zabrak

Affilation: The Dark Side.

Sex: Male

Weapon: Duel Purple Bladed LightSaber, which was forged by himslef. The hilt of the lightsaber is fully black very sleek in the look and feel, with two yellow activation studs.

Equipment: Five star pointed thermal detonators, once thrown the star will release a barrage of energy and heat once it has hit an object. Personal forearm shield generator, located on left wrist extending to forearm when turned on a oval enegry shield emmits able to block pulse blasts, small bombs and deflect lightsaber blades.

Abilities: Very Stealthy able to watch and slip into area's unnoticed. Acute senses are comparable to those of certain animals, Can track a person(s) by smell alone. His hyper-keen senses include, smell, vision, hearing. This is due to his connection with the force. Great Instincts and Agility aslo apply.

Extent of education: Sith Apprentice, still studing the Dark Side.

Personality: Dedicated, Loyal, Focused and Singleminded. At times has been refurted to as a psychotic murder

Physical Description: Humanoid, patterns of three vestigial horns across forehead.Stands at 6'1", medium build, Eyes are yellow on black. Whites of a normal common eye, his are bright yellow and his Iris are black. Dark brownish hair reaching down to shoulders, Mostly worn in a tight pulled back pony-tail style. Skin tone is a lightly tan olive. Generally dresses in a full black kimono style garb, with a black hooded cloak, the inner linning of the cloak is a bright yellow color. Also, like others of the Zabrak species, He has facial tatooing, A single long sharp tribal marking down the entire left side of his face, reaching from the tip of the brow to the chin.

Born the first and only son of two Force users, He was raised with love, His mother Curare' and his father Dua'sun bolth after having their son chose to get simpler lifes as farmers and mechanics on the planet Myrkr, located in the borders of the Old Republic also steadfastly avoided by the likes of Jedi and Sith. Deacon himself seemed also like his mother and father to be Force-sensitive at a very young age. But sure enough his mother and father where able to show deacon to control theses feelings and to hide them deep within himself. For the reasons that they felt deacon didnt need to know the ways of the Force, and the planet Myrkr witch they had made there home planet had natural predators that roam the forests and exhibit a predisposition to attack anything force-senstive.

Growing up Deacon became able to control his feelings towards the Force never spending time to think about it just tucking it deep away. At the age of nineteen deacon put togher his own ship from destroyed parts of other ships and set out on his own. apon leaving his home his father gave to him his own personal lightsaber the weapon of the Jedi, Deacon took it as a way to stay close to his father neven intending to use it or learn how. His mother or father never told deacon about the powers of the force light or dark, hoping he would stay clear of the force altoghter. but the force's call can be loud and powerful. On the side he became a exceptionnal pilot and got work as a smuggler for the huts to make money. Till one day he came across a strange feeling a figure appered in an all black cloak, Deacon felt the feelings tucked deep inside himself screeming to comeout in one burst, The figure spoke in a deep tone telling deacon that holding in all the feelings of the force called him to teach deacon the ways of the Force. The figure turned out to be a great and powerful sith lord looking for a young and powerful student he saw great power within deacon. Through the power of mindbending the Sith Lord warped deacons mind filling it with the wisdom of the darkside and in a burst of fear and hate all the feelings within bursted out giving deacon a great sence of the darkside, grasping his fathers once jedi used saber he began a mindless rampage from planet to planet building on his skill, forging the double bladed saber and growing even more with his skill, The same Sith Lord that warped him still teaches him the ways of the darkside to this very day.

Take me to your leader.
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Name: Lady Galadriel
Species: Human
Age: 22
Appearance: 5' 11" tall, slender build, light blue eyes, fair complected, long blonde hair usually worn in a ponytail.
Weapons: Blastech pistol, throwing knives
Force abliltities: None
Special skills: Very intelligent, with particular skill in the areas of sabotage and assassination. Took part in competitive gymnastics from a young age.

Bio: Born on Lorien, a small planet on the outer rim, Galadriel was never exceptionally close to her family. Her father Amleth was a freighter pilot who spent most of his time either working, drinking, sleeping, cheating on his wife or some unsavoury combination of the four. When Galadriel was 5, her mother left after a row fuelled by Corellian whisky and frayed tempers, leaving Amleth to bring up Galadriel alone. Needless to say, he didn't do an exceptionally good job and his daughter's future looked bleak until she was selected to attend an elite private school following a series of outstanding performances in routine exams. Away from the negative influence of her delinquent father, Galadriel flourished and was selected for the highly competitive leadership development programme.

However, despite her success, Galadriel was not satisfied. She disagreed with the policies of the current planetary government and formed an underground resistance group. She later led an attack that resulted in the assassination of the governor and the whole government being overthrown. Insane with power, Galadriel took the governor's place and assumed the title of Lady Governess, with a leadership style that would make Emperor Palpatine proud.

Much that once was is lost,
For none now live who remember it.
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Hot Topic Starter 
Name: Jeck Daggins (The Carbon Sleeper)
Species: Human
Age: 32
Appearance: 5'11"; Brown Eyes, Brown curly hair, medium build, grey coveralls, and in need of a shave.
Weapons: One old, used Blastech DL-33.
Force Sensitive: No.
Skills: decent freighter pilot; nothing fancy.
BIO: Was a freelance freighter pilot (always legal) who lived on his ship with his wife and two year old son. One day, on a standard run, his ship was attacked by pirates. In a panic, he ran to hide and fell in a portable carbon freeze chamber he was hauling and everything went black.
Jeck's ship was found by a luxery liner, and he was thawed from the freeze to find that his ship had been completely stripped and was dead in space. His beautiful wife and child had also been murdered by the pirates.
Jeck now lives one day at a time, taking any job he can, for anything, not caring if it's legal or deadly. He's lost all will to care, and has but one desire: To find the pirates that ruined his life. Of course, it's a huge galaxy, and one pirate ship can seem very small.....

"The Sith always tell the truth. The Jedi lie on every convenience. Odd."
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Lost Welshman
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The Lost Welshman

No body knows from what planet The Lost Welshman comes from, not even himself. His father was a proud Jedi Master, who trained The Lost Welshman, known then as Alex. Alex became a strong willed Jedi, with expert saber skills. He constructed a black saber, it was his favorite colour. At the age of 15, Alex's father was attacked by bounty hunters, who failed miserably. Then A Dark Jedi steped out of the shadows and ignited both of his sabers. With one blur Alex's father was dead. Alex pushed out his hand and the Dark Jedi was thrown into a wall, dropping a saber.
Alex picked up the saber and sliced the jedi across his neck. After hours of meditation ALex only wanted revenge, he set out to a Sith Temple, a training academy.
More years passed, now The Lost Welshman is a very powerful Sith, he carries two sabers, a red and a black. No other members of the academy could match his saber skills, except one. The opponents name was forgotten in time, he knocked the saber out of The Welshmans hand but was soon destroyed from a yellow blast then disintegrated him, from the lost welshman.
Jedi and Sith alike now treat him as insignificant due to his angelic, pale face, with his scruffy dark brown hair. He looks most intimidating when in his black cloak, and in the shadows. Some say he can be turned to the light side. Some say there is no hope when he wants you dead.

Act Your Rage
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Name: Montross

Occupation: Bounty Hunter/ Assassin

Weapons / Posessions: E-33 Blaster, Rocket Launcher,
Pulse Cannon, Dual Westar 34s

Race: Human

History: Former Mandalorian Warrior, has since been kicked from the team for causing the death of his leader, Jaster Mereel.

"Sign Yo Piddy On The Runny Kine"
- Pooty Tang
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Jedi Guardian Fenrir
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Name - Jon Adamson
Call Sign - nova_wolf or Nova Lead
Race - Human
Born - Corellia
Age - 32
Occupation - Lead pilot for 12 strong Custom B-Wing unit Nova Squadron
Rank - Commander

"Born on Corellia into a family of interceptor pilots for the Rebel Alliance, and now New Republic, I broke the mould when I joined to fly the notoriously edgy B-Wing. Because of my adeptness at the controls of this vessel, it was asked that i be checked for Force traits. I was indeed Force sensitive.
I am not a full Knight, and never do I intend to be. I haved trained, and have proven to be Jedi of active skills. Force agility, saber skills, sense and Force TK are my forte. Healing and mind skills are poor with me.
I also show exceptional technical expertise, much like Anakin Solo. This I used when I designed my custom B-Wing White Witch, my canine droid Flash and my lightsabre.
Still with Republic Fighter Command, I have risen to the rank of Commander, and unlike others, stuck there. I saw how pleased Antilles was with his promotion, so stayed put!
Now I am commanding officer of a 12 strong unit of 12 custom designed and built B-Wings - faster, sleeker, deadlier - better able to truely handle any situation, as the B-Wing was intended."

Tends to be thought of as the 'Solo of Fighter Command', his demeanour around others seen as brash and often impatient, with a wicked sense of humour and unusual love of tinkering with his ship. only with nova_wolf, it tends to work first time!

6'1" tall,
Blue eyes,
Short, thick brown hair,
Toned athletic build (due to jedi excercises) - Looks right proportions - not skinny at all,
Usually unshaven,
Found either wearing a B-wing pilot's flightsuit or black smugglers outfit w/ cream shirt.

Dual Bladed Saber that splits purposfully in to two single sabers. Blades are ion blast blue due to my interest in B-Wings.
Custom B-Wing - White Witch which has built in astromech called Salem who is capable of full speech as well as standard astromech tasks.
Custom Blaster - DH-LL w/ scope. Standard smugglers pistol with improved power and far greater accuracy.

Jan - Force Sensitive (Healer) who flys the MC10 Manta Ray Gunship Dragon,
Member of the Smugglers Alliance.


Jedi Guardian Fenrir - Wolf of Ages
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Almost there
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Name- ckcsaber
Race- Human
Birthplace- Unknown
Age- Early 20's
Occupation- Gambler
Rank- None
Force abilitiles-NONE

BTW- My avatar IS my character

History- ckcsaber is a very mysterious person. His birthplace is unknown even to him. He was brought up in a orphanage in the heart of a bright jewel AKA Ord Mantell. Leaving the orphanage around the age of 11, he became a gambler, from bar to bar, scrounging for credits. On one occasion, he joined a game of dice, a primitive game not played much in the galaxy. After winning the game he kept the dice, which have brought him luck ever since. After gaining enogh credits with his lucky dice, ckcsaber bought passage off Ord Mantell and made his way to Correllia. Now 17 ckcsaber was an experianced Gambler, and had uncanny luck when gambling. He won his trademark Hat, a thing of legends, from gambling. Once he had enough credits to buy a ship, he bought himself a modified Z95 headhunter and set off to make the galaxy his oyster. Once, he made his way across the galaxy to Yavin 4. Guarded by Jedi, ckcsaber was reluctant to land ship, but he yearned to see the fabeled planet, so ckcsaber landed in the middle of a dense jungle apart from the the Jedi temples. Wanting to explore ckcsaber set off down a cave he spotted, where he found a statue clutching an odd spear with a vibroblade tip. The shaft was made out of a very peculiar metal, one ckcsaber had never seen before. And on the haft were very strange markings all the way down to the bottom of the haft. Mesmerized, ckcsaber yanked the spear out and ran all the way back to his headhunter and blasted off.

Appearance( Look at avatar)

Black eyes
Black Hair
Green Coat


Corstasis Ore Vibro Spear
Lucky dice
Brown hat
Small handheld blaster (rarely used)
Modified z-95 Headhunter
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Rebel Agent
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Name: Klai Finn
Species: Katraasi (same as Abron Mar from MotS)
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Ord Katraasi
Age: 25-30
Weapons: A pair of DL-44s strapped to his waist (like Jango Fett)
Vehicle: A stolen X-Wing modified to double its speed

Born on the world of Ord Katrassi during the close of the Clone Wars, Klai was the brother of Abron Mar, future Lt. for head king pin on the planet, Takara. Just like Abron, Klai raised through the ranks to the top positions in Takara's court; until Abron set him up for attempting to smuggle spice to their rival on the same world, Ka'Pa the Hutt.

Klai escaped with his life, taking out several sectors' guards as well as Takara's entire pen of endangered Nexu's. News traveled across the galaxy for his capture, but many people saw him quite skillful and paid for his help as a mercenary for hire. He worked in the mid-Rim for the Empire/ Imperial Remnant for ten years, until Abron sent Imperial Moff Siranius, Imperial Remnant leader of Ord Katrassi, 1,000,000 credits for the capture of Klai.

Klai was set up to work with Boba Fett on an assignment, but was wary of the situation from the start. Fett double crossed him and the two had a fire fight in a cross section of Nar Shaddaa. Klai barely escaped with his life. Fett had fulfilled his contract however, which was to ambush Klai while on the assignment. Klai fled before the Imperials could arrive for his capture to the New Republic World of Altyr 5 to join the NR as a merc.
But first he has a score to settle with both his brother and Imperial Governor, Moff Siranius.

*** After a daring mission to Ord Katrassi with fellow part members: ckcsaber, Drey, Obi-Bond Kenobi, Craid and Havoc, Klai was able to kill Mar and Takara. Ka'Pa's men dealt with the Imperial governor.

Klai is now a freelance mercenary requiring little to no pay.

"The Force is strong with Katarn...." - Darth Vader, Star Wars: Dark Forces

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Here's my character bio:

Name: Bastalek
Home World: Coruscant
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 195lbs
Eye Color: Deep green
Hair Color: Short, light brown
Skin Color: White
General Physique: Not huge, but in good shape
Attire: Bastalek tends to wear a pair of dark navy blue pants, a Hawaiian shirt over a white T-shirt, and a waist coat with holsters and grenade bandoleers sewn on the inside of it.
Force: Force is for wussies
Profession: Grifter/Hobo
Faction: None, Bastalek despises most forms of general organization and is firmly considered by himself to be an anarchist.

Weapons and Other Possessions
Pistols: Two 434 “Death Hammer” pistols, and Two T-6 “Thunders”
Grenades & Explosives: 6-flash grenades, 6-E.M.P. grenades, 6-Fragmentation grenades (Note: These are all thermal detonators, the name after the number describes the function)
Melee Weapons: Two mono-molecular, 18 inch gruchai knives (OOC: Imagine a long, single edged curved blade) originally used by Bastalek’s father. Each are crafted from mandalorian iron and display several engravings along the sides of both blades. Bastalek also carries the light sabers from each of the jedi he has killed (3 single bladed, and 1 double bladed).
Note: All weapons are either attached inside Bastalek’s coat or holstered to his back.
Miscellaneous Possessions: Red Swoop (referred to as “The Lucky Dog), deck of cards
Credits: 200

Personality: Bastalek usually comes off to those who see him as cocky, sarcastic, and clueless, all of which are part of the image Bastalek has set for himself in public. Under normal circumstances Bastalek is witty, cocky, and light hearted no matter how severe the situation. Although Bastalek lacks formal education most find that he has a surprisingly extensive vocabulary as well as being mechanically inclined.
Skills: Bastalek allegedly has the fastest hands in six sectors, and as a result is highly adept at anything involving his dukes. Gambling, pick pocketing, and melee combat are all fortes that Bastalek employs in his day to day life (Gambling more then anything). While it should come as second nature to him, shooting is a skill that has eluded even the slightest of Bastalek’s ability (He claims to have shaky hands from shuffling cards too fast). Although the number of pistols Bastalek carries would convey that he is a pistolier, Bastalek’s general strategy with them is to “Dump as much ammo as I can in the general direction of my target, throw a grenade or two, BAM! Job done.” Albeit Bastalek’s amount of weaponry would suggest that he is not much more then an extra gun in a fight, it has become apparent through most of Bastalek’s encounters with jedi that it is cleaver and lucky last ditch attempts that make him a formidable opponent in any engagement.

Bastalek hails from Coruscant, and was raised on his fathers gambling and cheating. After his father (Went by the name of Hakkon) dug himself so deep in debt and killed himself, Bastalek left Coruscant for fear of his fathers debts catching up with him. Once he had taken his leave from Coruscant Bastalek turned to the merchant world of Corellia, where he resided for two years as a mechanics apprentice.
Soon after he turned eighteen Bastalek tried his luck at a more unsavory profession, and joined up with a crew of smugglers and began working for a crime syndicate on Corellia. During what appeared to have been a standard smuggling operation it was found out that the their cargo had originally belonged to a rival company of pirates that is currently known as The Red Python. As a result The Red Python sent a jedi to retrieve the cargo, and thought it necessary to do away with the crew as well. At the end of the desperate fight the jedi laid dead, along with all the crew, save Bastalek.
Over the coarse of five years Bastalek tried to escape and elude his violent past, but has never been able to shake off the mercenaries and bounty hunters of The Red Python. Since his first encounter with The Red Python Bastalek has killed three more, and keeps their light sabers (NOTE: Bastalek’s reason for having light sabers is purely ornate, and they wont be used in any manner of fighting) holstered on the inside of his waist coat as proof to others of his fighting prowess. Recently, Bastalek took down the main headquarters of The Red Python on Coruscant and Corellia, as a result a heavy price has been placed on his head by both the Imperials and The Red Python.
Through his eight years of traveling Bastalek has picked up several “Tricks of the trade” along with his original abilities to deceive he has become no less then an expert at grifting and hustling. Bastalek still refuses to give out his last name, even to his closest friends, as he fears someone may identify him. That and his father always told him it’s unfriendly to be called by your last name, and so chooses to be known on a first name basis with anyone he should happen to meet.

Hate Is My Anti-Drug
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(Almost everyone I see is a force sensitive, oh well, Jedi are da shiz :P)

- Formally hated, praised, and known as Pnut_Man
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name: longo 2 guns also many other names

age 16

race clantaani

Force yes

powers: lightning, pull, push, saber throw, force destruction, heal, levitation, force freeze, death stare, teleportation, telekineises (mind reading and vision sight), force projection, invisibility, blinding

weapons: 2 blaster pistols, light saber ( color dark blue), blaster rifle, thermal charges, wrist dart launcher, ion gun

occupation: jedi master, leader of a gang full of jedi knights

ship: yt-2002 corellian transport "Gettysburg"

ship weapons: 4 laser, 2 turret, 2 ion cannon, and 4 missle tubes

hyperdrive: yes

bio: hailing from clantaani 2, longo's name wan't origional and his origional name is a mystery. at the age of 5 longo was sold into slaveryfor 5 years he was a slave to the dugs, then one day when the galatic republic ended slavery, longo was rescued by a group of jedi, but before the jedi came longo grabbed 2 blasters and shot down 2 of his masters. then the jedi came and rescued him.

The jedi that rescued him recognized his force talents, and soon longo was a padawan learner. Longo was a quick learner and learned all of his force powers. Soon the jedi council sent him on missions. then one day the jedi council presented him something neat. the council asked longo if he wanted to have a gang of jedi, a base near ur home planet, ur own ship, with the base a squadron of fighters and a couple star ships. longo was excited and he accepted the offer.

end of bio

station base: Family Base (from x wing allaince)

fighters: authority IRDs

star ships: 2 corvettes

transports: shuttles and troop transports

Gang name: the moxie boys

attire: black pants red vest, sometimes a black cloak sandales for footwear.

partner: my jedi friends and my droid MK-22
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Hot Topic Starter 
Name: Vicious
Age: 27
Height: 5'11"
Eye color: black
Hair color: white
Species: human
Weapon: light saber
Occupation: assassin

Vicious is a violent, cold-hearted man who prefers to work in solitude. He is a shadow assassin. Wielding a light saber, he mercilessly carries out the will of the "Red Dragon" Crime Syndicate although his loyalty is questionable. He possesses a dark past which he chooses not to talk about. No one lived to tell of his real identity and he was only known only as "the strongest". After spending a few years being an assassin, he had grown to be one of the most feared assassins and his name was spoken with great fear.

MOTTO: "Trust and you will be betrayed. If you are careless, you will die. Kill or be killed. The strong live, the weak must die."

"It doesn't matter. Use whatever technique you like. However. Once I've said I'll kill you, your death is assured." --Himura Kenshin
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Luminaro Unduli
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Name: Luminaro Unduli
Age: 24
Homeworld: Mirial
race: Mirialan
Side: Dark
Luminaro Unduli is the younger brother of the Jedi Luminara Unduli, both extremely force sensitive Luminaro's sister Luminara was always better at everything they did. Whether it be with the saber, force powers or any other exercise, Luminara would always be better! Frustrated with always being overshadowed by his sister Luminaro left the Jedi order to prove to himself that he was the best warrior in the family. Luminaros path led him down the darkside of the force where over time his powers grew immensly. Now if he were to run across his older sister he would surely destroy her. He is now a master of the deadly lightsaber (red of course) and his force powers are second to none! This being is truly a sight to behold, dressed in the traditonal black sith attire (robe, tunic and boots) and with his olive skin, dark blue eyes and dark blue diamond tatoos on his bald head and from his bottom lip down to his chin, He is truly a frightening sight! He is now set to seek out his sister and destroy her!
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Posts: 4

First post!

Name: Kevalin "Kev" Halcyon
*Yes, probable vaguely distant relation of Neja Halcyon, and thus, Corran Horn*
Bio: Born and raised on the library world of Obroa-skai, he is very knowleadgeable. Both his parents were killed in Grand Admiral Thrawn's raid in 9 ABY. At the age of twelve, he was picked up by Kam Solusar and taken to the Jedi Academy. He trained there for several years, and gained near mastery of the force. In 19 ABY, he rejected the Jedi as a bunch of sentimental pacifists. He left and became a bounty hunter. When the Yuuzahn Vong invaded, he joined Kyp's Dozen for a short time. While on a cruise, he picked up some space junk floating near a nebula. As he was sorting through the wreckage, he came across an old assassin droid. He powered it up and was surprised to be face-to-face with IG-72, a prototype for the IG-88 line. *see "Tales of the Bounty Hunters" by Kevin J. Anderson for details* He has dabbled in the dark side, and something of sith powers. For him, light and dark are the same, as long as he gets his credits.
The Suit:
A suit of body armor with many pieces in many places. All armor plating is chameleon-like in that it can change color. Underneath, Kev wears a skintight black bodysuit. Here's a breakdown of parts (even if I don't mention a body part doesn't mean that there isn't armor there; it just doesn't do anything special):
Helmet... Visor with scope, embedded macrobinoculars, link to the holonet, and a description of whoever Kev is looking at. On the side of the helmet, there is a camera with a direct video uplink to his ship. On top, variable setting floodlight.
Right lower arm... Part of the armor plating can slide away to reveal a control panel and screen. The screen shows a view of the view from the front of the ship, and the controls can be used to pilot the ship from a remote distance.
Left lower arm... A video comlink.
Belt... Many storage pouches, double holsters, credit voucher.
Back... Jetpack/Missle laucher, similar to Fett's.
Fingertips... Extendable cortosis ore claws.
Boots... Thick soles for smuggling; small objects can be hidden inside.
Right wrist... concealed blade on bottom, poison dart launcher on top.
Left wrist... Flamethrower on top, again, similar to Fett's.
Blue/white saber
Dual Blastech DL-44s
Two YVH droids, 3-25-B and 7-39-L
Tenloss DXR-6 Disruptor Rifle (In ship)
Stolen Stokhli Spray Stick (In ship)
Merr-Sonn CR-24 Flame Rifle (In ship)
25 Thermal Detonators (In hip pouch)
Stun cuffs (In hip pouch)
Universal Energy Cage (In ship)
Electronic Lock Breaker
Sith Holocron
*This is getting lengthy...*
Ship (s):
One large subcapital ship... too complex to describe, but roughly 500 meters.
in docking bay (yes, it has a docking bay...) advanced combat cloud car

*Getting sleepy...*
Sex: Male
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Red
Pictures: Later...
Has the oppurtunity to Godmod, but I won't use it to Godmod... promise.



Bow before the might of the all
powerful LEGO MANIAC!!!

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Darth NeoVenom
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Name : Zoden Xero
Alias: Darth NeoVenom
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Homeworld: Coruscant
Affiliation: Sith

Appearance: 5'11, average weight, light brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin.

Attire: Very similar to what Darth Maul wears and a black Sith robe.

Weapons: Red Double-Bladed Lightsaber and a Red Single-Bladed Lightsaber

Bio: When Zoden was a young boy, he was brought forth to be trained in a Jedi Academy on Yavin. As he grew older, he became a master in using the force. When Zoden became a Jedi Master, he was sent on a mission to investigate strange activity on a planet called Roventa. When he arrived there, he was joined with some rebels and a elite group of people called the "Firebirds". During his journey on Roventa, he found out that the Trade Federation existed on this planet and the the Firebirds were along side with the Trade Federation. The leader of the Firebirds has acknowledged that Zoden and the rebels are starting to "...know too much..." and ordered his crew to kill Zoden and the rebels when they reached the ships. Before reaching the ships, Zoden killed all the members of the Firebirds. He thought to himself after the slaughter he did that he had all this power and needed no one to help him. The rebels were shocked at the action in which Zoden has taken and took out their guns. Before they even had a chance pull the trigger at Zoden, Zoden killed all the rebels and left the planet in search to have more power. Now Zoden Xero is a Sith that goes by the name Darth NeoVenom. He paints black markings underneath both his eyes showing his dedication to the Dark Side. He is capable of using force abilities from both the Light and Dark Side of the force since he is a fallen Jedi master.

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Darth Zaius
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Name : Nithailack Saiun (later to become Darth Zaius)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Homeworld: naboo
Job: former bounty hunter,former jedi padawan, sith apprentice

Appearance: 6`3, slight muscular build, penetraiting blue eyes long black hair, huge scar coming from the tip of his right eyebrow down to his cheek, Dark and gaunted features

Attire: Clad in black or dark clothing (nuff` said)

force abilities: force push, mind trick, force pull, force lightning, force drain, force grip, force speed, force jump

Weapons: light saber (like darth tyranus`s), and a jetpack that comes with twin laser pistols

Bio (very short summary): -was born and abandoned in naboo

- was raised by twileks, untill they found out that nithailack had force powers and was sent to luke skywalkers jedi academy

- started to become arrogant and independant untill he got kicked out of the academy (at age 14) due to a love interest and having a plot to kill his own master

-once kicked out nithailack became a bounty hunter untill he was persuaded by a man to join the darkside (at age 15), and gladly accepted

- killed his previous master with his new master later that year but became scarred from the battle (see appearance)

- currently training in dagobah, endor`s moon (hehehe die ewoks die), and naboo

The Sith Shall Rise Again!
" Life is meaningless, love is overrated,happiness is overrated, and there is only one side to the force and that is the dark side, so join me now or die!"
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Darth NeoVenom
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Name: Zan-Cool Corizen
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Homeworld: Coruscant
Affiliation: Jedi

Appearance: 5'10, medium weight, black hair, blue eyes, light skin

Attire: Very similar to the attire that Obi-Wan Kenobi has in Star Wars: Episode 1, but instead of being tan, it's blue-greenish and a dark blue Jedi robe.

Weapons: A blue Single-Bladed Lightsaber and a yellow Single-Bladed Lightsaber craft by his father.

Bio: Born and raised on Coruscant, Zan-Cool was send to the Jedi Academy located on Yavin 4 by his parents, who are both Jedi. There, he learned how to control and use the force. Now, Zan-Cool Corizen is a Jedi Knight and is in hope of some day to become a Jedi master. He has force abilities of the Light Side of the force. The force ability in which he is extremely good in is Force Speed.

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Originally posted by Katarn07
Here is a pic of Katarn07: Picture

I like the pic, Katarn07. Very cool image. Very......

"My name's not 'Adam We'........or is it????"
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Originally posted by topshot
I like the pic, Katarn07. Very cool image. Very......
*shrugs* It's from the last cutscene from the original JK, if you follow the dark side path. I wanted him to look like he does in JK, because he is not as old as the real Kyle. And also, that Kyle looks really mad...

"The Force is strong with Katarn...." - Darth Vader, Star Wars: Dark Forces
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