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Thread: Character data bank
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@Black Knight of Keno
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Name: Darth Fire / Gel Dorath
Occupation: Sith lord
Guns: Red lightsaber
Race: Human, male
Homeplanet: Naboo
Force powers: Everything in JK1 besides the Jedi powers
Ship: The Imperial star destroyer named Firebolt

Bio: Gel was first a lonely thief but when he was hiding in a freighter he travelled to Coruscant. He had a little learning in the Jedi temple and then he fell to the dark side. Now he is one of the most respected Imperial generals and Sith lords. Gel has trained five apprentices and they all have died in a batlle against the Jedi's. Gel is a not welcome persone in many systems and planets. He is very welcome to the corrupted, peaceful planet Naboo.

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Yelin Buran
Human Male
Age: 21
Hail colour: Dark red, almost brown.
Eye color: Dark red
Profession: "fresh" Jedi Knight (just got released from his teacher)
Weapons: Yellow lightsaber
Outfit: warries depending on the type of his mission
Force powers: well... most lightside ones, altought he's not that strong yet.

Bio: He comes from a long line of Jedis in his family and so it wasn't a suprise that he was force sensitive. He was reluctant to becoming a Jedi, this made it hard for his parents to teach him and it took a long time before he got to the Jedi Academy.
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Apologetic Goeus
Human Male
Age: 25
Hail colour: Very Dark Brown
Eye color: Dark Brown
Profession: Jedi Master
Weapons: Two Green sabers
Outfit: Ranges from Leather trench coat to standard Jedi uniform
Force powers: Good light side force.
Skills:Mostly tech mechanic modifies ships weapons you name it.
Ship:Super modified X-wing "Light in the darkness"
Bio: The first Jedi of the family. He was discovered force sensitive and was trained under master Luke Skywalker. He's mostly a loner who travels on his own wandering the Galixy but assists When he can. He is mysterious and little more info is avalible.

Love God and Jesus as they love you

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Name: Darth Grala (real name: uknown)
Human male
Age: Uknown
Hair colour: Grey
Eye colour: Dark red
Profession: Sith Lord
Weapon: Custom Lighsaber (red)
Outfit: Black jacket, black cloak.
Force powers: Dark side ones.
Skills: Evil overlord A+

Bio: Not much is known about the man known as Darth Grala, only that he is evil.
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Eggman Dr
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God Of Evil

Race: unknown

age: 76 (ageing has stopped)

his reason for existance is unknown, he is reborn everytime he is killed, his rage is unstoppable, he has devoured 1.000 of peoples souls.


he has every weapon at his disposal


devouring peoples souls
able to summon the dead at his command
create a raging inferno

I wanna eat know what looks the tastiest to me right now? YOUR BODY AND YOUR SOUL!!!!
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Ev'rem Decivro
Human Male
Age: 30
Hail colour: red
Eye color: orgsh yellow
Profession: Sith
Weapons: Dual blade red saber
Outfit: All black mostly robed
Force powers: dark side force.
Skills:Amature mechanic
Bio: He was trained By the powerful Apologetic Goeus but was turned to the dark side for his obsesion with power. His one goal now is to beat Apologetic and take back his pride.

(((More info coming up))))

Love God and Jesus as they love you
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Name: Mr. Game and Watch
Alias: Mr. G
Age: Currently Unknown
Species: Currently Unknown
Homeworld: Flat Zone
Weapons:Green Dual Sabers, The Force
Apperance: Look at the avatar
Bio: has an extremely high number of midi-chlorians and is able to use them, yet is not a jedi. He is completly flat, as is his home planet, he, as everything in Flat Zone is made up mostly of liquid cristilline and can not hold form outside of the planet without aid of a L.C.C.S Liquid Cristilline Containment System seen as a white "outline" around the body.
Faction: Good Guy
Favorite Force Power: Mind Trick

I will update as I... uhh... think more stuff up
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name:Corsair Shevath
race/sex:human male
occupation:Jedi Knight
Weapon:Single Navy Blue Saber
ship:Modified T-65J X-wing
Force affiliation:light
favorite force power:Force Heal
current location:CLASSIFIED

Bio:After training with luke on Yavin 4 for some years Corsair went off on his own missons

there are 10 kinds of people in this world. Those who understand binary and those who dont.
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Mr Flibble
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Kenji Teradoc

29 years old



Uses Force
Likes to dabble in Dark Side, but his powers do more damage to him than his foe...

He grew up on Corosaunt with his parents. His father gave him an A-Wing when he was 15, and helped him modify it. Kenji went to university when he was 17 but dropped out a year later.
He arrived home to find out his father had died of a heart attack earlier that evening. He went to the coroner , who concurred, but Kenji burst into the morgue and pulled out a cadaver marked 'John Teradoc', only to find multiple stab wounds, which appeared to have been fused closed.In tears, he held the coroner up by the lapels of his suit and cried " Why did you lie to my mother?!"
The man replied " I...Told her... what happened..If you heard ..different...its..not my..fault." Kenji ran home.
He found out his mother had lied to him about how his father died. Overcome by a feeling of trechary and deceit, he strikes his mother down a fit of rage...

Has an IQ of 113.

Does not mind doing mercenary work.

People who call me 'paranoid' are probably in on the plot.
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Name: Duncan Boozer
Hair:Jet Black
Eye color:Brown
Profession:Jedi Knight
Weapon:Blue Lightsabre
Outfit:Standard Jedi Garb
Apperance: Scar through right eye missing left arm replaced with robotic
Bio: His whole family was murdered by a sith lord. He was taken in by a rogue jedi whom he studied under for many years. He has become very strong with the light side of the force. He has now set out to avenge his families deaths.
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Name: Jacen Prime
Age: 23
Weapons: Dual sabers, one yellow/gold, one orange, that can merge into a double bladed saber; Tenloss DXR-6 Disruptor Rifle; Mandalorian Heavy Pistol
Clothes: Armored Vest, T-shirt, Jeans.
Transport: Modified YT-2000 transport Spacer's Pride
Forcepowers: Jump, Push, Pull, Sight, Speed, Saber Throw, Lightning, Grip, Mind Trick.

Jacen is a recent graduate from Obiwan13's Jedi Academy. He hangs around often, and when not there, goes around space helping people in his modified transport. He keeps his past to himself. He is truly a knight, even though he uses some dark powers.
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rick ulo 11103
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name: thresh cordana
speicies: rodian
sex: male
age: 27
home world: ???
bio: thresh cordana was found as a baby in a shipwreck by a jedi on tantooine. he stayed in an academy untill he was 8 and told why he was their not understanding completly he undertook the training. when he was 14 he was sent on his first mission he completed it easily and went on more missions. at 16 he was a skilled jedi, but he did not like what he was doing and ran away on a mission stealing a ship he later called the starfire. he went to corusaunt and helped aa gun mechanic where he learned many things and madified his own DL-44 and E-11. he left the shop when he was 24 and became a bounty hunter. hes jedi training helped him alot and soon he was a well known bountyhunter. in one of his bountys he found a hightech R2 unit and took it with him he named it R2-D6. when he was 26 he decided to travel the galaxie.

weapons: modified E-11, modified dual DL-44 and dual light sabers (one blue one green).

ship: the starfire

droids: R2-D6


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rick ulo 11103
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name: Yulan Hun
age: 18
race: human
gender: male
hilt: redeemer
redeemer info:
it is easy for one to grip the hilt of the redeemer in the middle but towards the ends it gets really wide. its metal is shiny and it has one side, the other is used for storage of small items. it produces a rather wide blade, and the blade can also become very short (as short as the hilt)
(its very big)

lightsaber style: double, all others
lightsaber color: one blue one very dark purple, an intimidating sight
birthplace: corusaunt
force abilitys:
core powers: 1
heal: 1
swift allows yulan to speed up during lightsaber battles, giving him an incredible advantage. at his level his speed is limited but still very dangerous
bio: yulan was brought to an acadamy at the age of .three and when his training began it was noted that he had dificulties using the force but was very skilled with a lightsaber. at the age of 14 he had been asked to become the aprentice of Rick Ulo a jedi master. they have been together for seven years now and are the best of friends.

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Thread closed, as per the new rules.

Edit: Happy April Fool's Day. Please disregard.

Forum A-Wing pilot of mysterious and indistinct gender. Aresener now and forever.

Behold, the ancient RP forums!

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Dih! You scared the hell outta me with those rules, Redwing!
Jaden Korr

Species: Human
Sex: Male
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Light Brown
Weapons: Blaster, Red X-Saber
Affiliation: New Empire, Jedi Academy, The Sith
Description: Jaden, a young human Jedi who became one of the greatest Sith Lords ever.

Origin: Jaden Korr was born to Julekh and Gyina Korr on the planet of Das'khurr. The planet was suitable, but lacked population. At the age of 9, Jaden's family decided to move to Coruscant. On the passenger ship, Jaden fumbled around and ended up travelling to the nearest planet, Onderon. On Onderon, Jaden found the spirit of Freedon Nadd, one of the greatest Siths and trainer of Exar Kun.
Freedon taught him how to use a lightsaber and a bit of force as well. However, he knew he couldn't keep on teaching a mortal as a spirit. He therefore released the cloak hiding Jaden form the galaxy and let his family find him, finally, at the age of 11. Jaden then grew uninterrupted by a Sith until he was 16, when he left Coruscant and came back to Onderon, under Freedon's command. There, he received his future orders. He was to be the greatest Sith Lord ever. Nadd instructed him to join the Jedi Academy and learn the ways of the force until Freedon says so. As a souvenir, Nadd handed him a lightsaber. Jaden never made the lightsaber. Exar Kun had.

Jedi Academy: Jaden was a promising student. He learnt quickly and was an expert in weilding his lightsaber. Even though his master, Kyle Katarn wasn't with him most of the time, Jaden would always emerge victorious from mission. His friend, Rosh Penin, however, constantly needed Kyle's supervision and often lost without it. He was hungry for power.
Jaden's first great challenge was at Hoth as a group of force-stealers known as the Disciples Of Ragnos were stealing force. There, Jaden slaughtered lots of stormtroopers and dueled Alora, who became his converter later. Rosh was sent to Byss, but never returned.
It was then found out that the cult was trying to ressurect the Sith Lord, Marka Ragnos with the force power. The force power was stored in a sceptre, used by some mysterious female. Jaden's next big mission went to Vjun where he with Kyle's assistance, went through the acid rain and got through Bast Castle. There, he found Rosh, who had converted to the dark side. Jaden dueled and defeated Rosh. However, he was sturck by Tavion, leader of the cult.
During an arguement between Tavion and Kyle, Jaden lit his sabre and destroyed the ceiling. Rosh and Tavion got away, and Jaden was promoted to Jedi Knight and weilded an orange saberstaff. Soon, Luke planned to attack Korriban, where the cultists had gathered to ressurect the Sith Lord. Jaden and Kyle first travelled to Taspir 3, where they had received a distress signal from Rosh.
There, Jaden got to Rosh and thinking that Rosh betrayed him and led him into a trap, he killed Rosh. Alora was pleased and tried to get Jaden, but Jaden revolted and killed Alora as well. Then we went to Korriban to get the sceptre which "belonged to him"

At Korriban, Jaden killed dozens of Jedi and Sith and even killed Tavion, stealing the sceptre. Kyle then confronted Jaden who beat Kyle easily. Kyle was disappointed at losing both students. What happened next? Read my fanfic to find out.
(check my sig)

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Name: Eric Hawk
Race: human
H: 6ft 3
W: 230 lbs
weapon of choice: twin blade saber, kickboxing mix

force ability, push, pull, jump, speed, lightning ((on rare occasions only)) heal, Knight sense, choke

description, student of the Jedi academy, orphaned at a young age and found by a jedi revealed to be force user the jedi are my family now

ship: Crimson runner: assault class fighter,

Unto the Darkness we are born anew,
We grasp the night,
Seize all that we desire from it,
Leaving tomorrow for yet another day
None shall step unto our path,
None shall make us bow down,
We the children of the Night
We the Brethren of the Realm
{Sith}- Guyver3,
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name: Nejhel Hepsoj (Sullustan male)

occupation: Does jobs for the Rebels and small time smugglers.

Nejhel Hepsoj grew up on Sullust, he had a stable family who put good morals into him. At the age of 20 he began to work in the SoroSuub ship yards, he tired of the daily routine and wised to join the rebels in their fight with the Empire. After a while a opportunity presented its self when a smuggler skulked into his docking station. He and a few friends stole the Corellian gun ship that had docked for repairs, a Victory class Star Destroyer jumped in system just ahead of them, they were able to escape with out to much damage to their new ship, they also succeeded in destroying half a TIE squadron on their way out.

weapons: Blas Tech DL-44, Handy pocket sized Vibro blade, holdout blaster with sleeve gun holster
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Cercueil de LeDjable

a formor Royal Guard and stong in the force. He employs a strong dark side aura, but his detication to duty and honor compele him, though sometimes grudgingly, to work on the side of the Jedi.

he has no love for the Jedi, but his disdain for the Sith or dark Jedi holds more of a hatred in his heart than it does for the Light side Jedi. In turn, he is weak in some of the abilities of Light Side Jedi, but master of the Dark Side.

again, he holds no allegiance to either side of the struggle and has killed numorous Jedi as well as Sith/Dark Jedi.

He employs a formor Impiral Shuttle modified, of course, to fit his own needs. Its painted black with bits of starfield drawn across the hull for a makeshift cloak. he uses his force abilities to jam radars though it doesn work all the time and hes been forced to fight off a number of reminant ships as well as New Republic authorities.

he wears a number of Impiral armors in his quests and missions including modified Stormtrooper, SnowTrooper, SwampTrooper, HazardTrooper, Heavy trooper and other various uniforms from the Imperial Navy. All of which are either Crimson colored or in Jet black. His preferred uniform, however, is his Royal Guard attire. mainly because its what he always remembers wearing and the site of it can ivoke fear in those he is asked to "deal" with.

His weapons include a SaberStaff with pure white blades; a rarety that cost him his right arm in his pursuit of the crystals needed to construct it. that arm is now replaced with a cybernetic, but he refrained from having living tissue placed over it s a reminder of what he has given up and to remind him of his mission. (mission to be disclosed later).

he rarely employs blasters or other such weapons, but he will use what he needs to complete his missions.

he lothes the being referred to as a mercenary or an assassin, but he knows that is what he is and he tries to accept it. He is what he is--The Devils Coffin.

...............˜°•.˜”*°•.˜”*°•.Wooks' Brigands.•°*”˜.•°*”˜.•°˜
.......................˜”*°•.˜”*°•.Brigs • Ahazi .•°*”˜.•°*”˜
...........................*”˜.•*”˜.•°*”˜ ˜”*°•.˜”*•.˜”*
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Daniel Fyr waited outside the castle doors as he pondered his past. His youth was occupied by history and self defense. Once he had begun his career as a diplomat he was a successful force in New Republic and was soon found to be extremely force sensitive. Daniel was admitted into the Jedi Academy and was trained in the use of the force. His natural strengths in the protective and healing powers of the force began to grow he became adept in protecting himself against physical and force damage. Before he had finished training Daniel was sent on a mission as second in command on a New Republic starship, he found that the cruel captain was selling information, the ship, and the passengers onboard to factions opposing the New Republic. After leading a mutiny and being convicted of treason Daniel fled to the outer rim with fellow mutineers for three years and started his own private militia. Working as smugglers and mercenaries for only “honorable” causes the small group held out until the New Republic dropped the charges on account his superior’s treason. Daniel disillusioned with the New Republic and the Jedi Academy and went to a much smaller academy on an obscure world. At that academy he had finished his training and began training others. After that place was destroyed he returned to his private militia becoming military tool of the New Republic. Now a good standing representative of a republic with an army under command he still runs some of his ethical but still illegal operations, but the New Republic looks the other way.

Age: 28
Race: Human
Appearance: Medium length brown hair, blue eyes, broadly built.
Gender: Male
Height: 6 feet 4 inches
Occupation: Smuggler, Assassin, Diplomat, Ambassador

Force Abilities:
Force Protection
Force Absorb
Force Drain
Force Heal
All neutral and telekinetic force abilities (push, pull, jump, saber throw and persuade)

To DL-44 pistols
Thermal Detonators
Throwing Knives

Saber: Has a crystal changing band on top that changes the crystal hence changing the frequency, color, and length. The color is usually blue.

Style: one bladed one handed
Clothes: Usually wears a khaki shirt, black pants, and a black flowing robe.
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Lightsaber: Dark Blue Lighsaber
Age: 17
Description: White baggy Robes, on top of normal jedi clothing.
Force Powers: The Typical Push, Pull, Speed, Jump and Throw (Speed and Jump is stronger for Piston, or much higher) Added powers, Grip, Mind Trick, Lightning.
Battle: Advantage is sneaking around infiltraiting area by himself.
Bio: Hasnt been in major wars since he is young but he knows alot about the force, he is a quick learner as he is almost done with his training. Loves sneaking around places for fun or for a mission. Doesnt remember family very much. Lives at the Academy with most other people.
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Name: Steven
age: 25
ligth saber: two sabers. both red
force:heal, thunder, push, pull, jump, speed, choke + earthquake
and throw
bio:he was a sith but when he saw his master destroyed a helpless village he got so angry he took his saber and killed this master and took his saber. now he's a mercinary
ship:dark flacon

Name: Jackel
weapons:normall jawa gun and a few grenades
equipment: fixing pack.
job:body guard and poilt
bio:when steven saved jackel from a rancor, jackel became steven body guard and piolt
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Oh boy... i've got so many characters that if i'd post them all in detail it'd take forever. Let's see... there was a trandoshan jedi-hunter with cortosis claws, there was a smart-mouthed treacherous coward, there was a trained-from-birth world-strange assassin, there was a corrupt twi-lek politician with a cyborg eye, an Imperial admiral with some force training, and i could go on and on... i'll copy 'n paste 'em here.
Name: None of your business
Alias: Doomgiver
Age: 19
Weapons: silenced DC-17m Blaster rifle (The one used in Republic commando) With the sniper-rifle piece.
Other items: Flashlight, blowtorch, gasmask (Just in case)
Skills: None in particular.
Species: Mouse droid.
Weapons: side-mounted blaster rifles, mine layer, gas tube.
vehicle: Small jet's mounted underneath, allowing him to jump half a meter high.
Bio:MSE-6 was taken from the factory even before he was activated, where he was turned into a weapon. He was used as an assassination droid, with success. But, on a mission on tatooine, he was caught by jawa's. Now, he still lies in a sandcrawler, forgotten, with a restraining bolt stuck inside him. This keeps him from using his weapons.
Name: Servant.
'race':An exact copy of HK-47, Darth reavn's personal assassin and protocol droid.
Weapons: Wrist-mounted flamethrower, blaster rifle. (unless you start in the sandcrawler.)
Equipment:armor plating, energy shield.
Bio: When the droid salesman on tatooine was tinkering in HK-47, he kept a lot of notes on how the droid was biult and programmed. He later sold the droid to an adventurer, but he kept the notes and built himself an almost exact replica. However, it's programming wasn't stable, and the replica, named 'servant', killed his master and escape into the dune sea. There, he was found by jawa's, who saw it was a special droid and conserved it. He has been in the jawa clan for almost four millenia now.
Name: Gorsk (Darth Rexus)
Age: 75
Home Planet: Nar Shaddaa.
Job:Bounty Hunter (hopes to follow in vaders footsteps though)
Vehicle: Modified z-95 'headhunter', the dragon's claw
weapon: dual Blastech pistols (hopes to find lightsaber),claws.

A life on the streets of Nar Shaddaa make one tough. This was also the case with Gorsk. He was orphaned at a youngage and forced to live on the streets. This very strong and aggressive Trandoshan is feared for a reason: he is the third best bounty hunter in the galaxy. You'll never find him far from the winning party's side, but he has a sense of loyalty and honor though. he never breaks a promise. At the age of eighteen he killed five people in a bar fight, and then all the coppers who tried to arrest him. This drew attention of one of the local crime lords, who contacted him and made him a bounty hunter. since then, he took on a lot of odd jobs for his new boss, until he was killed by a jedi.
Gorsk fled away and vowed revenge on all jedi, fow now he was nothing again. when he learned only a jedi could kill a jedi, he began a holy crusade trough the galaxy, searching for a lightsaber, and ultimatly, to become a sith and kill all jedi.

Likes: Money, Winning, Seeing someone suffer, alcohol.
Hates:Jedi, Wookiees (all trandoshans hate wookiees), dry climates.
Name: ???, AKA shade.
Species: Human.
Age: Between 20 and 25
profession: Assassin employed by Black Sun.
Homeworld: Unknown, although he considers Coruscant as his home planet.
equipment: Sniper Rifle with silencer, Blastech pistol, some vials of poison, a vibroknife, an implant that let's him see in the dark and a black cloak.
Ship: The Shadow's eye, A freighter modified by Black sun mechanics with secret compartments to hide his weapons (and perhaps bodies) and some extra lasercannons.

Bio: Shade was born aboard a starship. When he was two weeks old, the ship was attacked above Coruscant by the Empire for being suspected of smuggling and dealing with rebels. He and his parents escaped in in an escape pod, but when the pod crashed in a Coruscant flat, only Shade survived. He was found by one of the more important members of Black Sun, who took care of him and trained him as his personal assassin from the age of 5. He knows little of the outside world and his first language is Huttese. Furthermore, he only knows basic.

Likes: To serve Black Sun, to kill.
Dislikes: Any threat to Black Sun.
Name: Bor Gibbo.
Nickname: redeye, because of his cybernetic eye.
Race: Twi'lek, male.
Home Planet: Coruscant.
weapons: A Two-end vibroblade he trains with, and a sporting blaster.
Bio: Bor was born in a rich family, and therefore he received high education and many chances. He became a politician. A corrupt one, that is. He has been covering for Black Sun for years, and he also donated them much money. His private mercenary army also helped Black sun on a great many deals. It didn't take long untill he was one of the more powerful members of Black Sun. However, he dissappeared a while ago. Some say he knew too much and was therefore killed by Black Sun assassins. Others say he only gave up his job to take a more active role in the criminal organisation.

Likes: Luxury, money.
Dislikes: Nothing in particular.

Strengths: Has access to lot's of money, and has a private army of mercenary's, including Shade, his self-trained assassin.
Weaknessess: Although he trained himself in many forms of combat, he has never fought anyone and therefore lacks experience.
Name: Gander Kan.
Race: Mandalorian.
Weaponry: Standard imperial E-11 Blastech rifle, thermal detonators.
Vehicle: None, always moveds towards the battlefield in a troop transport.
Bio: Born during the clone wars, he was quickly discovered as a jedi talent by the jedi council. But he was only three years in training before the Empire rose. All jedi were being traced and killed, so Gander fled coruscant. He swore off the force (Like Kyle Katarn did) And thought it would be best to join the Imperial academy. After five years of being an Imperial TIE pilot, he was promoted to officer, but he thought he would be of more use in the field and didn't take it. Now, he is a normal stormtrooper, but thanks to his jedi training, he benefits from fast reflexes an a sharp eye, and thanks to his time as a pilot, he can fly most vehicles.
Strengths: Good with vehicles, former jedi.
Weaknesses:Thinks first, shoots later. (yes, that's a weakness.)
Name: Maggi Knorr
Species: Mandalorian.
Affiliation: Empire.
Rank: General.
Flag ship: The Doombringer, just a normal star destroyer aboard the Emperor's Fury.
Personal Ship: A modified TIE defender with extra cargo space, just like Korbassks. It's called the Grim Reaper.

Bio: One of the first to join the Empire, Maggi has been in Imperial service for almost seven years. First as a bounty hunter, but he quickly became an officer, and both because of his skill, and because Vader found many people's 'lack of faith desturbing', he is now one of the most accomplished generals in the Imperial Navy. He is a brilliant tactical mastermind and a good fighter. His only flaw is that he mostly serves the Empire TOO well... and some more stuff.
Name: Korbassk
age: 55 (it may seem old, but trandoshans can get WAY older)
job: Slaver in service of the empire.
weapons: Also a concussion rifle(a trandoshan weapon it is), a blaster rifle, claws, force push, force pull, force grip(only a little bit.)
ship:A modified TIE defender wich he called the emperor's hand

Korbassk was born during the clone wars. Because many trandoshans where killed by clone troopers during the war, he was one of the first to help the empire destroy the republic. He is now one of the emperors most trusted helpers and therefore even got some force training. he is willing to do the emperors bidding. He has the command over his own squad of five stormies, wich go with him on each mission but usually end up guarding the ship.(hey, they're just stormies.)

likes: serving the emperor, killing rebels and wookiees (preferably both), and using the force.

dislikes: wookiees and rebels.
Name: Dann Wermo.
A rookie in the job, his first assignment is to capture Yeab Ginn alive and well. He works alone because none of the pro's want him on their team. He's a coward in the face of battle and therefore mostly tries to pick off his enemies with a sniper rifle or kill them with 'sneaky' ways, like poison. Therefore, capturing someone alive is a great challenge to him.
And the new Dann:
Name: Dann Wermo.
Alias: Stupid.
Race: Human.
Age: 27
Alignment: Bounty hunter, working for the Empire.
Vehicle: Stolen X34 landspeeder (Think Luke's landspeeder from ANH)
Weapon: E-11 Blaster rifle he borrowed and never gave back.
Bio: After the hunt for Yaeb Ginn, Dann continued working for the Empire. He's a treacherous coward, and isn't much of a fighter, But he can talk his way out of most nasty situations. You can always find him ont he winning side, and he isn't afraid to steal something if it would help him track down his bounty. Infact, he has to, since he's always broke. He hopes to become as great as Boba Fett himself, but currently, he's far from it. Tracking down the artifact is his second assignment.
Name: Jokoteeka
Race: Jawa.
Vehicle: Sandcrawler, Eopie.
Weapon: Droid arm with blaster, Jawa Ion blaster.
Bio: Jokoteeka is the chief of a very aggressive Jawa-clan. apart from scavenging, his clan also attacks small settlements and raids them. During one of these raids, Jokoteeka lost his left arm. it was replaced with a droid arm that ahd many functions. He coudl use it to hack into consoles, and it is armed with a powerful mounted blaster. Later, he also lost his right eye and some fingers in a battle against Tusken raiders. All in all, this Jawa has seen his share of battle, and it is rumored that he can sometimes be found in one of the cantina's on Tatooine, looking for a job, whenever there are no wars to fight...

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Age: 11.9999999999.5

Force Jump 3
All force powers 3
i love my job
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name: Zack Nord
age: 34
species: human
gender: male
appearance: picture
job: bounty hunter
equipment: 2 blasters with scopes equipped, few flash and frag grenades.

background: Calo Nord's brother, both were trained as skills fighters and both became bounty hunters tough Calo chose any bounty job, wether it's from the bad guys or the good guys. But Zack only hunted down the ones, who worked for the Sith.

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Age 34

old corellian gunship
R4 unit
Standard E-11 blaster
A vibro axe
very old gungan shield

krayt dragon skin boots
black pair of pants
black muscle shirt

no force powers except for force throw

Salem was born on smugglers run
his mother and father were killed by a trandoshan thug
nothing else is known.

Merry Christmas I'm A Penguin

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Force: Force Jump 4, Grip 5, healing 2, Lighting 3, Reflexs 7, speed 8.


Race: Human

Gender: Male

Equipment: Orange Lightsaber, Black Jedi robes.

Back Ground Info: Is a young Jedi Under the training of Master Arkantos Marak. Kaster's parents were killed by 2 Jedi with strrange ancient bronze armor. Kaster escaped. With his father's lightsaber, Kaster swore revange. After running threw the endless deserts of Tatioone (where he lived) he feel knocked out. Kaster was taken by a slave seller by the name of Jedash. A person in Jedi robes bought Kaster because he saw that Kaster had a lightsaber and sensed great force in him. The Jedi took Kaster to an Old Jedi Temple and teachs Kaster the ways of the Jedi.

Apperance: 5'6, Brown eye, dark green eyes, Black Jedi suit.

Ship:Shares a ship know as the 'Ebon Hawk' (It is similar to the Falcon but it looks cooler and isn't as fast)
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Name: Marcus LeCoy

Raised in a small poor village, and all he has been used for was work. He hasn't got good social skills, but he is pretty strong. One day, he left his village, and joined the Rebel Alliance, for his village was under Imperial Law. Now he is called for many battles, and he is proud to be in them.

Age: 23

Weapons: E-11 Blaster Rifle, Vibroblade, Twin Blaster Pistols.

Equipment: A-Wing, Medpacs(6), Repair Kit

Special abilities: None

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Class: Foot Soldier
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Name: Jedash
Age: 26(Or so they think...)
Weapons: SIngle Orange Lightsaber
Class: Jedi Knight
Appearnace: Wears Clone Armor, with Black Cape, no one knows what Jedahs really looks like.
Bio: Was trained under Plo Koon in the Old Republic, Jedash fought in the Clone Wars, by using the force Jedash was able to stop aging at 26. Jedash was outstanding in the Clone Wars with his sabers. Now that eh ahs been trianed ever sense. Jedash is a god like saberist.
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(Shiz, sry about DOuble posting, Just delte the 1ST one Red, thx)

You know you can delete your own posts via the Edit button, right?

~ Redwing

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Name: Xeno
AGE: 28
Gender: Male
Weapon: Double Bladed Lightsaber
Class: Jedi Knight
Appearence: Black Battle Armor with a black cape, and a black ninja mask.

BIO: After ROJ Xeno settled down and got married to a woman named Suda after 2 years of marriage. Then Sith came back after there long disapperance and a Sith master named Zerot and a squad of soilders murdered his wife and took Xeno into slavery. After one year the Jedi destroyed the Sith minery where Xeno was. After that the Jedi saved Xeno and Xeno vowed his life to the Jedi.

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Name: Arca
Gender: Male
Weapon: Modified Longer version of E-11, FLame thrower, missle on jetpack.
Class: Mandalrion Bounty Hunter
Appearence: The one with teh black cape and silver armor.)

BIO: Was trained by a Mandalrion named Jaster, Arca was skilled with his a blaster and phyiscal fight(Fist fighting, Matrial Arts etc..). Arca is now a Bounty Hunter and takes on the most dangerous missions in the galaxy. He is well none through out the galaxy.

"How do you decide when a war is over. Is it when all your enemies' blood is wasted, and you are the last standing?" - JoJoBinks

'Lemmonite Admiral JoJoBinks'

Third In Command w00t

I wear that title with honor
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Name: Matrin LeCelli
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Vehicle: E-77 Fighter TIE Bomber
Vehicle Weapons- Atomic Bomb, 4 Guided Missiles
Handheld Weapons- E-11 Blaster Rifle, Merr-Sonn Rocket Launcher
Occupation- Imperial\Stormtrooper Fighter Track
Class in Occupation: Federal Beureucat of Imperial Foreign Office Negotiations, Level 18 of 20
Appearance: Blue Armour with special White and Red Jetpack, White

Other Info: LeCelli in his early years lived in Le Havre in France, before becoming interested in Space Travel and flying to Hoth. There, he met Marcus LeCoy, who introduced him to many other imperials. Since 4 years ago, he has been becoming a very sucessful and wealthy man. Being the Federal Beureucat of Imperial Foreign Office Negotiations is a hard job, however, as Jedi are needing to be killed or diverted by his soldiers. It is Matrins choice to decide about war, and the next level in his career is MoD, Minister of Defence.

Does anyone want me to write out the Imperial\Stormtrooper Fighter Track? It'd be my pleasure.

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Real Name: Vash Mammon
Nickname: Vash
Occupation: Former Anthropologists, turned assassin
Age: 250
Species: Shi'ido
(According to the Offical SW Species Guide: Shi'ido's are shapeshifters. They can take on the shape and generally the physically attributes of most creatures. They have limitations. Their shifts aren't always completely accurate, so they also use psychic influence to make a creature ignore the mistakes. Their transformations don't encompse some attributes of a species. For example, changing into a wookiee would give the Shi'ido their strength, and fur, but not their sense of smell or hearing. Shi'ido have limitations, they can transform into creatures as large as a Hutt or as small as 2 feet tall. Vash's attributes will go from his human form, which he'll be in most of the time. Shi'ido's in natural form are as tall as a human, hairless with one supersized fist/arm, and one normal sized arm. They have elongated snouts, and small eyes. Life span is 500 years, the longer they live the better their transformations.)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170
Hair: Blonde/Spiked
Eyes: Blue
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Lao-man aka Sh'shuun
Clothing: Red overcoat, white shirt, brown pants, brown shoes, orange sunglasses, storm trooper armor underneath clothing, no helmet, speeder bike
Weapons: Two heavy blaster pistols with red laser sights with holsters, long knife hidden under coat, ascension gun attachments to pistols, blaster rifle, several motorized spinning blades, vibro axe
NFU with limited pyschic ability
Ship/droids: TIE Avenger called the Slashrat
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Im using the Final Fantasy format for my character...


Name- Gus

Apperance- (with cloak) (without cloak)
Also has two hidden, large bat-like wings

Class- Black Mage

Fiagra: Shoots 2 bursts of Fire at enemy
Blizzarga: Shoots an Ice Beam at enemy
Thundarga- 10 Lightning Bolts hit the enemy
Magic Orb- All of the above spells combine to turn his scythe into a huge sword. (Lasts for 5 min.) (not the guy, the sword)

Large Scythe:This ancient item can take lives and can control one's mind. Not always succsesful.

Height- 5' 11''

Weight-100 pounds

Eyes- Dark Green

Hair-Blonde, Spiked



Bio- A young boy, who is the guardian of the Light. Sadly, an evil man named Sephiroth erased his true memories and dragged him to the dark. He is a mysterious shady character...

98 percent of the teenage population has tried some type of drug or underage drinking at some point. Put this in your sig if you like potatoes.
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- Race: Human
Age: 38
Profession: Jedi Trainer

Formerly Darth Necron, was turned back to the lightside of the force by a child. He was going to kill him but was reminded of himself when he was the child's age, he then saw the great atrocities he has commited. This frightened him inside so much he is now a Jedi Master, able to use the Dark Side without fear of turning. This is because he knows the ins and outs of the dark side and now longer fears it, he understands it. After this he changed his name from Necron to Blaze. This is because when people heard is name they would flee in terror. He is no a Jedi Trainer at Luke's Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. He is a master of force enflame, a unique power that gives him the ability to control fire.


Weapon: Lightsaber, Blue
Armor: Black Jedi Robes, no cloak.
Left Arm: Personal medical computer, also a healing device.
Right Arm: A GPS-like device for directions as well as a comlink.
Belt: Strength and Mind Enhancer and Stimulator. Protects Chryon from mind affecting force powers as well as enhances his strength and perception.

Force Powers

Force Enflame
Force Lightning
Force Choke
Force Fear
Force Push and Pull
Jedi Mind Trick
Force Speed
Force Foresight: Visions of the future, similar to Yoda's ability.
Force Serenity: Gives him a state of calm that enables him to fight with regenerated vigor.

There is no death, there is the force - Jedi Code

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Name - Kenkon Shen
Age - 30
Race - Human
Class - Force User


Height - 5'11"
Weight - 190 lbs
Hairstyle - Thin midlength tied back dreds, light beard.
Skin pigment - Brown
Markings/scars - Tribal tattoos on back


Outfit – dark grey Jedi robes
Weapons – Orange Lightsaber
Accessories/tools – short blade, throwing knives, grappling hook.


Character History - Kenkou was born to an average human family, with average human proffesions. His father's dream was always to become a Jedi, but he had too many responsibilities to do such a thing, and so he vowed to himself, he'd give his son the chance, and as soon as Kenkou was old enough he joined the temple. At the age of twenty a travelling accident lead him to meet a Whills named Suddha. This small green elder nursed the Jedi to health using natural remedies. During discussion, the topic of the force came up. Suddha explained that neither jedi nor sith are good or evil, that they are both stubborn ways, the only way to truly master the force is to detatch ones self from these ways and study both of them evenly, maintaining balance, a middle way.

Kenkou stayed with Suddha for three years as he trained in the ways that the Whills lulled him with. And when he emerged from the planet, he was neither sith nor jedi. When the council learned of his survival, Jedi tried to bring him back to the temple, but he explained that he was no longer tied to the ways of the jedi. Under the impression that he had been absorbed by the dark side, he was exiled, and is hunted. He makes his money as a bounty hunter, using blade, and only drawing a sabre when confronted by a jedi or sith. His life is dedicated to the realization of this middle way.


Element – Water, Wind
Further Description - Quiet and contemplative, he is the true observer, always watching his surroundings and taking things as they are rather then forcing them to change.
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Lord Kaisen
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Name: Crogan Mitchury
Age: About 40 years old
Gender: Male
Race: Twi'lek
Home: Coruscant

Outfit: Some official wealthy stuff

E11 Blaster Rifle
His ability to intimidate

A handsome twi'lek. He has no strength nor wisdom. He has a big mouth, but he is truly a weak person. This sort if figures are very intimidated by the sight of a lightsaber...
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Name: Gus Kenobi
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Affiliation: Jedi
Age: Unknown
Rank: Jedi Knight
Personal Ship: The Dragon Fang. (A FireSpray)
Equipment: Green Dual Bladed Lightsaber, and a Jedi Knight robe
Name: Serena Kenobi
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Affiliation: Sith
Age: Unknown
Rank: Dark Jedi Knight
Personal Ship: The Dark Knight. (A TIE Fighter)
Equipment: 2 Red sabers, similar to Count Dooku's, Hooded Dark Jedi Robe

98 percent of the teenage population has tried some type of drug or underage drinking at some point. Put this in your sig if you like potatoes.
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Darn Force-using punks. I hate 'em!
Okay, this is my profile. I have a squad of five security battle droids, and one commander droid. I control all six of them.

The Profile

Commander Unit 1612-2723

Baktoid Automata Battle Droid

Home world:
Underground Facility, Geonosis

Standard programming and daily ugrades and mods

Two million different languages



90 lbs




Unit 1612-2723 is a decades-old battle droid from the grand Clone War. He and his squad still travel the galaxy today, after all them years. As commander, he has to make tough decisions for his party, and provide daily upgrades and modifications to their systems. They all live as rogue droids in the galaxy, often being hired for work.
They may not seem like much, but they are certainly no ordninary battle droids. They have several powerful built-in scanners and jammers, com-links, lasers, and vibro-daggers. Over the years they have learned to disobey orders, as well as be totally obedient to 1612-2723.


1612-2723 and his counter-parts all look highly similar, featuring harsh upgrades to their once-standard bodies.


E-5 blaster rifle, built-in lasers and a vibro dagger, other weapons aboard their ship.

TIE shuttle, which holds all six members of the squad as well as room for two other hostages/prisoners. Commander Unit 1612-2723 flies the ship, the other droids stay in the second part of the shuttle. It has been refitted with one ion cannon, two laser cannons, and a great hyperdrive.


The squad -

The TIE shuttle -

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Is this thread dead?
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